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Ms. Daphne’s T-Girl Tryst (with a Twist)

The incredibly sexy Ms. Daphne

The incredibly sexy Ms. Daphne

It is my pleasure to showcase a guest post by the amazing Ms. Daphne–a deliciously and scandalously sensual Domme with appetites, kinks, and real life experiences that would make a Penthouse editor blush. Tonight, she’s sharing her wicked recollections of a particularly naughty sex party….

I am Pansexual, as Ms. Lilly is, too. This means that anyone who walks in front of me sexually or in a BDSM Dungeon is game for me to play with. I don’t judge the genitals or the gender I am having a good time with. I don’t give one whit if a transperson “passes” or not. I don’t have any issues if a transwoman or transman has medically or surgically transitioned or not. I long ago learned never to judge what a person looks like… to never assume that what kind of clothes they wear identifies their gender or what is between their legs.

My Eyes Getting Bigger

With all that said, I am rarely rattled.

So when the preciously tiny woman showed an interest in playing (sexually) with me at a Sex Party straddled my lap, I was confused, then surprised, at feeling a hard cock pressing on my thigh. Some would not be happy with such a revelation, but I felt my own cunt open with the realization of the prospects ahead of us.

I’ve had sexual escapades with T-Girls more than several times, always with delight because they have wanted me to fuck them as they lean over a desk or the side of the bed. It’s hot to fuck them with their legs high over their heads, too, as they stroke themselves and I play with their tits. Mmmm… delicious memories.

But this T-Girl, well, she took this Domme and flipped her silly!

Bend Over, Bitch

I haven’t Switched except once (coincidentally, for Ms. Lilly), so when this T-Girl wrestled control from me, I was utterly stunned. But, it also made me dripping wet.

And she knew it.

dripping pussy

She lifted herself off my lap, pulled me up by my wrist and, without any hesitation, took me behind the couch and shoved me over it. I trembled with desire, having a pretty good clue what this T-Girl had planned for my wet cunt.

Uh, except I was quite incorrect.

She took her hard, big, dick, lubed it up… and with her lubed hand, pushed two fingers inside my ass. Now that was a shock! She had no intention of using my pussy for her pleasure, but my ass instead.

And oh did she fuck me silly.



With strength that belied her size, she pummeled me, making me cum from the intensity.

It was delicious.

I would open my legs for this amazing T-Girl anytime. (And I do!)


Masturbation May: Wet & Wild with Ms. Lilly

Have you ever wanted to know what MY favorite sex-toy is?

In honor of National Masturbation Month, I’m going to be sharing some steamy secrets about some of my favorite ways to give myself a little hands-on attention—Those of you who’ve already heard my Mistress Interveiw with Ms. Constance already know a little bit of what I like to do during my ‘me’ time…but you don’t know the full story.

My First (and Still Fave) Sex toys aren’t ‘sex toys’ at all.

They’re an adjustable showerhead on a hose & a portable whirlpool jet. I truly can’t get enough of the sweet, amazing sensation play they provide. It really is like having the BEST oral sex ever with someone who’s tongue never gets tired. In fact, when I wear out my fiance James, I’ll frequently head to the Master Bath, grab the hose & start the taps, or run a bath & position the jet–and make sure to keep the water pulsing over me until I’ve had so much fun the taps start to run cold. James loves the fact that I have my own second string arsenal to keep me revved up while he has the occasional half-time break—it takes a bit of my edge off, and gives him time to start the second half with his A game.

Warm Water paired with adjustable shower head hoses & jets is actually a very powerful form of erotic sensation play for many women.

Including women who may experience difficulty attaining arousal from manual stimulation of the clit or vagina by toys, their partners, or their own fingers due to anatomical differences, menopause, or other conditions that alter the ability or capacity of achieving arousal and/or self-lubrication. Warm water helps to dilate vessels beneath the skin which increases sensitivity, supplies a practically infinite amount of lube, and adjustable pulses means that your lady can tailor the experience to her needs and preferences.


Ask a Mistress… Q&A with Ms. Lilly #2

“A sadist is defined as, a person who has the condition of sadism, in which one receives sexual gratification from causing pain and degradation to another. 2. a person who enjoys being cruel.

Is this correct? I love being controlled but don’t want to be degraded or humiliated [or] hurt in any way…”

Another wonderful question from lovegood, and here is my reply: Yes, I am a sadist in the truest sense of the word–and I am also Dominant, empathetic, and rather endlessly creative with a broad range of interests beyond just that specific one.

Some of my callers have never seen the sadistic side of me, and some of them have difficulty believing it even exists.

For them, I’m Dominant, I’m controlling, but they’ve never felt the caustic edge to my wit, never felt the imagined sting of my whip, or heard me gleefully describe all the beautifully painful things I want them to do for me—and they never will. The reason why is it wouldn’t benefit them. I know they’re not into pain, or humiliation, and it won’t help them on their journey into submission for me to impose that specific kink on them. There are soooo many other ways that we can play where we’ll both be having fun that I never feel like I need to ‘convert’ someone who’s not into pain. If they want to explore it–I’ll happily guide them, but I won’t deliberately lead them down a road they have no interest in being on in the first place.

Dominance can exist without Sadism

I don’t need to be cruel, and I don’t need to hear a submissive whimper in pain for me to enjoy myself, or for me to be in control. Just by calling me, by letting me know about your fantasies…you’re giving me power. You’re surrendering some of the most private parts of yourself, and you’re enabling me to turn your mind into my personal playground. There are few things I adore more in this world than the ability to manipulate your fantasies, your mind, and take you on a journey to the secrets parts of yourself & your desires that you keep hidden from (nearly) everyone. For those moments, you’re mine–and I love it. I enjoy Dominance every bit as much as I enjoy sadism. Sometimes, they go together; sometimes, they don’t–but I’m always having fun, and I like to make sure that you are, too 🙂

When it comes to pain…

I’m a good-natured sadist, and for the callers who enjoy receiving pain (ie: masochists; such as those who love CBT, humiliation/degradation, & impact play) I am an attentive, cheerful, and deeply amused Princess of Pain who will laugh and giggle as they whimper and scream–not from malice, but from sheer enjoyment. The sounds they make are music to my ears. I am also a creative equal opportunity sadist: whether it’s physical or psychological pain, your mind doesn’t discriminate, so neither do I. Hearing my sweet voice describe the diabolical things I want you to do for me, or verbally flaying your psyche to ribbons is something a few of my callers absolutely adore.

S/M is a part of BDSM that resonates with me every bit as much as D/s

While it’s not for everyone, for those of us who DO enjoy it, the thrill and endorphin rush is like nothing else. It’s a fantastic game we get to play; and while I take my subs safety very seriously, I never lose sight of the fact that for me, this is fun—and I want to make sure they’re enjoying the experience too.

If any more of my readers have questions they’d like answered, feel free to ask them on the comments section of my blog!


Ask a Mistress… Q&A with Ms. Lilly #1

“If you’re asexual unless you are in love, how can you work in such a sexual environment and enjoy your work?”

That was the awesome question asked by lovegood in the comment section of an earlier post 🙂 I was thrilled to see it, because it gives me the opportunity to clarify something very important: BDSM does NOT inherently involve sex. In fact, there are quite a lot of asexual (ACE) individuals in the Lifestyle. There are many people who enjoy BDSM from the power exchange or S/M context without any acts of sexual intimacy ever taking place (–and anyone who’s ever had a Real Time session with a ProDomme in reputable dungeon can attest to that). There’s kinky sex, intimate situations, and X-rated content out the wazoo in the Scene as well, but sexual contact is not and never has been a prerequisite for enjoying BDSM.

As for me working in a highly sexual environment—you’re absolutely right, and I love my job.

I only take the calls I want; and for the rest, I find Ladies whose specialties are more aligned with the caller’s, or recommend they speak to Dispatch or the Ladies at Live Help for their suggestions. For example: some of the calls  I take are BDSM, CBT, feminization, humiliation, or scenario based—calls where I am either absolutely Domming my new playmate, or setting the scene & narrating as their fantasy unfolds. It allows me to bring someone’s kinks to life without putting myself in a situation that I won’t enjoy. Also, some of the calls I take don’t involve sex or BDSM at all—sometimes I’m swapping travel stories, movie suggestions, sharing epic tales of gaming/ geek culture, or just chatting.

It might seem ironic, but I don’t actually ‘do’ phoneSEX—I do phone Domination and phone fantasies.

There are other Ladies of LDW who enjoy vanilla calls, or calls where they actively engage with a caller’s sexual fantasies as the recipient of those desires– I take calls where the caller’s fantasy does not involve sex with me. I understand and respect that there’s a broad range of human sexuality, and I definitely enjoy helping our callers explore theirs–it’s fun and fascinating to briefly get a glimpse into the reactions & mindset of someone with a wildly different orientation & sexuality than my own.

I’ll gleefully describe a sissy slut cheerleader being gang-banged in the locker room by the rival football team, or a cuckold who gets back from a work conference early to find his wife blowing his boss in the master bedroom, or the trans woman who found the love of her life, and simply wants to make madly passionate lesbian love to her new wife. It’s incredibly entertaining & rewarding to know that I’m helping them work out their kinks. With two Mistress calls between me and a Mistress who enjoys vanilla, it’s a ton of fun for me to ‘corrupt’ that sweet Mistress into the wicked fantasy woman of our caller’s dreams. For the calls that let me unleash my sadistic side, I get a little extra thrill; and with every call I take, I get an adrenaline and endorphin lift from Domination–I take a great deal of pride in trying to make sure that every caller has an amazing experience, and I have a ton of fun too 🙂


A Non-Binary Narrative of My Own Experiences

Mistress LillyI’ve been debating how & when to post something like this…

And with the different types of incendiary rhetoric floating around these days; now seems as good a time as ever to state my piece calmly, collectedly, and hopefully, with some degree of eloquence. The pursuit of understanding and tolerance is never more important than when those traits are highly conspicuous by their absence, and I’m writing this to assure anyone who comes across this blog that you’ve found a safe haven in me.

My own non-binary identity

I’m a demi-romantic pansexual monogamous Femdom & sadist. I will more frequently identify as Bi to someone who asks if I feel inclined to give a response, simply because it’s simpler, less invasive, and easier for others to understand than explaining Dominance and sadism is my primary sexuality—I don’t feel the desire for sex with someone unless & until I’m in love with them; I am exclusive to that individual; and I am capable of being attracted to a person regardless their gender, sexual genitalia, biological sex, outward appearance or sexuality.

It took me years to come to terms with the truth of my identity.

I grew up in a highly conservative part of the Bible Belt; and when I was much younger, before I learned that “Dominant” did not equal “Male”, I was convinced that I’d been born with the wrong parts. I wanted to be the Prince rescuing the Damsel in Distress, I wanted to be the hero, the althete, the pilot. I was the leader and the protector–whether it was scouts, school projects, or just getting into mischief. I stood up to bullies even if I wasn’t the one being picked on. I didn’t want to play with dolls; I built things, set a few things on fire, and dreamed about exploring the Stars as captain of my own Deep Space crew. I loved going fishing, hiking, camping, exploring…and I hated tea parties.

I grew up gender policed & swamped by gender norms that all said boys could do the things I loved and wanted; while girls shouldn’t and couldn’t.

It wasn’t until I broadened my horizons and had greater life experiences that I realized what I loved and wanted had NOTHING to do with gender, and EVERYTHING to do with who I was a person. Perhaps as a reflection of that, who I’m attracted to has nothing to do with gender, and everything to do with who that individual is as a person. I am Dominant. I am a sadist. I am a Tomboy who also adores getting girly. I am female, and it’s been just shy of a decade since I felt like I was born with the ‘wrong parts’. I am at peace with who I am, and I would love to help you on your  own journey towards the truest version of yourself, whatever form that takes.

Wanna Listen to the Post instead?



Ms. Lilly’s Kinky Anniversary

Hi Strokers! May isn’t only National Masturbation month…

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Ms. Lilly & Miss Nadia’s Masturbation May Special!

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Knotty Fun with Ms Daphne

The incredibly sexy Ms. Daphne

Mistresses of LDW don’t just play with our subbies, sometimes we play with each other.

On April 1st, Ms Daphne and I attended a wonderful play party together and gave April Fools a whole new reason why it’s my favorite holiday! No tricks, no pranks, and . . . → Read More: Knotty Fun with Ms Daphne


Fruit Feast for Food Fetishists

A fruit market

Spring and Summer Treats are Perfect for Kinks

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