Ms. Lilly’s Holiday Stocking Tease

…Or more accurately, Ms. Marilyn’s Stocking Tease.

Ah, the holidays….that magical time of year when I get quite a few kicks (sometimes literally) out of making sure that if there’s a Naughty List–my subs and I are DEFINITELY on it. This year is no exception—and in fact, I’m celebrating this year’s wickedly wonderful December with another femdom fashionista. Some of you know that I’m visiting one of LDW’s fabulous Ladies right now, and I feel it’s only fair to clue you in to a little of what we’ve been up to since I made my way to Ms. Marilyn’s corner of the world.

We’ve been teasing and tormenting subbies under the mistletoe.

–and with our toes. Ms. Marilyn and I both enjoy body worship, stockings, glorious heels, and the fetishists who adore them. Last night, we attended a fantastic fetish party, and had some real time play with endearingly eager and enthusiastic foot slaves and shoe sluts. She rocked a pair of scandalous slingback stiletto peep toe pumps; paired with fully fashioned stockings complete with red back seams, a black velvet mini dress, and a saucy red velvet and marabou trimmed Santa cap–while I stepped out in a body hugging printed wrap high low dress, and a killer pair of fuck me fuchsia platform peep-toe pumps, with a PVC corset detail going up the back of the heels.

There’s something divine about watching a man crawl

And crawl they did—kneeling, begging, groveling, whimpering—-desperate to feel the graze of my sharp stilleto sliding up their inseam, or the silken glide of Ms. Marilyn’s french heeled stockings. Even more wanted to kiss my pretty pedicured toes—or trace their tongues up Ms. Marilyn’s scandalous red seams.

As always, it’s Lady’s Choice

If you want to have a taste of what we did to those darling fetishists, or enjoy an entirely new fantasy, feel free to send Ms. Marilyn and I an email to schedule an appointment. Ms. Marilyn’s promised to show me a time I’ll NEVER forget—and after last night’s party, I know she’s serious! I’ll be visiting her through December 11th, so make sure to contact us in advance in you’d like to talk between now and then—we’ll guarantee your place on the Naughty List, and make sure you have the time of your life in the process ;)



Ms. Lilly’s Teasing Winter Tune: Let it Show!

Cocktease Mistress LillyI love Holiday Music…Especially when I add in a little kink.

Every winter, I have a tradition of taking a classic tune and doing something naughty to it. This year, I decided to share my love of creating satirical spoofs of winter themed songs with my LDW friends, Mistresses, and subs. For those of you who prefer to keep your holiday memories as pristine and pure as the virgin snow or a Norman Rockwell painting…

  1. How did you even stumble across my blog??? (no seriously: HOW?)
  2. Keep moving–and enjoy some of my other posts ;) I adore leading subbies down into temptation; so if sweet and unsullied is your thing, move along before I permanently warp and forever destroy those lily-white memories.  Everyone else….

Prepare for a raunchy reboot :)

Let it Show! (To the tune of Let it Snow!)

Oh the weather outside is dreary,
And my subbies all are leering
At my stockings and garter bows
Let It Show! Let It Show! Let It Show!

I don’t show signs of stopping
the tease that’s got them hopping,
The submissives are bowing low
Let It Show! Let It Show! Let It Show!

When I finally bid them good night
How they’ll hate going back to the norm!
They’ll be dreaming about me tonight,
and suffer blue balls come the morn

The strokerboys all are crying,
Yes, my pets, I’m still denying,
But as long as you love me so
Let It Show! Let It Show! Let It Show!

Did you enjoy my naughty ditty? Have you done some yourself? Feel free to call or comment and let me know!



Ms. Lilly’s Mistress Cruise & Travel Plans! Oct-Nov 2014

Mistress LillyI love to travel

–And travel during Autumn or Winter is no exception. In fact, they’re two of my favorite times of the year to step outside my neck of the woods and see a little more of the world. So, with that in mind, I’d like to drop by and give my lovely subbies, hand-humpers, sissies, strokers, humiliation whores and pain sluts a heads up regarding my immediate travel plans.

This weekend: October 31st-November 2nd

I will be careening through theme parks on roller coasters, thrill rides, and haunted houses rocking my costume at Fright Fest. I am going to ride those metal monsters until my teeth feel like they’re going to rattle out of my skull, my legs feel like jelly, and my head feels light as a feather from a combination of adrenaline and laughter (and probably too many caramel apples and kettle corn). Feel free to watch some of my favorite Halloween movies in my honor while I’m gone: Zombieland, and Trick ‘r Treat.

November 3-6th

Mistress Ball and Party Time. I’m going to be having some fun in the Sun and a few real time sessions; I may be able to stop by for a little bit in the evenings—but don’t count on it. If you do see me on—snatch some one on one time with your Goddess while you can, because pretty soon I will be unavailable due to something I have been looking forward to for the better part of 6 months….

November 8-15th

Mistress Cruise!!!!!! Yes—you heard me right. The cruise that I’ve been hinting about off and on in my cock radio shows is finally happening :) I am going to be spending seven days cruising through paradise with our very own Mistress Nadia. Which reminds me—I need to double check that I packed everything….toys, batteries, blindfolds….

Don’t forget to keep the ladies company while I’m gone ;)

Unless you see me listed as available for calls on my blog (top right icon just beneath the banner) or on the sites, I will be unable to respond to messages, IM’s emails, session or appointment requests, for ALL of the days mentioned above.


Ms. Lilly’s Cocktober Fest Game: Kinky Kissing Booth!

Mistress LillyCock twitching, aching, and throbbing between your thighs, you stagger towards me.

Still blushing, lips glazed with cum and eyes glazed with lust from the encounter with Ms. Rita’s Bull, you wonder just how much more of this relentless cockteasing Cocktoberfest carnival you can take. As you make your hobbling, blue-balled progress towards me, something about the wicked curve of my candy-apple red smile sends a shiver down your spine, all the way through to the tip of your dick.

Kissing Booth

The large, flirtatious script hung in a banner over my head seems to act like a beacon across the fairgrounds–you can see others making a similarly lust addled waddle towards me, and a crowd of supplicants spread around me. You manage to make your way through to the front lines, stepping around a pile of kindling, and stand before me. Strangely, the people closest to my booth appear to be preoccupied with any number of odd pursuits—stripping shoe laces from shoes, belts from slacks, begging for kitchen spoons from passing food carts, or costumes or juggling pins from passing entertainers.

“Come closer, sweetie.”

You see my eyes twinkling merrily, the red and gold color color of my hair accented by a crown of autumn leaves, and a Grecian style gown’s translucent folds highlight every curve of my body–the fabric is so thin you can see the shadow of my belly button,  while orate embroidery around the bodice and a bronze velvet sash trimmed with bells and topped with a glossy leather girdle is slung low over my hips, the ends slither musically between my legs; obscuring a view that would have been absolutely scandalous in their absence. You come closer—staring, hoping that maybe with this breath, or the next, perhaps that sweet tease of a costume might allow you a peek at the forbidden.

“Choose your prize, darling—the best rewards come with the highest sacrifice.”

Prize? Reward? Sacrifice? That last word has you swallowing nervously, and you follow the graceful wave of my arm all the way down to my fingertips, gazing blankly at a small sign, before realizing there are words on it:

Kissing Booth Rules

Mistress Chooses Kiss

  • 10Min shoelace CBT, or  10min Sissy dance in full costume= 1 Mistress Kiss
  • 50 OTK spankings with a belt, or kitchen spoon = 2 Mistress Kisses
  • All of the above + 15 ball smacks with a juggling pin = 3 Mistress Kisses

subbie Chooses Kiss

  • 10 Minutes of Mistress Playtime = 1 Mistress Kiss of sub’s choosing

You stare at the people grappling with shoelaces, belts, and juggling pins around you with newly opened eyes; including two slender men rolling around in the dust–the scraps of a harem girl costume clutched in their scrabbling hands. Another sissy is gamely burlesquing on top of a picnic table in full drag. You wince as you see several more drape themselves over cheering Mistress’ laps, and hear their grunts, whimpers, and shrieks as belts or kitchen spoons come whistling down.

As you watch, a man slowly levers himself up—

His backside is riddled with pink and red welts from his Mistress’ enthusiastic paddling, his movements are stiff and slow. You see him make his wincing, staggering, tormented way to my side to claim his reward, and see my warm smile.

“Well done, sweetheart–I see you’ve been working on your pain tolerance.” You see him grin, practically glowing—then watch in disbelief as I pat him on the head, leaning past him to kiss the Mistress who’d followed her little swat subbie up to the booth. “I know I can always count on you to give the guys a proper paddling.” I kiss her again, then wave happily as the slap happy couple walk away–the sub still glowing with pride over being commended for his performance.

I see your shocked expression and giggle. “What? It says clear as day that I choose the kiss for spankings–and that includes Who.” I idly trace my fingers along the sign, then look up at you hopefully–

“Did you want to choose?”


Something about the sudden blaze of my smile chills you to the bone. “Wonderful! I’ve been waiting alllllll day for someone to willing to play with me.” You see me flick a glance towards the pile of kindling and woodchips. “….It’s so hard to find good playmates these days.”

You see me pick up a thick branch from behind the booth, and hand it to you. “Remember: the deal is for 10minutes; no more—no less. All you have to do is hold the stick.”   You see me glance towards another Mistress, and a tiny hourglass is flipped.  “The clock starts now.”

Next, you watch as my nimble fingers begin working on the leather girdle—-and realize that it’s not a girdle at all, it’s a bull whip. The bells on my sash still chime sweetly, but the bullwhip rustling as I begin moving it along the ground sounds almost like the hissing of vipers.  I give a few practice swings, and the sharp CRACK! as the whip slashes through the air makes you flinch.

“That cracking sound is actually a controlled sonic boom.” You hear me say lightly, turning to face you. “Bullwhips are one of my favorite toys….but I so rarely get to use them. Probably because they can break bone if the person wielding it doesn’t know how to use it.

Now remember–all you have to do is hold on to the stick, there’s only 9 minutes to go.”

Before you have time to do more than nod, you hear the whip crack again—and watch in disbelief as a wood chip topples down from the top of the branch to land on the pile by your feet.

 “That wasn’t so bad, now was it?” You see me smile, hear the whip rustling, and hear me giggling over the tide of horror and terror sweeping over you. “Just hold still—and don’t drop the stick.”


Another wood chip falls down to join the pile.


And another.


The wood chips sound like a cross between playing cards and dominoes falling—and you realize each swing of the whip is whittling more and more of the branch away.

“Only 8 minutes to go.” You hear me announce cheerfully.


Each crack is bringing that bullwhip closer to your white-knuckled grip, closer to your body, closer to you.


Every inch of your body is breaking out in a cold sweat–sheer terror has you frozen in place.


You can feel the breeze kicked up from the swing of the whip, hear its shrill whistle through the air, feel the vibrations in the branch as it’s being systematically cut down to size.


Without even realizing it at first—the branch falls out of your clammy grip. You hear its heavy thud as it falls onto the woodpile, the sound of the whip falling silent, and then my disappointed sigh.

“Well, you tried, sweetie. Better luck next time.”

You see me nod towards another Mistress watching from the sidelines. “—Why not try your luck with Ms. Christine? I’m sure she’ll have quite a few naughty surprises in store for you.” I blow you a kiss, then turn with an angelic, eager smile to face the crowd, “Next?”



Meet The Mistresses – Mistress Delia

The Cockteasing Bitch!Cock Control Femdom Mistress Delia

I like to think of myself as a cockteasing Princess, but Ms. Delia is the Cockteasing Bitch of LDW!  Doing calls with her is so much fun, since we both love to hear our pets beg.  The teasing, the edging, the denial is never enough for the two of us.  A guided masturbation session with both of us will be imaginative and full of torment, as we turn your balls blue!

Bringing It Hard Core

Ms. Delia is the original Pain Mistress here at the Enchantrix Empire.  She’ll take you over her knee for a bare-bottom spanking or tie you to her St. Andrew’s Cross and flog you until you beg for mercy.  Watch out when she’s stroking you, as I’ve found out she’s also very fond of CBT – so she just might grab hold of those swollen balls and squeeze.  Having witnessed her expertise with a strap-on, all I can say is – Tamsyn enjoyed it!  And I bet all you butt sluts would too!

Let’s Not Leave Out The Sissies

I enjoyed reading her 12-Step Sissy program, and I know Ms. Delia really enjoys calls with the gurls.  Whether it’s helping you pick out just the right panties and bra, or teaching you how to properly suck cock and please a man, she’s a great Feminization Mistress.  And I’ve heard her and her subby Bull hubby Jack have been cuckolding sluts all over LDW!


Mistress Lilly: What Kind of Femdom I am, Part 3

Did You Check Out Part 1 and 2?

Strap-On Mistress

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Mistress Lilly: What Kind Of Femdom I am, Part 2

Make sure you read Part 1…

The Masturbatrix

“Ms. Lilly, you already talked about cockteasing.” Yes, slut, I did. Did you think I would repeat myself? A Masturbatrix can be a cocktease, but when I’m in Masturbatrix Mode, I focus more on the guided masturbation part. Telling you how to stroke, . . . → Read More: Mistress Lilly: What Kind Of Femdom I am, Part 2


Mistress Lilly: What Kind Of Femdom I am, Part 1

So Many Fetishes

Femdoms come in many different styles. As I’ve found in both my real-life and phone sex domination activities, there are just so many fetishes out there! Some I enjoy, some I don’t. For every fetish, there seems to be a caller who’s really into it. You, as a submissive, . . . → Read More: Mistress Lilly: What Kind Of Femdom I am, Part 1


Chastity Edging with Femdom Lilly

Why Tease A Chastity Pet

Last post, I wrote about keeping my live-in slaves in chastity, and how I like to tease them. I got asked, “Why tease them, Mistress Lilly? Why not keep them denied?” Teasing a chastity slave, and keeping them on the brink of orgasm serves several purposes.

They . . . → Read More: Chastity Edging with Femdom Lilly


Femdom Stroking Assignment: Hardcore Hand Humpers ONLY!

Hi Strokers,

Today I’m giving you a sneak peak at a wicked, absolutely diabolical new stroking game of mine. If you’re in the mood to have a truly tormenting session of tease and denial, look no further than my free stroking assignment!


Goddess Lilly