I Ruin Orgasms

There you are, stroking your cock.

Your hand pistons up and down that shaft, driving you closer and closer to a mind shattering orgasm. You can feel all that cum building up in your balls, wanting to burst forth, race up the shaft and shoot out. And just as that wonderful feeling of release starts, I tell you to stop jerking off and take your hand away. Your pitiful whines are music to my ears as the jizz just drips out and your orgasm is ruined.

Why do I ruin orgasms?

When you hand over control of your cock to a Mistress, you’ve given her to power to decide when and how you cum. Sometimes I ruin orgasm to keep you sexually needy and horny, so that we can play more. Sometimes I do it because I know as soon as you’ve had that full release you’ll go back to being that self-centered jerk you were. Sometimes I do it to teach you a lesson. Mostly, I just do it because I can.

And there are so many ways to ruin it.

I can abandon it, just remove all stimulation right at the “point of no return”. Of, just as the cum is racing up your shaft, squeeze the head of your cock, and keep it trapped in there to leak out later, or squeeze the base, keeping all that spooge inside your already swollen blue balls. There’s even prostate milking, which is a form of ruined orgasm. All that jizz flows out of your dick … but you never get that sweet feeling of release.

You might call me for a ruined orgasm session, or just to play. Just know, the choice of how you get to cum is always up to me!

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Edging Phone Sex with Ms. Lilly

Edge Mistress LillyYou’re in a Hand-humping rut

You’ve always just jerked off to completion.  Stroke, stroke, stroke, cum.  Those orgasms are always weak, rarely as satisfying as you remember them.  What if I told you there was a better way, a way you could get back those mind-blowing cums that you remember so fondly?

The key is edging, my slave.

Stroking until you’re just at the point of cumming – then relaxing, letting that feeling decrease a bit – and then stroking right to the edge again.  Over and over again, while your cock grows more sensitive, while that pre-cum flows like a river from the tip, making your shaft all slick, eliminating the need for lube.  Edging until you just can’t think, until your whole world is your sensitive dick and those swollen balls.

That’s where an Edging Mistress comes in.

Just when you think you can’t handle it anymore, we’ll push you to go farther.  Not only will I have you edge for hours, but I’ll also show you how to ride that edge.  When you get right there, and you want to let go, I’ll teach you how to keep stroking, and keep that edge going – all without losing your precious load.  You’ll beg me to stop.  You’ll beg me to be allowed to cum.  I won’t let you though.  Not until I believe you reached to absolute edge of your endurance.  Then I’ll watch and listen as your cock explodes in the hardest most intense orgasm you’ve ever had!

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When it’s all over, you’ll thank me.  Then you’ll be left wondering when we can do it all again.


Strap-on Humiliation

Submission Isn’t Just About Cock ControlFemdom Mistress Lilly

When you give yourself over to a Femdom like me, you aren’t just giving me control of your cock.  You’re giving me control and dominion over every part of your body.  I get to fuck with your head, I get to determine if  you’re ever allowed to shoot your jizz from that pathetic cock.  Do you want to think what I find is one of the most powerful aspects of my control?  It’s owning your ass.

The Tables Are Turned

Tell me slave, how many woman have you talked into anal sex?  Begged them to let you put your hard cock inside their bottoms? Even if you never quite got the spine to ask, I’m sure you’ve fantasized about fucking them right up their tight little taboo holes. I’ll bet the luckier slaves have even dated some ladies who were all too willing to take it in the back door, but I’m guessing they were in the minority.  Most of them just “went along to get along”, thinking you might do something for them later – make sure they got something as special as they were giving up.  If only they could see you now – ready to be turned into a bitch.

Assume The Position

Should I get you down on all fours, head down and ass up?  Or maybe I’ll just have you stand, legs held apart by my spreader bar, and tell you to bend over, reach behind you and spread those ass cheeks.  Then I’ll line the head of my big black cock up with your virgin rosebud.  Perhaps I’ll even flip you over onto your back, push your thighs wide and high, and let you see every single inch of that sweet silicone shaft as it prepares to pop your anal cherry. Beg me slave, beg me to make you my bitch!  It’s so much better when you ask to be defiled.  Whether you beg or not, you’ll feel that cock invading your ass, thrusting deep inside you.  I guarantee that the next words out of your mouth will be “Please, Mistress!  Please Fuck me harder…deeper…faster!”  That’s when I know you truly are MY bitch…

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Every Penis Is Small To A Size Queen

Size Queen Mistress LillyHow Big Is Small?

I admit it – I’m a Size Queen.  Whenever I tell any of my callers or pets that I’m a size queen, they think they know what that means.  Yes, it means I like big, thick, throbbing cocks.  In fact, the bigger the better.  That’s the main part about being a Size Queen.  The other part is how I look at every other cock.  For a Size Queen, you’re either big enough – or you’re a pin dick.

Think You’re Average?

They say the average dick size is 5 inches.  OMG, that’s tiny!  My stud’s cock is 10 inches long, so if you’re what they call average?  Well, that’s only half the size of what I’m looking for.  Most of my Size Queen sisters won’t even look at anything under 9 inches (I’ll look – and laugh!), so being average just isn’t going to cut it for us!

How Can That Fill Me Up?

Think about it.  My stallion James’ prick is 10 inches long – and it’s thick and meaty.  Once you’ve gone balls deep in me with that 6-inch pencil dick, I’m going to be thinking, where’s the rest of it?  It could be worse, if you really only have a nub, something that looks like a pencil eraser, I’m going to be asking “Is it in yet?”  You may think you’re average, and you might make some women happy, but you’re just going to disappoint a Size Queen.  So, if you’re only average, just be thankful we give you any humiliating attention at all – even if all it consists of is our giggles!

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Small Penis Humiliation /SPH, Different Types Part 5 by Ms. Lilly

Small Penis Adviser Ms. LillyThere have been some fun stops on the small penis humiliation safari, can you remember all the different teenie weenies we’ve explored?

(Feel free to check out Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 of my small penis humiliation series if you’re just now joining us or would a refresher). Today, we’ll be exploring another pair of unique short shafts: sissy clitties, and anatomical realists.

The Sissy “Clitty” Cock

This type of individual may have started as a pantied pindick, but they’ve progressed from knowing they’re not equipped to be a man to deciding they’d prefer not to be one, period. They love being reminded of how small they are, how perfectly they fit in panties, and how it’s proof positive they were born to be a sissy bitch.

They rejoice in sissification and feminization, and the liberating experience of not even having to try live up to a masculine ideal they’re not equipped for and know they’ll never be. Some even take additional steps in sissification beyond wardrobe and cosmetics (such as hormones or gender reassignment) to make their transition from not-equipped-to-be-a-man to femme-fabulous permanent.

The Anatomical Realist

These individuals aren’t interested in small penis humiliation so much as figuring out how to make the most of the little they’ve got. They want to please their partners (either current or the one hoped for in the future), but know that they’re facing an uphill battle because they’ve got significantly less to offer a woman in bed than the average guy. In their case I tend to focus on ways to mitigate their micro-penis; usually through a combination of different methods such as:

  • Developing exceptional oral and manual dexterity skills, and NEVER skimping on foreplay.
  • Use a penis extender/cock sleeve to give extra inches in length and girth (also helps with stamina if lack of it is an issue)
  • Use a store-bought cock (whether dildo or strap-on) for the most stunted of stiffies
  • Don’t forget other toys: vibrators, sensation play, magic wands…
  • Consider if cuckolding is right for you. Aka: outsource fucking to someone who can do the job properly, so you can focus on the things you’re actually good at pleasing your partner with.
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Pain Play with Ms. Lilly

Sadism Can Be Fun

There are many different kinds of sadism: emotional, physical, psychological… Pain play isn’t for everyone – and that’s okay.  If you read my series on the Different Kinds of SPH, you know there are so many things we can do to make you squirm and burn without even . . . → Read More: Pain Play with Ms. Lilly


Small Penis Humiliation/SPH, Different Types Part 4 by Ms. Lilly

Today we’re exploring quick-draw pindicks and peanut-pricked pantyboys

(Don’t forget to check out Part 1,  Part 2, and Part 3 of the small penis humiliation series for some more examples of the different kinds of sph). Not all stunted stiffies are created equal. Some are particularly cursed.

The Minute Men Teenie Weenies . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation/SPH, Different Types Part 4 by Ms. Lilly


SPH Different Types of Small Penis Humiliation , Part 3

So far in my series describing the many kinds of SPH we’ve explored proud pindicks and humiliation hard-ons in Part 1, candy-sized cucks, and short shaft strokers in Part 2, but there are still more lovely little-dicked examples to come. Today’s post focuses on button-dicked bi-guys, and fantasy sph fetishists.

The Bi . . . → Read More: SPH Different Types of Small Penis Humiliation , Part 3


Sissy Soft Skin Tips, Part 3 by Ms. Lilly

Femme Facial masks; The Kitchen Beautician

Have you been enjoying the Sissy Soft Skin Tips series? Make sure to catch up on Part 1 and Part 2 if you’re just now joining the fun! Today, I’m going to run you through some recipes to help you make your own . . . → Read More: Sissy Soft Skin Tips, Part 3 by Ms. Lilly


SPH Different Types of Small Penis Humiliation Part 2 by Ms. Lilly

Welcome to my blog series exploring the different kinds of sph, and the men who enjoy it.

Feel free to catch up on Part 1 of this sph series if you’re just now joining the fun. Small penis humiliation can be a lot of fun for both Humiliatrixes and those who got the short . . . → Read More: SPH Different Types of Small Penis Humiliation Part 2 by Ms. Lilly