Meet The Mistresses – Mistress Delia

The Cockteasing Bitch!Cock Control Femdom Mistress Delia

I like to think of myself as a cockteasing Princess, but Ms. Delia is the Cockteasing Bitch of LDW!  Doing calls with her is so much fun, since we both love to hear our pets beg.  The teasing, the edging, the denial is never enough for the two of us.  A guided masturbation session with both of us will be imaginative and full of torment, as we turn your balls blue!

Bringing It Hard Core

Ms. Delia is the original Pain Mistress here at the Enchantrix Empire.  She’ll take you over her knee for a bare-bottom spanking or tie you to her St. Andrew’s Cross and flog you until you beg for mercy.  Watch out when she’s stroking you, as I’ve found out she’s also very fond of CBT – so she just might grab hold of those swollen balls and squeeze.  Having witnessed her expertise with a strap-on, all I can say is – Tamsyn enjoyed it!  And I bet all you butt sluts would too!

Let’s Not Leave Out The Sissies

I enjoyed reading her 12-Step Sissy program, and I know Ms. Delia really enjoys calls with the gurls.  Whether it’s helping you pick out just the right panties and bra, or teaching you how to properly suck cock and please a man, she’s a great Feminization Mistress.  And I’ve heard her and her subby Bull hubby Jack have been cuckolding sluts all over LDW!


Mistress Lilly: What Kind of Femdom I am, Part 3

Did You Check Out Part 1 and 2?

Strap-On Mistress

Do you need a big, black cock deep in your slutty ass?  Are you a butt slut?  There’s something so submissive about a slave giving up his ass to me.  It’s the taboo, I think.  Men aren’t supposed to be penetrated, they’re supposed to fuck, not get fucked!  Oh, and the power – being in control of a10 inch dildo, and making you into ass whore, hearing you beg be to do it harder and faster.  I’m so glad my dildo has an attachment that slides into my sopping wet pussy and vibrates against my clit, so I can have multiple orgasms while I make you my bitch!

Cum Eating Coach

Again, I think it’s the taboo of eating cum that really makes it so alluring, isn’t it?  Just like men aren’t supposed to get fucked, they aren’t supposed to eat jizz either.  I get just as much enjoyment out of watching you eat your own -from your hand, from a plate, even right from your own cock as you self-suck – as I do watching you blow one Aubrey or Charles.  Of course, I get the most enjoyment when you suck a sticky, warm creampie out of my steamy pussy.  More orgasm for me!

The Foot  Mistress

I love shoes – and I know you do too!  Especially those sky high stilettos.  Here’s some information though – walking around in those things all day make my feet hurt.  You’ll massage them, won’t you foot slut?  Kiss and lick them, lavish them with the attention they deserve.  I’ll even teach you how to give a proper pedicure, so my feet stay soft and sexy.  You want them soft, don’t you?  Soft feet feel so much better on your cock when I deign to give you a foot job.

Those are a few of my favorite fetishes, but if I haven’t mentioned yours, don’t despair slave!  Call me up and we’ll explore your fantasy together!


Mistress Lilly: What Kind Of Femdom I am, Part 2

Make sure you read Part 1…

The Masturbatrix

“Ms. Lilly, you already talked about cockteasing.” Yes, slut, I did. Did you think I would repeat myself? A Masturbatrix can be a cocktease, but when I’m in Masturbatrix Mode, I focus more on the guided masturbation part. Telling you how to stroke, when to stroke, instructing you on how to edge. I also like to teach you how to keep that cum inside your balls, before I allow you to have, what you almost ALWAYS tell me, the most intense orgasm ever! Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll just ruin it.

The Disciplinarian

Do you need a spanking, a flogging , a whipping? Have you been a bad slave, or do you just love the feeling of being put over my knee, your hard dripping cock trapped between my thighs, while my hand, my hairbrush or a wooden spoon turns your ass a nice shade of red? I can always tie you to my spanking bench or St. Andrew’s Cross and make pretty stripes on your bottom.

The Feminization Mistress

There’s a reason why I keep a sissy maid and a shemale slut in my household stable. I love dressing up bois and turning them into pretty gurls! The change that comes over them as I slide those pink, frilly panties up their smooth shaved legs is priceless. Dressing them up in full femme attire, a pair of stiletto heels and adding a slutty layer of make-up in comparison to their gasps of astonishment when I turn them to the mirror and they first see the slut they’ve become.

We’re not done, slaves. I’m a Femdom of many moods, so keep an eye out for Part 3!


Mistress Lilly: What Kind Of Femdom I am, Part 1

So Many FetishesMistress Lilly: Cuckoldress Femdom, Humilatrix, and Cocktease Princess

Femdoms come in many different styles. As I’ve found in both my real-life and phone sex domination activities, there are just so many fetishes out there! Some I enjoy, some I don’t. For every fetish, there seems to be a caller who’s really into it. You, as a submissive, have to find the right fit, the right Femdom to have a truly amazing call. So, what kind of Femdom do I like to be?

The Cocktease

This is Mistress Lilly, all the way! I enjoy being a cocktease. As I wrote in my last post on Chastity Edging, I tease, edge and deny your horny cock just because I can, because it’s just so much fun! Watching your dick harden as I parade my sexy body before you, guiding your masturbation and stopping you right before that magical moment, making you beg to be allowed to shoot your load – it just does something to me!

The Humiliatrix

Being a cocktease can naturally lead to humiliation – for you! How pathetic is it that you can’t even cum anymore until I give you permission? What kind of man gives up control of his cock and his orgasm? Well, no man does, but stroking pets and wimpy cum whores do. That’s really not a cock, is it? It’s a nub! Just to add insult to injury, when I finally do allow you to spew, you’re going to lick it all up for me, aren’t you?

The Cuckoldress

Do you get even harder, even hornier when I bring in my stallion James? Tell me, is it the humiliation, your 4-inch nub compared to his 10-inch python? Or is it that you’re just a cock slut, and you desperately need his cock in your mouth? Then again, you may just be one of those cucks who just gets off on knowing how good his rock hard, thick prick is going to feel sliding into my wet pussy – a pussy you will never get to feel.

That’s not all, my sluts. Check back for Part 2!


Chastity Edging with Femdom Lilly

Why Tease A Chastity Pet

Last post, I wrote about keeping my live-in slaves in chastity, and how I like to tease them. I got asked, “Why tease them, Mistress Lilly? Why not keep them denied?” Teasing a chastity slave, and keeping them on the brink of orgasm serves several purposes.

They Need To Know What They’re Missing

Sometimes I use chastity as a punishment. I’ve found that punishment isn’t quite as effective if you forget what you get as a reward. For many–if not most–submissives, being allowed an orgasm is their reward for pleasing their Mistress. I tease and edge them so that they’ll remember what that reward is, and how tantalizingly close it is. Just one more stroke, just one more lick, and they’ll get it – but it’s not to be. Not until I’m pleased!

It Keeps Them Focused On Keeping Me Happy

Well, not at first! At first, they’re just focused on the pleasurable feeling I’m giving them. They may even be under some illusion that today may actually be the day I allow them a release. When I deny that orgasm though, they instantly snap back to the reality of their situation. If they please me, if they make me happy, some day, I might actually give them what they’re craving.

It’s Just Fun

I’m a cocktease (okay, I’m also a pussy tease, too!). Even when I don’t have you in chastity, my submissive pet, do I ever let you just spew at the first opportunity? No, of course not! I get so wet, so turned-on edging you and denying you. Making you beg for the one thing you’ve always had control over – your orgasm! Having you cede control of your cock is a high that I can never get enough of.


Femdom Stroking Assignment: Hardcore Hand Humpers ONLY!

Hi Strokers,

Today I’m giving you a sneak peak at a wicked, absolutely diabolical new stroking game of mine. If you’re in the mood to have a truly tormenting session of tease and denial, look no further than my free stroking assignment!


Goddess Lilly


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