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Corsets: The Sexy Sissy Shape Up Helper

Steel Boned Corsets are Perfect for Sissies Looking to Slim Down

Mistress LillyIn my previous post, we explored how steel boned corsets are perfect for sissies, and a little of what they can do. They can whittle your waist by 4-6″, support your back & improve your posture, and help you achieve an hourglass figure while wearing them. But that’s not all 😉

They allow permanent waist reduction.

That’s right: permanent waist reduction. So long as you don’t make a habit of binge-eating or do something else that radically compromises your health & your body, waist-training in a steel boned corset can lead to a permanent reduction of your waist size–not just a temporary effect while you’re wearing the garment. Waist training is a form of non-surgical permanent body modification. Over time, not only will your waist become smaller, but your bottom ribs will become more tapered and contoured, allowing you to gradually sculpt a more hourglass-ish physique than what genetics graced you with without surgery. Done properly, it is painless—a corset should never feel tighter than a snug hug. However, waist training does lead to a minor amount of diminished total lung capacity, and isn’t recommended for those with circulatory disorders.

Non-surgical lap band.

For sissies wanting some help with their diet, or those who are struggling with portion control; a snugly laced corset functions as a non-surgical lap band. The corset doesn’t expand as your stomach does—so if you’re prone to accidentally binging or just want a gentle reminder of when you might have had enough to eat, the corset will start to feel tighter and tighter, even though it’s measurement never changed & you haven’t adjusted the laces at all. Make sure you’re securely laced during meals and snack time for the best effect 🙂

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Waisted Efforts: The Sissy Quest for an Hourglass Physique

The Missing Piece in a Sissy’s Hunt for Dangerous Curves

Mistress LillyAn hourglass physique can seem like an almost impossible feat for sissies wanting desperately to be Curvy Gurls. Padded push up bras & breast forms to fill out the bust line can help; so do padded panty girdles when it comes to giving you a more rounded derriere…but when it comes to adding some serious va-Va-VOOM to your Gurly frame, sometimes not even spanx can pull in a win.  There’s a missing piece in a sissy wardrobe; and no hardcore Material Gurl should be without it:

Steel Boned Corsets:  The Holy Grail for Sissy Curve Creation

I’m not talking about the pretty little acrylic boned bustier-type corsets at Victoria’s Secret or Fredricks of Hollywood; those are perfect for looking cute, but they can’t reshape your body line. For that, you’ll need a true steel boned corset.

Underbust styles are amazing for sissies looking to maximize their waist reduction potential–and you can pair them with your favorite bra & panty set and thigh highs for an seriously sexy combo! Steel boned corsets can whittle your waist by 4-6″, which will work wonders for all types of fit and flare styles, and add some serious va-va-voom to your lingerie ensembles.

Mistress Lilly's Valentine's Day Corset

One of the corsets I used to have in my collection–flat steel boned, pink satin with lace overlay, trim, and decorative pleated panels.

Corset Construction 101

A steel boned corset can be made from two different types of boning:

  1. Spiral Steel bones: These offer the most flex & comfort–corsets made with them frequently have the designation of ‘waist training’, and they can can also be easily hidden beneath most clothing.
  2. Flat steel bones provide more structured support. They’re excellent for relieving chronic back pain & providing spinal & posture support, but are more suitable for outwear, since the boning is harder to hide beneath clothes.

Corsets are dry clean only, and you should always wear something (a liner, slip, or camisole) between them and your bare skin to help protect them from your skin’s natural oils. A properly fitted and laced corset is never uncomfortable–in fact, it feels like a constant gentle hug–and taken care of, they can last for years. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have—I’ve been lacing myself & my sissies for ages 🙂

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Mistress at the Movies: Suicide Squad

If Squad’s Goal was Mediocrity: Mission Accomplished

Femdom Mistress LillySuicide Squad suffers from uneven tone, disjointed script, miscasting (Enchantress), and an attempt to let special effects carry the story rather than character development or plot. This is especially disappointing for me because I freaking LOVED the premise of an anti-hero, super villain driven movie. It could have been an awesome film, instead it was merely meh. Possibly worth a Matinee for fan-girls & boys (yes, I was one of them), but honestly? Wait for Netflix. Redbox. Bargain DVD sales.  You won’t be missing much. Suicide Squad could have been great, instead it’s simply a forgettable summer blockbuster who’s sales owe a lot to fans of the source material and comic characters—many of those same fans left theaters disappointed.

DC is losing the Comic Book-Turned-Movie Adaptation War to Marvel

I love comic book & superhero movies. I’ve seen blockbusters and I’ve seen more under the radar films (Brenda Starr, Dick Tracy, and Ultra Violet anyone?) I’ve gone to the box office for DC and Marvel multiple times over the past couple of years, and put my money where my Fangirl & Geeky heart lay. Christopher Nolan was arguably the best thing to happen to Batman in cinema history–I have all of his amazing renditions of Gotham’s caped crusader.  But the more recent Superman: Man of Steel? Sadly disappointing. Batman v. Superman? Wince. If you haven’t seen it yet, hard pass. I can think of a million more entertaining things to watch—starting with a submissive tongue-polishing my boots.

DC has taken some of the most iconic & beloved comic book characters and created largely forgettable, dull, special effects driven spectacles that have been one misfire after another.  Marvel on the other hand has taken lesser known characters, and through stronger scripts, character development, plots, story-driven special effects and an undeniable streak of humor created a string of blockbusters that are must haves for my collection.

DC needs to prove it can create Great movies, not just sell tickets to an increasingly disenchanted fan base.

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A Princess’ Packing Dilemma

What to bring, What to bring….

Mistress LillyOkay–there’s a mystery trip about two months away that has some pretty hefty restrictions on what I can bring. For starters: I’m only allowed 15lbs TOTAL for luggage, it has to fit inside a ridiculously small carry-on restriction that means roller bags & suitcases are out, and essentially only a school-sized backpack or handbag is in. Checked bags are not an option. Oh–and whatever’s in there has to last me a solid two weeks.

….I can practically hear the sissies gasping in horror and crying already 😛

When ‘Packing Light’ Gets Taken to extremes

It leads to massive logistics issues. Luckily, I’ll be able to do a dry run/test run on these restrictions BEFORE the two week trip to see if it’s possible to pack what I need while abiding by those merciless restrictions, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts. I will say that the restrictions I mentioned above are absolute, and they exist for a good reason–I’ll be traveling to a very delicate, protected environment, and the people running it want everyone fortunate enough to visit to have a minimal impact on the surroundings. It will be warm, with lots of sun, physical activity, and water, and I’ll be going with James. So with that in mind–

What do you see as being absolute neccessities?

I want to know your thoughts–because this really is kinda like a pack & go Survivor trip. If I don’t have it with me in the backpack, I may not have access to it when I get there.  So—let’s hear it subbies: What would you pack for a two week tropical adventure to remote areas where there’ll be lots of sun, water, physical activity, and a hunky fiance; that could fit inside a small backpack, and not weigh more than 15 pounds?

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Subbie Stories: Alan’s First Cock

Stroking with a friend might lead you into temptation…

Mistress LillyThis cautionary tale is from a charming cocksucker named Alan, who never actually intended to wind up with his best friend’s dick sliding between his lips.  Occasionally, cock sucking doesn’t start off with a plan. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, things wind up getting out of hand…and going somewhere far more fun.

It’s not exactly rare for men to wind up stroking side by side.

It starts by just hanging out, maybe having a few drinks–standard Guy’s Night stuff. The problem is…for lots of guys,  alcohol not only lowers inhibitions; it also increases libido. So when some slightly blitzed guy with a persistent boner has the bright idea to turn on porn, few inebriated men are able to say no. So there they are in a dark room, inhibitions gone, horny as hell and watching a sexy lady doing all sorts of naughty things on the screen. Of course cocks start coming out for some side by side stroking action.

But, as Alan found out recently, side by side stroking sometimes leads to more.

While porn plays on screen, and fingers are groping and stroking and rubbing and tugging away, some guys find themselves craving more. Every touch and slip of their hands up and down that dick makes that need grow stronger, until they find themselves caught up in the moment, wanting an orgasm brought about by something other than a hand.

And there you are…

Another warm body, a warm, wet hole to be filled and fucked. You’re right there, in the same room, feeling just as horny, and just as uninhibited. Fucking those holes will be sooooo much better than humping their hand.

So what do you do when you feel his hands on the back of your head, pushing you down toward his throbbing and aching cock?

You can’t resist.

It feels so good, and tastes even better. You’re so caught up in the moment, in how horny you are, how good you feel, that your disbelief takes a backseat to pure sensation. Suddenly, something you never really thought that seriously about becomes the very thing that you can’t do without. Before you know it, you’ve become a cocksucker, and the thought of going without a dick between your lips seems impossible…

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Barbados Travel Tips: Strong Swimmers; Prime Minister’s Office is your Gateway to Shipwreck Reefs

Let’s Get Wrecked!

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Bondage is more than just kinky rope work & tie downs

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Caribbean Vacation Cuckolding 101

Sex tourism can add a lot of spice to your life

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Barbados Travel Tips: Moderate Swimmers; Prime Minister’s Office is your Sea Turtle Gateway

Ms Lilly: LDW’s Cruise Mistress

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Leg Worship And A Demanding Mistress

Today’s guest post is by a sexy southern Lady: Ms. Christine, and focuses on her amazing legs. I love imagining a sweet little subbie adoring every inch of those gloriously toned stems!

I Have Damn Sexy Legs, Don’t I?

Come and worship my pet!

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