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New Year, New Adventures

My trip to Australia was mind-blowing, unforgettable, epic, and I’ll be giving more details in the weeks to come—but right now, I want to share a little bit about what’s been keeping this particular Femdom preoccupied recently:

Naughty and Nice and a Whole Lotta Spice…Femdom Mistress Lilly

I’ve got incredible news for you! Some of the other LDW Ladies and I have been very, very busy doing something amazing. I’ve lost count of the number of subbies who’ve been eager to do a session with me, and want something with a bit more realism, a bit more interaction, than is possible over the phone. Well, now those dreams are about to come true!

LDW is launching a presence in popular online virtual world!

Our gorgeous avatars have to be seen to be believed– not only that, but we have our very own sexy & exclusive Femdom realm, and so many incredible toys to play with that even the most dedicated kinksters are sure to go fucking nuts! The Ladies and I have our very own private homes & playgrounds to tease and torment our callers during sessions, and we can’t wait to show them off. For anyone who’s ever wanted to session with us in Real Life, this particular venue’s stunning avatars, BDSM toys, animations, and scenery comes incredibly close to duplicating the appearance of the real thing— without all those pesky logistics details to sort out.

The Launch is coming soon—

So all hands on dick, and get ready to experience the newest incredible offering from the Ladies of LDW: Sessions with some of your favorite Femdoms online! Personally, I can’t wait to break in my outdoor dungeon space, shibari table, wax play setup, and sooooo many other diabolically fun toys! Even better, this particular amazing experience is offered at the same rate as our regular services, so why wait? When you’re ready to take the next step in exploring your Femdom desires, let us help you take them to the next level!

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Mistress Lilly Loves CBT

There are few things I adore more than a good ball-busting session.

The whimpers and groans of pain, the convulsive racking of your body as you choke back bile from a particularly well-placed blow, the stifled, gagging sobs as you struggle not to collapse in a shuddering heap while your groin is in agony, and the pain is so intense it’s hard to breathe.

That razor’s edge between agony and ecstasy is my favorite place to play–

And I’ve found nothing is quite as effective, or quite as quick, to reduce men to gibbering, quivering wrecks whimpering for mercy that’ll never come.

A good ball busting session works wonders for my sweet little sadist’s heart; and when I get bored crushing the family jewels to paste, I can always go to work on that cringing cock of yours. I’ve always found it incredibly amusing how easy to it to unman someone–one well-placed blow will send a guy crashing to his knees with no more effort than it takes to swing a tennis racket.

Don’t contact me for CBT thinking it’s going to be a little slap & tickle, then I’ll send you on your way.

I’m playful sadist, but a sadist in the truest sense of the word. I don’t believe in giving someone asking for CBT an easy bit of impact play–you’re going to feel what I do to you for hours, days, after I’m done. When I find a masochist to play with, I like to take my time, put you through your paces, wring out every last drop of agony until you’re within an inch of your sanity… and then do it all again. You’ve been warned 😉

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Ms. Lilly’s Adrenaline Pumping Australian Adventures

Goddess Gone Walkabout Oct 28th-Nov 16th

Hi Subbies–I’m still Down Under, but I wanted to let you know about some of the other fabulous things James and I will be doing while we’re here. In my last post, I mentioned how we’ve scuba dived at several locations in the Great Barrier reef over the course of 10 days–including free diving with sharks. This post—I’m focusing on the adventures we’ll have by exploring Australia by land, not sea.

White Water River Rafting

James and I will be getting drenched in water and adrenaline in equal measure during a full day of white water rafting in class 2 to class 4 rapids. It’ll be a fantastic day that’s sure to get us soaked, and give us plenty of stories to tell. Just a heads up: class 4 rapids are no joke–and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone who’s inexperienced. There is a risk of serious injury, drowning, and death. The danger is real, but so is the thrill of living life on the edge. So while James and I are looking forward to an amazing, exciting, and fun day–we know it’s also going to be exhausting and hazardous, and we’ll be looking out for each other and the other people in the raft.

A Rainforest that Pre-Dates T-Rex

The Daintree Rainforest: It’s the oldest continually surviving rainforest in the World, and World Heritage Listed. Daintree contains species that date back over 135 MILLION years, and the same species DO show up in the fossil record. It’s home to species found nowhere else on earth, as well as 25% of all species in Australia. We’ll be taking a river cruise through Daintree, enjoy a rainforest walk, a cable ferry, and tour some of the most scenic vistas in all of Australia.

Waterfalls Above the Clouds

The Atherton Tableands: A glorious scenic area filled with waterfalls and streams, several thousand feet above sea level. We’ll be spending a day touring, hiking, and swimming here following our diving trips AFTER we lounge at sea level for a day—decompression sickness isn’t something I care to experience in my lifetime.

I’ll be back soon strokers!

In the meantime, don’t forget to keep the Ladies company, and check out my tumblr blog–I’ve queued up lots of gorgeous pics & naughty free audios for you to enjoy while I’m away. 🙂

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Mistress Lilly’s Great Barrier Reef Scuba Diving Pilgrimage

Great Barrier Reef: Going Walkabout on the Water

Hi subbies! Don’t worry that you won’t see me on for calls for a while–I’m on my way to the other side of the world for the vacation of a lifetime with my fiance James! We’ll be gone for just over two weeks, so if you missed talking to me before I logged out this morning, you’ll be able to catch up with me when I get back. 🙂 We’re going on a Scuba diving pilgrimage to the Great Barrier Reef, and will be having a few land-based adventures in the land Down Under while we’re there. This post is all about the Great Barrier Reef portion of our trip.

Scuba Diving on the GBR

The Great Barrier Reef: I’ve been aching to go to this World Heritage listed Natural Wonder for years! Seriously, the hope of diving here one day is what inspired me to become a licensed scuba diver. It stretches across thousands of miles and thousands of reefs, and it’s home to an amazing variety of gorgeous species. It’s also critically threatened by climate change. James and I will be exploring and diving in about 14 different sections of the Ribbon Reefs and Outer Reefs locations over the course of 10 days.

The Outer Reef: Located between the edge of Continental shelf and the abyss, these chains of reefs tend to be the most pristine, with the healthiest ecosystems, the best visibility…and the biggest sea life. Including sharks. Lots of sharks. I’m a little nervous about that since we’re free diving, but they’re mostly reef sharks and apparently harmless to humans unless provoked. The days we spend here are also our best chance to see a few early bird dwarf mink whales and Humpbacks who are migrating a little early, and maybe a tiny bit of coral spawning.

The Ribbon Reefs: Located in shallower waters, these chains of reefs are the ones most vulnerable to climate change. Many of them have already started showing signs of coral bleaching and death. Our trip takes us to the ones not as affected, but the Ribbon Reefs are living on borrowed time unless conversation efforts are successful.

More Details on My Australian Adventures are Coming Soon!

I’ll be sharing more details of our trip itinerary over the coming days–including thrilling adventures white water rafting, rainforest trekking, and hiking through waterfalls several thousand feet above sea level. In the meantime, feel free to check out my tumblr blog if you’d like to feel connected—I’ve queued up some gorgeous pics & naughty free audios for you to enjoy while I’m away. 🙂

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One Week Until Ms. Lilly’s Australian Vacation!

Ms. Lilly’s about to be on her way to Australia

Your resident cruising Mistress is at it again! This time, I’m heading Australia to explore some of the most majestic and amazing things on the planet. James and I will be flying out Oct. 28th for Sydney, and spend just over two weeks on a scuba diving pilgrimage to the Great Barrier Reef. As long as the flights are on time, I should be back on the phone November 17th. It’ll be the vacation of a lifetime, and I still can’t believe it’s finally, really happening! Make sure to grab a session with me before I go, because this Walkabout adventure will last a while.

The Great Barrier Reef: an Endangered Natural Wonder

One of the reasons James and I are heading out now is because climate change is critically threatening and endangering the Great Barrier Reef. The slow rise in temperate and acidity of sea water is leading to coral bleaching world-wide, and the Great Barrier Reef is no exception. More than 25% of reefs within it are already experiencing coral bleaching and death. The GBR is at a very delicate cross-roads between its survival, and destruction…and it’s uncertain whether conservation efforts will be enough to stem the tide. In short–James and I are trying to view the Reef while it is still alive and vibrant. It may not be in the years to come.

Several Days of Unforgettable Land & Sea Adventures

We’re going to have the vacation of a lifetime–starting with 10 days on the Great Barrier Reef— 7 on a live aboard scuba diving trip through the Outer Reefs, and 3 exploring the Ribbon Reefs closer to shore. We’ll have the opportunity to do well over 25 dives, including some night dives. Then, we’ll have a few days to explore the Daintree Rainforest, go white water rafting, and trek through the Atherton tablelands waterfalls. It will be an unforgettable vacation, one with memories and photos to last a lifetime–and I’ll make sure to tell you all about it when I get back!

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Mistress Lilly’s Safari & Cruise

Yesterday, I went to Animal Kingdom. Today, I’m going on a cruise

I’m packing a lot of adventure into this October, and yesterday I definitely took a walk on the wild side. Disney’s Animal Kingdom just might be my favorite park! I’m posting this right before heading out on my Mistress Cruise . . . → Read More: Mistress Lilly’s Safari & Cruise


Femdom Foodie: Hollywood Brown Derby at Walt Disney World

I decided to fly in early for the cruise, and visit Walt Disney World

Hollywood Brown Derby Bread Basket & Butter

I had a fabulous time at the theme parks–but this post is about the food at the Hollywood Brown Derby in Disney Studios. I’d heard wonderful things about their Cobb . . . → Read More: Femdom Foodie: Hollywood Brown Derby at Walt Disney World


Mistress Lilly’s Cruise: Vixen Vacation

I’ll be Sailing through Paradise Oct. 20th-24th

Your charming, cruising Mistress is hitting the High Seas again—but this time, my traveling companions won’t be my fiance or any of my RL slaves. Instead, I’ll be cruising through the tropics with some of the other LDW Ladies. It’s going to be my very . . . → Read More: Mistress Lilly’s Cruise: Vixen Vacation


Subbie Stories: A New Pain Slut is Born

When it hurts so good, you can’t get enough

One of my teenie weenies recently found out that he’s not just an sph humiliation whore—he’s also a pain slut. Sometimes, it takes a while for a someone to find their place in the world; to really understand themselves, what they need, and . . . → Read More: Subbie Stories: A New Pain Slut is Born


A Married Sissy’s Confession

She’s a sissy to the bone; being ‘manly’ isn’t a trait she’s ever wanted.

She knows she has to dress for work and put on stifling, rigid 3 piece suits and ties—but it always feels like a costume; and a hideously  uncomfortable one at that. She’s dressing for a role she must . . . → Read More: A Married Sissy’s Confession