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Wish me a Bon Voyage!

Mistress LillyJames & I are about to board the Epic

It’s been an eventful couple of days—a whirlwind of packing, flights, rearranging travel arrangments since the cold snap in the States buggared a few of our plans to get to Europe; but we finally made it (and so did our bags!).

It was a bit of an adventure just to get to this point; but now, the real fun is about to begin.

In a matter of hours, the ship will be at sea, taking my fiance and I on the journey of a lifetime. I can’t wait! Once we’re issued our ship cards and pass through security, the Epic and all the it’s wonderful ports of call await.  We’re about to spend the next 21 days sailing through the Old World, the Canary Islands, and some exotic ports in Northern Africa. Don’t worry—I’ll bring back lots of pics & stories when I return. Have fun while I’m away, and don’t forget to keep the ladies company!

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Ms. Nadia & I have Naughty Surprise for You

Mistress Lilly  Something Wicked is heading your way….

Some of you know that in addition to being one of the LDW Ladies I love doing calls with, Ms. Nadia is also one of my friends in real life. We have a lot of kinks in common….a love of humiliation, hardcore CBT, merciless tease and denial, and many more. We decided it was high time to showcase those particular talents in a way that would let us truly celebrate some of our favorite fetishes & types of calls. The result?

Ballbusting Phonesex

It’s a brand new blog that will be run by Ms. Nadia & I, where you’ll get to see the darker side of your favorite Dominas. We’ll be maintaining our normal individual blogs, so don’t worry—this is just a special little treat for us & our more extreme little subbies…and anyone who wants to sneak a peek at what I’m like when I’m not being sensual. There is a reason why I idenity as a good-natured sadist, and this blog will finally help give me an outlet for the side of myself that yearns to unleash the beast :)

Ms. Nadia will be taking the lead while I’m away on my cruise…

–And when I get back, I’ll probably have some brand new stories to tell. Every time I go abroad; it seems I run into a poor, pathetic perv who’s in  desperate need of a lesson in how to treat a Lady with respect–and the consequences of what happens when you don’t. Feel free to stop by and check it out!

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Ms. Lilly’s 10 day Countdown Until Sailing

Femdom Mistress LillyIn 10 days, James and I will once again be on board the Norwegian Epic.

21 days of romance, adventure, pampering, and ravishment await! We’re flying out on the 23rd, the ship sails the morning of the 24th—and we won’t be back until February 15th. Before I go, I’d like to play a little game. So, in honor of the occasion & the countdown…

Here’s something to keep my strokers occupied before my bon voyage; one each day until the final day of the countdown:

  • 10 – That’s how many edges I want you to do in 1 hour.
  • 9 – The number of strokes I want you to take when you’re right on the edge WITHOUT cumming. See how close you can get without an ‘accident’.
  • 8 – For those who like anal play, break out your lube, and your 8″ bad boy toys or pickles, zucchini, squash, ect…. it’s time to give that ass a workout
  • 7 – Ball Smacks. Now, subbie. If you can’t hear them, they don’t count.
  • 6 – Clothespins. You may attach them to any part of your anatomy you wish, but once they’re on, they have to stay put for 6 minutes, while you stroke.
  • 5 – Dick Slaps with a ruler or spatula; extra points if it’s metal.
  • 4 – Ingredients for Lube: Mix together Toothpaste, Hot Sauce, Rubbing Alcohol, and your normal lube. EXTERNAL USE only. Must use for at least 4 minutes, but may dilute with normal lube to make it less intense.
  • 3 – Clothespins: one on each ball, and one on your dick. 3 edges with them on. For my CBT subs; if you don’t manage to edge 3 times in 3 min, you have to try again. You have 3 tries before I’ll be generously permit you to give up if you haven’t succeeded.
  • 2 – Toys. This can be any combination of toys, for any purpose (ex: vibrator + spatula for edging and CBT); but both must be used simultaneously through two edges. Let’s work on your coordination!
  • 1 – For a real challenge, try to get through every previous day’s assignment combined today! Good luck 😉

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New Adventures for 2016

Femdom Mistress LillyHere’s a sneak peek at what’s coming in 2016:

January 23-February 15th: Three  weeks of romance, ravishment, and running around the Old World. James and I will be cruising the Mediterranean, the Greek Isles, the Canary Islands, and have some additional stops in Northern Africa (think: Tangiers & Casablanca!)  With on time flights, I should be back for calls on February 16th.

March (perhaps 3-12th?):  James has been talking about having a last hurrah at Universal Studios before he ships out to the rigs for a few months. I’d love to go on the Dragon Challenge, RipRide Rockit, and quite a few more attractions again…& you should have seen the way that James’ eyes lit up when I mentioned that–I think he’s already dreaming of what pair of stockings I’m going to be teasing him with this time 😉 I will be available for calls off and on during the trip.

April (Date to be Determined): Ms. Nadia and one of my real time Mistress friends are planning on coming to see me for a bit. We’re still working on the details—but no matter what, we’re sure to have an absolutely scandalously fun time! (& Yes, I will be available for calls during their visit)

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What are some of the adventures you have planned?


New Years Resolutions with Ms. Lilly

Mistress LillyTime to take stock of the year that’s ending, and decide what we want for the new one…

2015 was certainly a thrill ride for me, my slaves, and James :) I hope it was amazing for you too. In addition to all of the wicked kinks and fantasies I’ve indulged in here at LDW, I’ve gone on some spectacular cruises (Alaska, the Caribbean, and Europe!) went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL; had some naughty fun with a few of the LDW ladies during the Mistress Trip, hosted a few unforgettable play parties and movie nights, and had blast with real time sessions.

Tamysn got her residency, Charles got promoted, and Aubrey’s hair is finally at mid-back WITHOUT extensions!!! (she’s soooo happy). My house survived a hurricane, the woods & outdoor dungeon on my property got a renovation, and on the whole; home sweet home has never looked better or been naughtier! All in all, 2015 was an awesome year, so I’m kinda sad to see it go.

New Year’s Resolutions for 2016:

  • Learn the tango. I already do a decent version a la True Lies (if you haven’t seen that amazing movie yet, you definitely should), but I want to know a bit more about the actual steps and technique
  • Go to Australia/New Zealand. I want to scuba dive off the Great Barrier Reef, see Leafy Sea Dragons, and explore Middle Earth.
  • Try something I’ve never eaten before. I’m visiting a few new places in 2016, and sampling fresh ethnic cuisine is always a highlight of the journey.
  • Beat James on the rock climbing wall at the gym. It hasn’t happened yet, but in 2016?  2016 is the year I’m queen of the mountain; I’ll make sure of it.
  • Learn at least 10 new songs, and belt them at karaoke
  • Get James to try out a Sex Swing. Just the thought of him suspended in midair while I take him with my strap-on is enough to get me really, really excited. I might even be able to pull it off–perhaps a little wager on the rock climbing wall is in order? 😉

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What are some of your resolutions?


Happy Holidays from Ms. Lilly!

I hope you’re having an amazing time & keeping it kinky this Holiday season.

This time of year can be soooo incredibly hectic, it’s important to remember to take a little time for yourself. Try to sneak a few stolen moments to give yourself or your partner a little hands on attention. . . . → Read More: Happy Holidays from Ms. Lilly!


Ms. Lilly’s Exclusive Lingerie Auction

Edited to Add:


& Thank you to everyone who participated & helped spread the word

…~*~… If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on my lingerie, now’s your chance.

From now until midnight tomorrow on Tuesday, I’ll be auctioning off . . . → Read More: Ms. Lilly’s Exclusive Lingerie Auction


Ms. Lilly’s Roman Holiday

My First Visit to the Eternal City

One of the stops in my Italian cruise was Rome, and I got to spend a bit of time exploring the sights—from the Colosseum to the arch of Constantine; the Palace of Justice to Vatican City. History is literally around (and on) every corner–and so . . . → Read More: Ms. Lilly’s Roman Holiday


I’m back from my Italian Cruise!

James and I have returned from 14 days of sailing through Paradise

Well….sailing, and hiking, and exploring, and cave crawling—honestly; at least half the fun of cruising is the shore excursions you can take. Sometimes, I enjoy having a nice, relaxing vacation–lounging on deck or on the beach, slipping into a jacuzzi . . . → Read More: I’m back from my Italian Cruise!


Getting Naughty in the Magic Kingdom

Welcome to the Horniest…err ‘Happiest’ Place on Earth

James and I recently went to Universal’s Orlando Studios and Islands of Adventure, and I’ve been sharing bits and pieces of that trip as well as tips on how to get a little naughty if you decide to go there as well. However….this post . . . → Read More: Getting Naughty in the Magic Kingdom