Ms. Lilly’s Roundup of Masturbation May Celebrations!

Femdom Mistress Lilly Something Wicked this way Cums…..Feel free to listen to this audio and find out what’s happening around the Empire in Honor of Masturbation May! We’ve got kinky social hours and tours, a Mistress Sampler, and more!


Ms. Lilly’s Masturbation May

Lilly_0011Ms. Lilly’s Kinky Anniversary

Not only is is National Masturbation Month, but it’s also my anniversary at LDW! Another year, another tide of sweet subbies to play with and share with my Mistress friends. Time definitely does seem to fly when you’re having fun—and what can I say? The time I’ve spent with LDW seems to have raced by with blinding speed.

 Tour the Empire

Starting this month, Ms. Cecilia will be in the Community Kink chat room and offer tours of the LDW empire to new visitors and veteran kinksters alike! If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the different services, fetishes, and the Mistresses who specialize in them that we have available, this is a fantastic opportunity that shouldn’t be missed :) Feel free to come on down, checkout the tour, or just say hi–some of your favorite Mistresses  just might be dropping in to say the same!

  • Monday mornings: 10 am – 11 am EST
  • Tuesdays: 10 – 11 am EST AND 8-9 pm EST
  • Wednesday: 10-11 am EST
  • Thursday: 10-11 am EST
  • Friday: 10-11 am EST AND 9-10 pm  EST
  • Saturday: 10 am – 11 am EST
  • Sunday: 10 am – 11 am AND 9 pm – 10 pm

Mistress Sampler

Have you ever wanted to call a new Mistress? There’s never been a better time than with the Mistress Sampler promotion—choose four Ladies, whether some of your favorites and a new Mistress, have a kink adventure with four all new Dommes, or create your dream fetish phone call by lining up four of your favorite Dominas to play with you one after the other :) This sweet treat won’t be around for long, though—so check out the participating Mistresses, and dial in!


Life on the Margins: Alternative Lifestyles and Sexuality

Femdom Mistress LillyIt’s not Easy Being “Different”

Ms. Constance wrote an amazing blog discussing Transgendered individuals and some of the issues they face, and I applaud it. I’ve actually missed the media circus surrounding Ms. Jenner, but I haven’t missed the misdirected rage, fear, and hatred that some transgendered individuals face. It is not a choice–it is an intensely personal absolute fact, and coming to terms with it can be devastating. Individuals in alternative lifestyles face a number of hard choices and consequences when it comes to exploring their identity, and the backlash from the conservative vanilla community can be severe, even violent.

The Importance of a Safe Haven

One of the most damaging things you can do if you’re struggling with issues of gender, identity, sexuality, and/or orientation, is to isolate yourself. To feel that you’re alone.  Somehow inherently bad, unlovable, or unworthy of it. You’re not. We’re all misfits in some way, and there is always, ALWAYS someone you can reach out to. Whether that person is an anonymous voice on the other end of a helpline, a trusted friend or family member, or someone like me, never forget there is someone there to listen–a safe haven, you just have to find it.

A Mistress’ Perspective

I enjoy the company of those with alternative lifestyles, gender identities and sexuality; and respect the struggle and effort it takes to come to terms with who you really are, and who you’re meant to be—especially when that identity conflicts with the vanilla community at large.

As an individual, I struggled with being a sadist, a Dominant, and a bisexual woman coming from a highly conservative background in the Bible Belt. BDSM became my safe haven; a realm where I could simply be me, and be appreciated for who I am.  As a Mistress, one of my favorite things to do is provide a submissive with that safe haven and the freedom to be who they ARE, and explore the things that make them unique.

No matter how you choose to explore your identity and your kinks, never forget that you are not alone, that you matter, and that there are people out there capable of accepting you and appreciating you for who you truly are; not merely who you think you ‘need’ to be.


Ms. Lilly’s Newest Pet: Sissy Jizzelle

Mistress LillyThe Day a Mistress collars a new sub is always a special occasion

This time…it’s extra special. For those who follow my blog, you know I already have 3 TPE live in slaves: Tamsyn, Aubrey, and Charles. Today, I’m getting preparations together for a new sub to join me. Please give a warm welcome to my very first LDW collared submissive: sissy Jizzelle!

Jizzelle is an eager, insatiable Cumslut

Which is just one of the things I like about her. Her devotion, dedication, and continued striving to be the best sissy bitch she can be, her total obedience and love for her Mistress, and her ability to make me laugh are a few more reasons that come to mind. I do adore playing with sissies, and Jizzelle has been a very entertaining playmate. She also deeply, throughly, wished to be owned.

She’s been begging me for months to officially claim her

To Publicly decree that this sweet little cum-obsessed sissy bimbo bitch is mine, and mine to play with, share, or fuck however I see fit… And after much consideration (and quite a lot of teasing, sissy pussy pounding, and fairy fluffing) I’ve decided to give her that honor. Her new sissy name has been bestowed, and my darling dick-licking sissy pet is awaiting delivery of her custom collar. And so, without further ado, I declare for all LDW, the world wide web, and kinksters everywhere:

Jizzelle, from this day on, you’re mine. I own you, claim you, and collar you as my little sissy fairy fuck doll bitch.

I will use you, train you, share you, and fill both your hungry little holes however I see fit, and look forward to putting you through your paces.


Spanking for Play AND Punishment

Mistress Lilly

Bend over, sweetie….

How do you like your ass warmed up?

Over easy? Over the knee? Paddling that bottom until you scream? Ms. Delia has an excellent blog exploring the unique qualities and characteristics of different types of spankings, and there’s a really cool conversation going in the comment section. If you haven’t read it yet–do it now 😉 As for me, I love giving out punishment spankings, therapy spankings, and fetish spankings–in that order. (The last is only in a very specific context: it HAS to be part of a larger scene, or there’s chastity involved).

Assume the Position

Whether it’s over the knee, bent over a desk, couch, or spanking bench, those three little words are enough to give any spanking enthusiast a thrill. I particularly enjoy inflicting corporal punishment or long, thorough therapy spankings. Spanking fetish isn’t exactly my thing, but I know the reason why. I’m a sadist. If my spank slut subbie is enjoying himself/herself TOO much; it impairs my own enjoyment.

Too Much of a Good Thing

After a certain point in spanking; the welts run together, the endorphins rise, and every following swat just adds to a general rather intense warmth/burn, rather than true discomfort/pain. That’s why I like to layer sensations with clamps, chastity, bondage, CBT, strap-on, verbal humiliation, flogging, ect… I don’t want my subbie to get too comfortable, or plateau. I’ll edge my pet again and again; letting endorphins rise higher, letting them ride the point between pleasure and pain, until I finally decide whether or not to let them tumble over it.


Ms. Lilly’s Kinky New Years Eve 2014

I believe in starting the New Year year off with a bang

…Which is why my fiance is currently tied up to the wrought iron headboard of my bed. I decided to give the poor guy a break from my attentions for a bit so he could recover—but I’ll be teasing him . . . → Read More: Ms. Lilly’s Kinky New Years Eve 2014


Ms. Lilly’s Naughty Holidays Decor

Nothing says a certain holiday quite like an evergreen decked out in full Liberace bling.

Personally, I adore any opportunity to accessorize. Even TREES get to be decked out to the nines this time of year, and boring neighborhood bylaws unwind to allow  people to transform bland streets into themed suburban answers . . . → Read More: Ms. Lilly’s Naughty Holidays Decor


Ms. Lilly’s Holiday Stocking Tease

…Or more accurately, Ms. Marilyn’s Stocking Tease.

Ah, the holidays….that magical time of year when I get quite a few kicks (sometimes literally) out of making sure that if there’s a Naughty List–my subs and I are DEFINITELY on it. This year is no exception—and in fact, I’m celebrating this year’s wickedly . . . → Read More: Ms. Lilly’s Holiday Stocking Tease


Ms. Lilly’s Teasing Winter Tune: Let it Show!

I love Holiday Music…Especially when I add in a little kink.

Every winter, I have a tradition of taking a classic tune and doing something naughty to it. This year, I decided to share my love of creating satirical spoofs of winter themed songs with my LDW friends, Mistresses, and subs. For . . . → Read More: Ms. Lilly’s Teasing Winter Tune: Let it Show!


Ms. Lilly’s Mistress Cruise & Travel Plans! Oct-Nov 2014

I love to travel

–And travel during Autumn or Winter is no exception. In fact, they’re two of my favorite times of the year to step outside my neck of the woods and see a little more of the world. So, with that in mind, I’d like to drop by and give . . . → Read More: Ms. Lilly’s Mistress Cruise & Travel Plans! Oct-Nov 2014