Meet The Mistresses: Mistress Marlena

Empress MarlenaHere’s A Pair To Beat A Full House

A full house of subbies and slaves that is! You know what the best part of doing 2 Mistress Calls with every lady here in the Enchantrix Empire is? That there are so many different ways we each play. Ms. Marlena and I are like peas in a pod, and since we’re both willing to play mild to wild, we can play good cop, bad cop. Or maybe that’s bad cop, worse cop! It’s sooo much fun to get a slave slut’s head spinning ;)

Sweetness And Spice

You never know which of the two of us is going to be sweet, and which one will put you through your paces. Oh, we’ll both tease and torment your cock, like I did in my birthday edging game  – but which one of us will be the tease this time, and which one’s the tormentor? There’s only one way to find out…

Mistress Lilly

Humiliation whores? You’ve come to the right place. Listen to Ms. Marlena as she sensually humiliates you, telling you how hot it is to watch you suck cock, while I tell you what a perfect bitch you make as my strap-on slides deep into your ass. And you know we’ll both be commenting on that pathetic piece of flesh dangling between your legs….

Teasing Your Cock

Ms. Marlena is an excellent, imaginative, creative cocktease. She delights in guiding your masturbation and keeping you on the brink of cumming. There is nothing more humiliating than listen to a pathetic edge pet begging to cum and denying him permission, making him ride that edge for a good long while, until his cock explodes. Don’t make a mess! We’ll both expect you to lick it all up…

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Meet The Mistress – Princess Chelsea

Ms. Chelsea Is The Femdom Who Will Warp Your Mind

This Femdom puts it all out there right in the name of her blog – Mind Warp Phone Sex!  Doing calls with Princess Chelsea gave me a new appreciation for the mindfuck, because she is an expert at it.  She so enjoys  having you confess all your deep, dark dirty secrets – so she can use them to craft a really hot phone sex session for you.  I’ve even caught myself telling her some secrets that are better left unsaid.  It might ruin my Femdom reputation if they got out!

Not Your Typical Blonde

I’ve known a lot of blonde bimbos who have headed off to college just to get their MRS degree, find some “going to be a doctor” and become the starter wife – but not the beautiful Princess Chelsea.  She’s getting her MS – her Mistress  degree – studying  psychology with a focus on paraphilia’s – that’s Latin for fetishes.  So, just think, a Femdom who knows all the reasons why cuckolding, chastity, spanking or cocksucking get you off – and isn’t afraid to prey on your mind!

Two Cockteasing Princesses On The Prowl

Put the two of us together, and what do you have – two cockteasing Princesses on the Prowl!  I will play with your head – your cockhead!  - Princess Chelsea will just fuck with your mind and make you realize you want nothing more than to worship and serve a blonde femdom goddess like her.


Since this interview was conducted, it appears that Ms. Chelsea has decided to pursue opportunities elsewhere. However, if you’re in the mood for a two Mistress call, here are some other fabulous Ladies that I love doing calls with: Nadia, Jordan, Rayne, Cecilia, Kaylee and Cooper for younger Mistresses, and Marlena, Constance, Delia, Ryan, Olivia and Vivian for a more mature Goddess :)

Every lady with LDW is spectacular–so no matter who who choose to play with, you can’t go wrong.


A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 7

What are we going to do with that cum?

Well, you’ll need to lick all that cum up, won’t you?  That’s one of the many reasons why I am so reluctant to let you have an orgasm.  If I let you have a full release after all that teasing and edging, you’ll explode with a powerful spunking, and it just gets everywhere!  Sooo much easier to deny you, or even ruin that orgasm, so that it’s just a dribble (of course I can always squelch it, scrunch it, or thumb it.  Then all that cum stays trapped inside you).  So, if I am going to allow you a full release, you’ll have no choice but to eat that cum for me.

How will I have you swallow that jizz?

Again, answer one question, Ms. Lilly, and now you’ve got another one staring you in the face.  Namely, how do I have you swallow down that cock cream?  The easiest way is just to make sure you shoot that load right into your hand, a cup or a plate (oh, silver or black plates are the best, so I can watch you on cam, and see those rivers of spooge you just ejected from your body!)  However, I’ve found that when you explode, it goes everywhere!  And trying to keep it contained to your hand or a plate is well-nigh impossible.

Eating Cum is Humiliating Enough

Men don’t eat cum…but then again, you’re not really a man, are you?  And it’s humiliating enough having to swallow your own seed.  When you’ve shot all over though, and it’s on my beautiful hardwood floors, there’s only one way to take care of it, isn’t it?  That’s right, cum slut, get down on your belly, crawl around on the floor, and lick up all that cum – while I laugh!

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A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 6

The Cocktease’s Arsenal

Another weapon in the Cockteasing Femdom’s arsenal.  Cockteasing isn’t just about stroking your cock, teasing, edging and denying you.  Sometimes, it’s about not even teasing your dick at all.  A cocktease can tease with her body.  You all know teasers who dress provocatively – short skirts, low cut blouses, thigh highs where you just see the lacy tops poking out and fuck me pumps.  It’s their first shot across your bow, so to speak, gets you all hot and bothered, and willing to do anything to see what else is underneath.

Listen to Me Cum

I like to take it a bit further.  Get naked for me, then kneel at the end of the bed.  I’m going to let you listen in on what it’s like when I’m pleasured.  Oh, I’ve heard you cum more times than I can count, but now you’re going to know what it’s like for me.  I think I’ll hogtie you, and then put a blindfold over your eyes.  I just want you to hear it, to focus on that, and how hard my pleasure makes you.  Once you’re secured and blind, you can hear me settling myself on the bed, then you hear a whirring sound.  Are you ready for your Cocktease Princess to get off?

My Trusty Hitachi – Better than Any Cock

They don’t call it the Magic Wand for nothing!  I like to start off running it over my hard nipples, and you can hear my sighs as it shoots the feeling down to my clit, already aching with need.  You know as well as I do, a good orgasm comes from some teasing, so when I’m nice and wet, I start running that vibrator over my swollen pussy lips and those signs turn to moans.  I look over for just a minute, and see your cock is hard and swollen too, swollen with need.  Oh, you wish I’d touch it, but today isn’t for you, it’s for me.  As soon as that Hitachi moves up and buzzes against my clit, my orgasm overwhelms me.  Now, sit back and listen to my screams as I cum over and over again…..

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A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 5

Did the cocktease let you cum, or did he ruin your orgasm?

Last time, I told you that the Cocktease’s Conundrum was should she let you cum?  Stroking, teasing and edging that pindick for hours, it’s just ready to explode, isn’t it?  It’s red, maybe that head is even purple, and the shaft has gotten so thick.  And those balls – they blue and aching, filled with all that pent up spunk.  You’re so desperate to cum, and the begging – oh the begging!  It’s music to this cocktease’s ears!

Maybe We Should Ruin It

Wouldn’t that be so frustrating and humiliating, to ruin that orgasm?  All that work and no payoff!  Well, at least the swelling in your balls will go down.  Oh, the ache won’t go away, only a full orgasmic release will help with that, but there will be more room in there – to make more cum!  Don’t you love this feeling?  That’s the thing about ruined orgasms, the jizz comes out, but you still need to make more for your Femdom, hoping that maybe she won’t ruin the next one.

So, Ruined It Is

But how should we ruin that orgasm?  See, I make one decision, and it just leaves me with more questions.  Should we abandon it?  Should I have you stroke until you’re on the edge, then stroke 5 more times.  Oh it’s so much fun to watch you try to hold it back, but you’re at the point of no return aren’t you?  You couldn’t stop that orgasm if you tried – and you are trying.  But all this teasing, all this edging, there’s no way.  There won’t be any explosion, just a slow, pathetic dribbling of cum out of your swollen cockhead.  And I will just sit there and laugh at your ruined orgasm!

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A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 4

I Know!  It’s Cockteasing

I am an inveterate cocktease after all!  So maybe teasing your dick, taking total control of that cock is the answer.  You should know, however, I like to engage in extreme cockteasing – not some slow hand job.  We’re talking about hours of teasing and denial, until . . . → Read More: A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 4


A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 3

Maybe Queening You is the Answer

As I’ve said before, there’s so many choices with what to do with you…and today, this Femdom wants to be treated like a Queen.  I want to turn you into a piece of fuck slut furniture.  You’re going to become my throne, and I am . . . → Read More: A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 3


A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 2

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Playing with a Chastity Pet

It’s so much fun when one of my chastity pets calls.  As an inveterate cocktease, playing with a cock that’s locked up and not allowed . . . → Read More: A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 2


A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 1

What To Do?

As a Phonesex and lifestyle Femdom, one of my biggest challenges is trying to figure out just what to do for an evening’s entertainment.  It’s not because I lack options, mind you.  I do have my 3 live-in slaves, and of course, I have all of you subs, . . . → Read More: A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 1


Treat Every Orgasm Like It’s Your Last

Today may be the Day I put You in Chastity

As a Femdom, I control your cock.  So I get to decide how you’re allowed to stroke it, when it gets stroked, and probably of most importance to you, when you get to cum.  And you never know when I might decide . . . → Read More: Treat Every Orgasm Like It’s Your Last