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Knotty Fun with Ms Daphne

Mistresses of LDW don’t just play with our subbies, sometimes we play with each other.

On April 1st, Ms Daphne and I attended a wonderful play party together and gave April Fools a whole new reason why it’s my favorite holiday! No tricks, no pranks, and yet this April Fools was unquestionably my best ever, because I got to turn Ms Daphne into a fantastic shibari siren.

The soft sounds of her breathing and the sweet moans of pleasure and anticipation as I wound ropes around her breasts, her torso, her arms, and her waist were music to my ears. Seeing the way that those lovely eyes glazed over into sheer bliss as she descended into subspace was fantastic. I could see the exact moment that she surrendered completely; her body going entirely limp, totally drifting in subspace, held up only by the ropes securing her to one of the dungeon’s elaborate frames.

It may come as a surprise, but subspace isn’t the only altered mental state that is experienced during a scene.

Tops experience a distinctive change in perception too. ‘Domspace’ is characterized by hyper awareness, focus, and vigilance to the performance of the task; while subspace is largely about letting go–Almost entering a state of zen where your body becomes a conduit for all the sensations and stimuli that pass through it.

During my scene with Ms Daphne, the rest of the world seemed to fade away. There was nothing but the two of us; the rest of the dungeon, the other scenes, the random fall of floggers, and the yelps and whimpers from other subs, faded into nothing. My eyes were full of the gorgeous woman being bound in my seductive shibari web. My ears were full of the sound of her breathing and her soft moans. And my mind was completely consumed with caring for her as she dangled helplessly, blissfully, and sweetly within the bonds I had created.

She is an amazing play partner, and I would be delighted to scene with her again any time.

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Fruit Feast for Food Fetishists

Spring and Summer Treats are Perfect for Kinks

Now is the time of year when fresh fruits start turning up in grocery stores and super markets all across the nation. Instead of coming from half way around the world, these lovely bits of nature’s candy are finally in season here. And there is no better time to experiment with some fruit flavored food fetishist fun.

Some simple tricks to play with your dick

For those who enjoy incorporating a little bit of sting into their foodie fun, there’s no better way than by coring out a fresh pineapple and using it like a spiky fleshlight. Not only does the rough skin make it an interesting experience to hold and maneuver, but the super charged citric acid content will quickly make your dick start to tingle and perhaps even sting just a bit as you fuck your pineapple pussy. Once you empty your load, you are just a shot of Baily’s and coconut rum away from one wicked pina colada.

A heavenly treat for fruit fuckers

If you are looking for a change from fucking cantaloupes, watermelons, and honeydews…perhaps something a bit softer, silkier, and creamier? You really ought to give ambrosia a try. Ambrosia is a fruit salad made with sliced and diced strawberries, apples, grapes, honeydew and pineapple all held together with a mixture of sour cream and whipped cream, occasionally even spiked for an adult treat. Sinking your dick into that is like fucking a cloud; with the little fruit pieces caressing the sides of your shaft, almost like finger tips coming and going.

There are many more ways to enjoy summer’s bounty. These are just a few ideas to give you a taste of what you can enjoy.

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First Skinny Dip of the Season!

It probably won’t surprise anyone to know I love getting a bit naughty in my backyard

After all, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I adore being bad outdoors. Now that things are finally starting to heat up, and the series of thunderstorms we’ve been having has finally blown over, I was finally, finally able to do something I’ve been dreaming about alllll winter: skinny dip.

There’s nothing quite like floating on your back, feeling the water caressing you, watching the stars go by while you drift weightlessly through the night…

It’s so calm, so peaceful, and I can imagine that I’m actually up there among the stars, drifting through eternity, carried along on the currents of time itself. Sometimes I get wild and raunchy when skinny dipping–especially if James is involved–but tonight, tonight was all about rediscovering one of my favorite joys of summer. If you’ve never tried skinny dipping before; I highly recommend it.


Party at My Place! The Final Plans for My Mistress Meet-Up

Some things are worth waiting for…

lilly_0012And getting to spend some time with my fabulous femdom friends is definitely one of them. I know I previously mentioned that Ms. Nadia and one of my Real-Time Domme friends were planning on coming down to Texas to see me in sometime April, but scheduling conflicts have pushed it back to July. That’s perfectly fine though—because I used the delay to sneak off to Ms. Daphne’s neck of the woods for an amazing play party.Β  She made a simply incredible scene partner, and I can’t wait for the next time she’s feeling knotty (pun intended; couldn’t help myself πŸ˜‰ )

My Mistress friends will be coming to see me the 2nd half of July

–I’m seriously over the moon excited about it! Ms. Nadia and I have been having the hardest time trying to get our schedules aligned, and my other friend has been booked solid at her dungeon for months.Β  They’re both planning on staying for several days, and they’re bringing some toys to help spice things up at the play parties we’ll be going to. Ms. Nadia’s bringing her CBT favorite, the gorgeous Ms. N is bringing some of her impact play selections, and I’m bringing the rope. We’ll be able to sweetly torment, discipline, and whip those fantastic subbies into shape in style with a bit of shibari, contemporary bondage, and suspension thrown in.

I’m treating them to some Kinky Southern Hospitality

We’re not only going to play parties; we’ll be clubbing, dining out, double or triple teaming some very lucky submissives, and having some wild & wonderful Girl Time with each other. I seriously can’t wait—so mark your calendars strokers, because come hell or high water–this party is finally happening!

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Summer Lovin’ with Ms. Lilly

Edge Mistress LillyI Want to Know Your Favorite Places to Heat Things up!

This is the time of year when I get to indulge in some of my favorite things–like heavy petting and finding a place in the Great Outdoors to really get wild. Winter is great for snuggling and cuddling in front of a fire, and getting naughty where there’s climate control…but some of my favorite & most memorable experiences of having sex are from when I’m outside.

Getting in touch with my Wild Side

There was the time that James and I made out in a waterfall, or when we had sex in the middle of a warm July rain, or the time we went to a State Park to get in touch with Nature & wound up having so much fun touching each other we wound up staying anΒ  extra week and binged on camping, hiking, and fucking al fresco.

I’m always very, very careful to make sure we’ve got privacy before I start getting naughty—

The extra hassle is worth the trouble because there’s something incredibly erotic about making love and having sex outside that fucking indoors will never be able to duplicate. The feeling of a gentle breeze, or a warm rain pouring over your body even as your partner’s hands and mouth are doing delicious things to it, the warmth and blaze of the sun beaming down, the scent and sounds all around you, the incredibly tactile surroundings—and even some of the positions you can try when there’s a handy branch, low ledge, or any number of natural formations to dangle from, drape yourself over, or twist around…. ALL of it gives a whole new dimension to the ways that you and your partner can play.

Have you ever gotten Kinky outside?

I want details! Feel free to share your steamiest, naughtiest memories with me—I love hearing about new ways to play. If you’ve never tried it, spring is in full swing & summer’s just around the corner–so your assignment is to find a nice discrete place outside (whether your backyard, a private beach, or anywhere you know you’re at no risk of being seen)–and get a little frisky. Let me know how it goes πŸ™‚

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Ways to Stay in Touch Between Calls

There are tons of options if you’re looking to feel a bit more connected to me between sessions: You can get a glimpse of what’s on my mind, my interests, my travels, and my hobbies by visiting & following my tumblr page, ask me questions, leave comments, and more! You can enjoy the posts . . . → Read More: Ways to Stay in Touch Between Calls


Wanna Play with your Princess?

Here’s How:

The best way is to call me. Seriously–it’s that simple πŸ™‚ I’m frequently available later in the evenings and briefly in the mornings. I’m not often available in the middle of the day because that’s when I usually have my real time sessions.

Second: You can email me. . . . → Read More: Wanna Play with your Princess?


A Cuckold’s Perfect Match

Today I had a charming phone session with a lifestyle cuck.

He and his incredibly sexy Hotwife have been enjoying their cuckold marriage for a couple of years now. She was always the more sexually experienced, experimental, and Dominant between them…in fact; while she’s had sexual partners galore before AND after marrying . . . → Read More: A Cuckold’s Perfect Match


Female Led Relationships (FLR) 101

Some of you know that my fiance James isn’t exactly my submissive.

In fact, we’re both Dominant personalities (mine just happens to be stronger). We have what is occasionally referred to as a female led relationship or FLR. What that means is that while we may not have a formal D/s power . . . → Read More: Female Led Relationships (FLR) 101


Spring Break SPH with Ms. Lilly

Okay tiny–You know who you are.

You know you’re rather modestly equipped; a paragon of pindicks—in fact, a flat out embarrassment to boners everywhere. But did you know that your ‘little’ secret is about to be revealed? It’s true. Spring Break is beginning to happen all around the country, and it marks . . . → Read More: Spring Break SPH with Ms. Lilly