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Subbie Stories: Alan’s First Cock

Stroking with a friend might lead you into temptation…

Mistress LillyThis cautionary tale is from a charming cocksucker named Alan, who never actually intended to wind up with his best friend’s dick sliding between his lips.  Occasionally, cock sucking doesn’t start off with a plan. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, things wind up getting out of hand…and going somewhere far more fun.

It’s not exactly rare for men to wind up stroking side by side.

It starts by just hanging out, maybe having a few drinks–standard Guy’s Night stuff. The problem is…for lots of guys,  alcohol not only lowers inhibitions; it also increases libido. So when some slightly blitzed guy with a persistent boner has the bright idea to turn on porn, few inebriated men are able to say no. So there they are in a dark room, inhibitions gone, horny as hell and watching a sexy lady doing all sorts of naughty things on the screen. Of course cocks start coming out for some side by side stroking action.

But, as Alan found out recently, side by side stroking sometimes leads to more.

While porn plays on screen, and fingers are groping and stroking and rubbing and tugging away, some guys find themselves craving more. Every touch and slip of their hands up and down that dick makes that need grow stronger, until they find themselves caught up in the moment, wanting an orgasm brought about by something other than a hand.

And there you are…

Another warm body, a warm, wet hole to be filled and fucked. You’re right there, in the same room, feeling just as horny, and just as uninhibited. Fucking those holes will be sooooo much better than humping their hand.

So what do you do when you feel his hands on the back of your head, pushing you down toward his throbbing and aching cock?

You can’t resist.

It feels so good, and tastes even better. You’re so caught up in the moment, in how horny you are, how good you feel, that your disbelief takes a backseat to pure sensation. Suddenly, something you never really thought that seriously about becomes the very thing that you can’t do without. Before you know it, you’ve become a cocksucker, and the thought of going without a dick between your lips seems impossible…

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Barbados Travel Tips: Strong Swimmers; Prime Minister’s Office is your Gateway to Shipwreck Reefs

Let’s Get Wrecked!

Your journey begins the same way as my tips for Beginning & Moderate swimmers: you’ll be taking a taxi from the stand INSIDE the port all the way to the Prime Ministers Office at $5 USD per person one way, crossing the street to the beach, and walking towards the surf. Unlike the other ocean adventures though, your day involves an epic snorkel safari hunting down & exploring multiple shipwreck reefs offshore. Make sure to bring a snorkel, mask, and fins.

scuba divers prepare to explore a wreck dive site in the Caribbean

Two of the shipwrecks you can snorkel to are big enough for divers.

Diagonally on your left about 150-200 yards off shore, there are about 6 shipwrecks that are slowly being taken over by reef & sea life.

Excursion tours typically unload their snorkelers almost right on top of the ships if you want to find the wrecks fast. Do not touch the coral or sea fans—I don’t care what you might see some idiots doing, DON’T. The oils in your skin can damage them, & your touch can break them–causing damage that can take decades to fix since coral grows so slowly.

Also, quite a few corals can defend themselves with a nasty sting when touched—especially the notorious and aptly named fire coral (it’s the mustard-colored coral that everyone avoids) You can easily spend more than two hours exploring the shipwrecks & watching the dozens of different species of colorful tropical fish that call them home, but never lose sight of the fact you still have to swim several hundred yards back to the beach.

Battle for the Beach

The current will try to draw you OUT to sea. Don’t rely on having any help from the ocean in getting pushed into shore–you’ll be fighting the undertow all the way back to the beach. The further out you swim, the longer you explore, the harder the battle to get back. Swim at your own risk, and always keep in mind your level of fitness and fatigue.

Marathon swimmers: For those who have strength AND endurance to spare, see the turtles and the wrecks in one outing

—Just be aware you’ll be swimming for hours in occasionally treacherous cross currents, and you’ll need quite a bit of stamina for the swim back. James and I spent an hour with the sea turtles, 3 hours exploring the wrecks, and about 30min prowling the shallows before heading back to the ship—that’s 4 and a half HOURS of non-stop swimming. It was an awesome, but exhausting day 🙂

Take a Break for some retail therapy

Flag down a taxi to head back to the ship. At only $10 out of pocket per person roundtrip at the time of this writing, it’s hard to beat for a DIY Barbados experience where you can spend as much time exploring several different shipwreck reefs. It also leaves you with plenty of flex room in your vacation budget to support the local craftsmen, restaurateurs, and business if you’d like to grab some souvenirs, eats, or shopping during your visit.

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Bondage: SAFE, Sane, & Consensual

Bondage is more than just kinky rope work & tie downs

Chains, manacles, spreader bars, handcuffs, and other restraints take up quite a lot of space in my dungeon—there’s a rather dizzying and mouthwatering array of devices and toys that can be used to immobilize a bottom or sub in a bondage scene; ropes are merely one aspect. I love ropes of all kinds, as well as the knotty boys & girls who enjoy them (Ms. Daphne knows this from 1st hand experience). In personal practice, I’m a rigger that uses a mix of contemporary shibari techniques with a focus on external anchor points, symmetry, and aesthetics.

However, my adoration of rope bondage goes far beyond the tactile bliss of wrapping cords with different textures over a willing submissive’s body…

—It is knowing they are engaging in one of the most powerful & total displays of trust, faith, and submission that exist in the Lifestyle. They’ve surrendered their autonomy completely, and are willingly helpless beneath my hands. It is a gift I always cherish, not to mention an incredible rush.

Bondage fulfills more needs than just kink.

–And there are several reasons why bondage is beloved by me and my subs, but perhaps the most overlooked is safety.

Safety (a Dom/me’s side)

Impact Play scenes have ‘safe’ strike zones–the challenge is getting a sub to stay in them. Whenever a whip, flogger, cane, or other toy lashes into a sub, some movement is unavoidable. Occasionally, it’s the body rocking forward from the force of the blow, but often, it’s merely a reflexive jolt from the sting of impact. Squirming can get unintentionally hazardous in impact play sessions if subs start shifting beyond the ‘safe’ strike zone. Bondage with multiple external anchor points helps to make sure they are totally immobile & therefore incapable of accidentally wriggling in a way that will lead to them getting hurt.

Safety (sub’s side)

By giving themselves totally to me, and feeling the ropes binding them gently, yet securely, some subs have told me it’s rather like being swaddled or cradled. In fact, some of my real time subs that struggle with anxiety or insomnia brought on by racing thoughts find that being securely bound & tied calms them, soothes them, and will even let them achieve a deep and restful sleep. Bondage doesn’t need to be paired with impact play or pain to be enjoyed; it can be a remarkably gentle, sensual experience as well.

Safety (extremes of emotion)

Under my guidance, a sub who’d previously had a issue with cutting and self-mutilation was improving–and then someone very dear to her died. She came to me begging to be bound—and kept that way. She feared what she’d do to herself if left with use of her limbs. She spent the next 3 days in various multi-layered body harnesses, and the next 3 nights in ties that bound her to a cushioned rope hammock while I sang lullabies and rocked her to sleep. After 3 days, the crisis was over—she was still grieving, but calmer, and confident that she wouldn’t hurt herself.

Bondage can be an act of love for Dom/mes and subs; as well as a caring act of intervention.

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Caribbean Vacation Cuckolding 101

Sex tourism can add a lot of spice to your life

For some adventuresome kinksters (myself included), it’s all about location, location, location. Do the nasty on a balcony in Venice? Check. Get really wet & wild beneath a pounding waterfall? Check. Make sex on the beach literal, instead of just a yummy drink? Check. Some kinky individuals don’t just love to go someplace exotic, they also like to fuck someone while there.  This post is for you.

I found out on a recent cruise with James that the Caribbean is a world-renowned mecca for jet set hot-wives and their cuckie hubbies with a taste for BBC.

These tips were passed on to me from some cuckold couples James and I met on a recent Caribbean Cruise, but they’ll work equally well practically anywhere.

  1. All-Inclusive Adults Only Resorts are Excellent Opportunities to meet BBC studs. While there’s no guarantee you’ll find a stud willing to play, it doesn’t hurt to stack the deck in your favor. If you find someone you like, ask if they’d like to meet up after their shift for some fun–don’t get explicit right off the bat.
  2. Never make assumptions when it comes to potential BBC Playmates. Just because someone is flirtatious does not mean they have any interest in getting sexual, and BBC studs are NOT officially on the menu in the Carribean, no matter how adult or inclusive the venue.
  3. BBC Studs call the shots. The stud will determine whether he plays a part in your cuckold fantasies at all, and he’ll usually determine exactly what is going to happen.
  4. If you do find someone willing to play with you & your wife… It’s important to discuss what you’re comfortable with & what’s going to happen BEFORE everyone starts getting naked. You want someone who’s not only willing to play, but who is also on the same page as you and your wife in terms of what’s going on behind closed doors 🙂

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Barbados Travel Tips: Moderate Swimmers; Prime Minister’s Office is your Sea Turtle Gateway

Ms. Lilly: LDW's Cruise Mistress

Ms Lilly: LDW’s Cruise Mistress

Barbados is a gorgeous Island paradise in the Caribbean sea. It’s home to stunning beaches, beautiful reefs, shy sea turtles, amazing food,  jaw-dropping vistas and interesting caves. Today’s travel tips focus on swimmers who are skilled & comfortable in the water for an unforgettable sea-turtle encounter.

Pro-tip for Moderate Swimmers

Just like with my tips for Beginning swimmers, you’ll be taking a taxi from the stand INSIDE the port all the way to the Prime Ministers Office ($5 USD/person one way), crossing the street to the beach, and walking towards the surf. Unlike the Beginner Swimmers though—your day includes an ocean adventure away from the shore, where giant green sea turtles await. Bring a snorkel and mask, fins are optional (they scare the turtles–so if you’re a strong enough swimmer, avoid using them).

It’s Turtle Time!

Barbados green sea turtle

A green sea turtle on the rise. Photo taken about 100yds offshore from a beach in Barbados

Diagonally on your right about 100 yards off shore, there are perodic green sea turtle feedings—you’ll be able to tell if they’re currently feeding the turtles by whether or not ships are there & the number of snorkelers in the water. Feeding times typically only last about 30-50min, and they’re usually held between 9am and noon, so it’s a matter of timing as much as anything else. The turtles are shy & non-aggressive, and they spook easily. It’s a crime to chase, touch, or otherwise harass them—but if you just relax, & swim or float slowly over them, you’ll be amazed at how close they’ll come to you. They need to surface & breathe every 10-15min, but spend most of their time chilling out near the bottom.

Watch out for the Undertow

Unlike some beaches, the water at this one will NOT push you into shore. In fact, the undertow will pull you out to sea. It makes it easier to swim out to the turtles, but harder to get back to shore. Keep that in mind, and don’t spend so much time swimming with the gentle giants that you forget the real challenge is battling the undertow back to the beach.

Round-out the day with some local flavor

Flag down a taxi to make your way back to the ship. At only $10 out of pocket per person round trip at the time of this writing, your day with the sea turtles and a gorgeous beach also leaves you with room leftover in your vacation budget to support the local craftsmen, restaurateurs, and businesses. Feel free to grab a couple of souvenirs, chow down on some island cuisine, or support the local businesses before setting sail.

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Leg Worship And A Demanding Mistress

Today’s guest post is by a sexy southern Lady: Ms. Christine, and focuses on her amazing legs. I love imagining a sweet little subbie adoring every inch of those gloriously toned stems!

I Have Damn Sexy Legs, Don’t I?

Come and worship my pet!

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Barbados Travel Tips: Beginning Swimmers; Prime Minister’s Office is your Beach Break Drop-Zone

The Inside Scoop on Barbados: The Prime Minister’s Office is your Jump-off point to Paradise

Ms. Lilly: LDW’s Cruise Mistress

I’ve taken a break from my vacation for just a few moments to share some travel secrets with my subbies. Barbados is a stunningly beautiful island nation with fantastic food, awesome . . . → Read More: Barbados Travel Tips: Beginning Swimmers; Prime Minister’s Office is your Beach Break Drop-Zone


Chastity Bet With Ms. Lilly

Today’s incredible guest post is from the amazing Ms. Delia. We’ve shared subbies in the past, but I have to admit—this scorching hot fantasy involving an unsuspecting future playmate made my wicked Femdom heart start racing double time. Listen to Ms. Delia’s sexy post here

Chastity Bet With Ms. Lilly

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Why I LOVE BBW Sissies, by Ms. Lilly

BBW Sissies are deliciously curvy

True—they might not even see it themselves at first glance, but BBW sissies are rocking some sexy curves that only need the right wardrobe to enhance their inner Gurl.

From Doughboy to Va-Va-VOOOM!

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A Little Pantied Sissy’s Tale

Sissies come in all shapes and sizes…

Not all sissies are built like barbies; but they still love getting Gurly!

–And even though Tammie had a stocky, blocky, (previously) hairy man’s body; she loved to fantasize about being a dainty, itty bitty little sissy. Perhaps precisely because it’s such a contrast . . . → Read More: A Little Pantied Sissy’s Tale