I’m back from my Italian Cruise!

James and I have returned from 14 days of sailing through Paradise

Well….sailing, and hiking, and exploring, and cave crawling—honestly; at least half the fun of cruising is the shore excursions you can take. Sometimes, I enjoy having a nice, relaxing vacation–lounging on deck or on the beach, slipping into a jacuzzi in a bandeau bikini top and giggling as guys do a double take and crash into stuff on ship when they think I’m in there topless…but not this time. This time I went all out on trekking through ruins and caves, and urban exploration.  It was my first time back to Europe since my sophomore year in college, and my fiance and I had a blast! Now that I’m back, I can’t wait to share the details with the wonderful Ladies and subbies of LDW.

The Norwegian Cruise Line's Epic; drawn up along the dock at the Port of Barcelona

Presenting the NCL Epic—my home away from home for the 14 days of the cruise.

The itnerary actually wound up showing us far more than just Italy

—There were stops in France, Spain, and Monaco as well.  Your resident cruising Mistress got to see sights from Vatican City to Vesuvius, Monte Carlo to Mallorca, and I’m posting pics on my tumblr blog to help give you a little taste of the Old World as well–1st up: some shots of Barcelona. Here’s another one:

A Monument in Barcelona, Spain

A Monument in Barcelona, Spain

Cruise Life, Culture, and Cumming… Why not enjoy all three?

I certainly did; and I’ll be sharing the details with you over the next couple of weeks. There’s a little something for everyone whether your taste runs to the sexy or sublime. I love cruises, and I adore being able to share some of the fabulous things that happen during them with you. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself inspired to take an erotic or exotic vacation yourself 😉

A view of the french Riviera

A view from the French Riviera


Getting Naughty in the Magic Kingdom

Mistress LillyWelcome to the Horniest…err ‘Happiest’ Place on Earth

James and I recently went to Universal’s Orlando Studios and Islands of Adventure, and I’ve been sharing bits and pieces of that trip as well as tips on how to get a little naughty if you decide to go there as well. However….this post is about a different theme park; and a little secret James and I discovered on a different vacation. Specifically, Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Ms. Olivia, this post is for you.

The Haunted Mansion

Amid Pixie Dust and Princesses and Cinderella’s Castle, there’s a theme ride tucked away into a corner of Magic Kingdom that provides privacy, mood lighting, and lots of shadowy areas to steal a caress. The Haunted Mansion is actually a very fun (if somewhat corny) themed attraction that uses visual effects, optical illusions, animatronics, set design, scripts and soundtrack to create the impression of a coffin ride tour through a mansion and grounds infested with spirits–the family friendly kind.

The car for the ride is designed like a coffin sleigh, with bench seating. Since it’s seen as being a bit spooky for younger audiences, the lines aren’t usually that long—especially first thing in the morning, or later in the evening. The bench seating, and the ride’s slow pace & fairly gentle inclines, makes it ideal to snuggle and sneak in a few caresses on the sly. All you need is something to drape across the lap of the person you’ll be teasing if you feel like getting very naughty–that could be a spare jacket, or just excess material from a very full skirt. Hugs and cuddles and other PG bits of PDA don’t require a prop, since discretion isn’t necessary.

Whether you decide The Haunted Mansion will go down in your memories as The Horny Mansion instead; I’ll leave up to you & your future vacation escapades.

Ps: James and I will be flying back from Italy on the 29th; I should be available for calls on the 30th.


Ms. Lilly’s Gone on an Italian Cruise

Mistress LillyJames & I are on our way to Italy!

I’m typing this from the airport lounge. My fiance and I are currently waiting for the flight that will take us on to our amazing two week cruise along the Italian coast. I’ll miss the sexy Ladies and wonderful subbies of LDW while I’m away, but I promise to take lots, and LOTS, of awesome pictures to share. As a special treat–I’ve queued up some of the pics from our recent Orlando trip to Universal Studios and Universal Studios: Islands of Adventure to go up on my Tumblr blog. That way—even though I’m away, you’ll still get to see a little bit of what I’ve been up to lately. Feel free to check it out!

Your Resident Cruising Mistress will be at Sea & Touring Italy Nov. 15-29th

I won’t be able to respond to emails, sessions requests, or calls until I return on the 30th, so please keep that in mind before reaching out to me between now and then. James and I will be sailing from Barcelona to Venice, Rome, Sardinia, Sicily, Pompeii, and the Almafi Coast—it should be an amazing trip! I’ll make sure to tell you all about it when I get back.

Also–there’s a super special treat coming up for you strokers to keep you company while I’m gone:

Two for One Tuesday on November 17th

You’ll be able to speak to TWO amazing Mistresses for the price of one for the first 10 minutes of the call, so don’t miss out! :)


Ms. Lilly’s Tease Fest on Rip Ride ROCKit!

Femdom Mistress LillyWhy Rip Ride ROCKit! is the PERFECT ride for Stocking Teases

Not all teases have to involve physical contact. In fact, some of the most diabolically effective ones are strictly hands off. Look, but don’t touch. Rip Ride ROCKit provided me with an ideal way to educate James on how I could get him so turned on he was practically crippled with lust by the end of the ride–without lifting a finger or saying a word. (I’m not kidding–I had to help him out of his harness and provide a cock block for the boner in his pants as we left the loading area.) It was about 10min before his raging hard-on subsided enough that he could stand up straight without me in front of him to block the view from passersby.

Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster car going up the initial 90 degree climb

Up, Up, and Away: The initial 90 degree ascent

90 Degrees of Cockteasing

On that particular day in Orlando, there was a faint chill—so I wore a pair of nude thigh highs instead of going with bare legs to Universal Studios, and paired it with a rose lace panty & garter belt set trimmed with wine satin ribbons and garter straps; topped with a lovely full & floaty floral silk chiffon skirt lined with satin; a white gauze peasant top with a drawstring neckline, and a nude bra underneath. I knew the moment I saw Rip Ride Rockit that out of all the rides in the park that day–we were definitely going on this one. Why? It starts out with a 90 degree vertical climb–then has several dives, twists, turns and inversions. In short–it was the perfect ride to give James an unparaelled stocking tease.

Rip Ride Rockit rollercoaster car zooming down the inital drop

…And Away They Go!

The Ride

As the cart left the loading area & angled for its vertical ascent, my lovely skirt fell back in a tumble of flimy sheer & satin folds, providing James with a teasing view of the tops of my thigh highs and even a glimpse of my garters–a sidelong glance was enough to confirm he definitely noticed. A gentle slide of my hands as we approached the drop put my skirt back to rights, and got my arms up and in the air just in time for zipping down the first plunge.

The wind and the twists and turns of the roller coaster had a field day blowing my skirt to and fro–revealing my stocking tops one moment, concealing them the next; exposing a brilliant flash of my wine red garters as my skirt tumbled backward on the inversion loop-de-loop, then obscured them again on the next turn—the entire ride became my accomplice in making sure James had one heck of an irresistible, unpredictable stocking tease; and the roller coaster harness was restrictive enough that he couldn’t touch any part of me–no matter how badly he wanted to!

Fetish Fun & Just Plain Awesome

Even if you’re not planning on teasing someone within an inch of their sanity; Rip Ride Rockit is still a blast to ride; and it even gives you the option to choose your favorite song from a couple of different tracks to accompany you on the roller coaster. That’s right folks: You can have your own theme song.

As for me? I chose “Pump It!” aka: what James spent the next hour and half wishing he could do his cock.

Wanna listen to the post instead?

For more pics of my Orlando vacation, keep your eyes on my tumblr blog—I’ll be having some photos go up there while James and I are away on our Italian cruise :)



1st look at Ms. Lilly’s Universal Orlando Vacation

Edge Mistress LillyRides, Rides  Everywhere…And LOTS of Privacy

–Universal Orlando is filled with amazing themed entertainment; and TONS of places to sneak a discrete tease. My personal favorite place to slip into the shadows & slip my hands in James’ pockets? The ‘cave’ portion of the walk-up for the Harry Potter themed ride Dragon Challenge–there’s soooo many places to chose from for things to get a little naughty and a little raunchy with no one else the wiser; and the ride itself is the best ‘true’ rollercoaster I’ve been to at the Orlando resort so far.

Tip: Go to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure first thing in the morning to get even more privacy (aka: more chances to engage in some discreet heavy petting), and hardly any lines. The Dragon Challenge also has a re-ride option (you WILL want to use it)—look for it after you leave the cave to avoid a portion of the outdoor walkup & get back to the cave’s private petting areas and the rides even faster.

Dragon Challenge: 2 Rides in 1

This attraction is actually a pair of interwoven reverse coasters in one: The Chinese Fireball, and The Hungarian Horntail. Each is a unique experience that features multiple inversions, rolls, dives and climbs that simulate the feeling of flight while being tucked safely away in a dragon’s clutches.

The Chinese Fireball is my favorite–it’s smoother, with a few more twists and rolls. The Hungarian Horntail is a little rougher–you’ll feel the G’s more, and it has two or three powerful jolts. Both are truly amazing rides; James and I are in agreement that this is how reverse coasters should be–you can’t go wrong with either one.

Wanna listen to the post instead?


Ms. Lilly’s Halloween Surprise: I’m going to Universal Studios!

November 3rd-9th James and I will be exploring Universal Studios & Universal Studios: Islands of Adventure!

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Ms. Lilly presents Matt: The Furry Moobed Anal Addict

I do love playing with humiliation whores

–And Matt is certainly a very enthusiastic one. It’s tons of fun to strip the roly poly butterball bitch down mentally and physically and use him as the equivalent of a human whipping post & ass slut. With some sissies, femmes, and sensual strokers, I . . . → Read More: Ms. Lilly presents Matt: The Furry Moobed Anal Addict


Ms. Lilly’s Pain Slut Chastity Pet: Penelope

 Some of you may have heard me mention my sissy pain slut Penelope…

She was the latest of my subs to try out the Advanced Circuit training denial program; and her particular training regimen meant that she was in for several months of denial. I passed her around like a Party favor . . . → Read More: Ms. Lilly’s Pain Slut Chastity Pet: Penelope


What do the LDW Ladies do when we’re NOT on call?

If you’ve ever wondered what we’re up to…

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I Ruin Orgasms

There you are, stroking your cock.

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