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Caring BDSM, By Ms. Violet

Today, I’m pleased to showcase a guest post from the gorgeous Ms. Violet–a wonderful Mistress who I’ve shared pets with in the past. I’m thrilled she’s stopped by today to lend her thoughts on why your submission is a treasured gift, and the role trust, safety & care plays in BDSM.

caring bdsm

The Softer Side of BDSM

Do not mistake this to mean that I will forego pain play, or name calling, if you enjoy that. I am happy to employ a strict nature to get you where you need to be. But that does not mean I do not care about you. Far from it.

I have always enjoyed getting to know my submissives, slaves, pets, and sissies. It is important to form a relationship as the foundation to our BDSM scenes. Let me explain this further.

Dominating You

I understand that you are submissive, or you require some submissive time. You have come to the right place. Just as in an in person scene, I take care that your boundaries are respected, yet pushed just enough; that you are physically safe; and that your mental state is healthy.

During a scene that includes impact play, I check your body regularly, on web cam if possible, for bruising, and welts. I understand that you may not be able to have marks that last for days. It is part of my responsibility as the Mistress to leave you in an acceptable state to protect your primary relationship.

Caring BDSM Explained

You are bent over my lap, bare assed, and I am spanking your cheeks firmly until they are glowing red, with heat radiating off of them nicely. Yes, I am very excited spanking you. I am totally into it. But I ensure that I remember to check the flesh of your ass. If the bruises are getting too dark, I move on to a different activity.

I will tie you up, placing you in a deliciously helpless position. I will make sure my bondage leaves your nipples, cock, and balls are well exposed, giving me total access to them. Occasionally, I will ask you how your wrists and ankles are feeling. I will look at them, if possible, to see if they are getting too dark, indicating a need to be released for a while. You will be in subspace, making you a poor judge of your condition. That is why I prefer seeing your flesh on cam when pain play is involved.

Lube is Required

Caring BDSM requires a good supply of lubrication. If you enjoy anal play, I will be penetrating your ass with dildos, butt plugs, strap-ons, and various other interesting objects. I will make sure they are thoroughly lubricated, for your safety. I am not interested in harming your ass, just violating it.

This is true for extended stroking, as well. Yes, I will have you do extreme edging for me. You will be reminded to re-apply lube, because I am fully in my mind, and you are out in subspace. When the scene ends, I want your cock to be exhausted, satisfied, and drained. I do not want to see it with friction burns. How is that sexy?

Safety Allows Trust

Trust and respect are critical. When you can come to me and know that I will ensure your safety at all times, you can relax and allow yourself to trust me. Trust is something that is earned over time. You will learn that I take your safety seriously. Over time, you may even feel safe enough to suggest new activities that you previously thought should only be done in person.

Come to me and bring your BDSM fantasies with you. Ms Lilly and I would greatly enjoy double teaming you in session. Two young, devilishly devious Mistress’ training you…disciplining you…playing with you. All with the knowledge that you will be within the bounds of caring BDSM. A fabulous place to be.

Thank you to Ms Lilly for inviting me to guest blog. It has been a pleasure. Remember to ask for both of us next time you are in the mood to push your boundaries and want to do so safely.

Sensual Domination Miss Violet 800-601-6975


Ms. Lilly is Hosting Mistress Guest Posts!

Exciting things are happening on my blog—

Mistress LillyAs some of you have already noticed, I’ve been having some delightful guest posts from a few of LDW’s incredible Ladies:

–And more guest posts are on the way! Quite a few Mistresses will be stopping by to share their experiences, kinks, and thoughts over the coming weeks; so be sure come back often and see who my latest guest is.

You never can tell who will be swinging by for a visit

I think it’s a wonderful way to introduce my darling subbies to some of the incredible Ladies in LDW–or perhaps reveal a side of them you’ve never seen before. We’re wicked, talented, and absolutely amazing Femdoms with a wide range of interests, and I love sharing my pets with the other Mistresses. If one of the visiting Ladies posts something that makes your dick twitch & your mind start racing with all kinds of kinky possibilities, why not give her a call & have some fun? Or call both of us–and really take those scandalous fantasies to the next level ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s always some wicked fun to be had

All it takes is a dirty mind and a wicked imagination–and I know you all have that! Why not let the Ladies and I show you just how incredible your fantasies can be?

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Ms. Lilly’s Birthday Countdown

Mistress LillyThere are 12 days to go until my Birthday on the 19th

—And I’ve decided to have some fun along the way by building up some pressure in your balls! Strokers, sissies, edge pets & CBT addicts; listen up, because there’s something here for everyone! NO CUMMING until the daily challenge is successfully completed (except Day 3–no cumming regardless). Chastity & denial pets, or those looking to test the limits of their control–no cumming for the duration of the challenge.

Ms. Lilly’s Blue Ballsย  Birthday Game

  • Day 1: 10 min stroking, 5 min CBT, 2 min panty sniffing (for those who already have panties in their possession)
  • Day 2: 2 clothespins on nipples, 10 whacks across the ass with a spatula or belt, and 20 min stroking with a minimum of 5 edges—5 more whacks across the ass for every edge missed, 3 attempts to reach 5 edges in 20min before I’ll permit you to give up.
  • Day 3: 10min of vibrator nestled against cock, held in place by tighty whities OR panties, but NO touching—and yes, the vibrator must be in the ‘on’ position. Every touch will result in a ball smack. Successful completion of 10 min without touching will be rewarded by 20min of stroking—but no cumming.
  • Day 4: watch 4 clips of your favorite type of porn, edging at least 3 times during each one. 2 min CBT, 1 min panty sniffing, and 3 min of playing with a vibrator in the manner of your choosing.
  • Day 5: 5 min of stroking in the shower, dry off, followed by 10min of stroking with a tie, panties, or stockings wrapped around your dick.
  • Day 6: 10 min stroking with one hand—every 20 strokes smack your balls with a metal tablespoon or slotted serving spoon with the other. Watch 1 porn clip without touching, followed by 5 min with a vibrator held in one hand while you stroke with the other.
  • Day 7: 30min of stroking with a lubed grip or fleshlight, broken up into 10min segments. After each 10min portion, take a break for 2 min to either sniff panties, smack your balls, or spank your ass.
  • Day 8: 8min ball smacks, 16 swats to the ass, 32 min stroking, broken up however you wish.
  • Day 9: 10min stroking with dry grip, 2 min CBT, 5 min stroking in shower, 2 min CBT, 20min stroking to porn
  • Day 10: 30min stroking while wearing panties over head so the crotch is against your nose, or while watching porn; followed by 30 swats to the ass, 30 ball smacks, and 30 edges (stroking with a wet or dry grip is allowed)
  • Day 11: 10min holding ‘on’ vibrator against balls while watching porn clips—no other touching allowed. 30 min stroking, every 10min break for either 3 min panty sniffing or wearing, or CBT. 11 ball smacks, 11 ass swats, and 11 edges to be completed in 33min, 3 attempts before I’ll permit you to give up.
  • Day 12: My birthday!!!!! Don’t forget to call in and wish me a very kinky one ๐Ÿ˜‰ For anyone who wants to get me something nice as a Birthday Gift, check out my wishlist or consider some other ways to spoil your Goddess

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Mistress Fiona’s Dark Side

Today, I’m pleased to present a guest post from Fiona la Femme Fatale. I already knew we share a simliar love of fantasy (I’ve reblogged things from her tumblr, and she’s reblogged from mine)–but I have to admit I was thrilled and intrigued to find out that she’s also got taste for some of the darker paths that BDSM can explore. To tell you more about it in her own words, here is Mistress Fiona herself:

Mistress of Fantasy Fiona

Mistress Fiona

Cruelty has a distinctive fluidity and takes many forms.

It can be hard and staunchly strong like ice, subtly melting into the drip-dropping of what seems like quenching relief until you realize it was just a taste to torture your parched desire. It can fiercely flow in a whirlpool sucking you down into an abyss of demand and denial. And it even can be vaporous and invisible like an oppressive humidity baring down upon your need silently draining you.

The kind of casual cruelty I enjoy doesn’t yell or scream as it doesn’t need to.

It’s so insidious it beckons with a whisper. Your fight for freedom of orgasm fuels me and I gain the very energy you expend as you slowly lose more of yourself to me.

Do you know the most thrilling part?

It’s all of your own doing. That insatiable need to give up control.

I’m more than willing to ensnarl you further and deeper. Without raising my voice my firm but seductively smooth commands will leave you addicted and incomplete. Entranced and entrenched into the depths of a dark abyss of urgency. All the while I just toy with you relentlessly.

It’s all about the mind fuck with suggestion and exploration that sinks down into the inner most sanctions and recesses of your depravity.

And before you know it you have become my flesh puppet. Conditioned like Pavlov’s pet to obey unconsciously without question. The dark side just got a little dirtier and a whole lot kinkier.


Summertime Means Stripping Down

Sissification Mistress LillySummer is the perfect season for voyeurs.

As temperatures start rising, so do hem lines. Summer is the glorious time of year when going nearly nude in public is perfectly acceptable. People are bringing out short shorts, mini skirts and crop tops, and a whole host of other deliciously revealing garments.

–But perhaps the BEST opportunity for voyeurs who want to perv out on a wide variety of scantily clad beautiful young women on the sly can be found by going to a pool party or the beach.

Beautifully toned and almost bare bodies as far as the eye can see.

Whenever I head to the beach or to the local pool with my girlfriends, we have a ton of fun teasing the poor little pervs whose bulging eyes are probably bigger than their dicks. It’s so much fun to watch them crash into lounge chairs, fall into the pool, or trip over towels–simply because they can’t stop staring as we lotion each other up, or adjust the ties on our string bikinis.

I love seeing the way their tongues practically loll out of their heads while trying to figure out of I’m wearing anything under my sheer lace cover up. For the record, that lace cover up paired with my nude bandeau bikini is the reason why three life guards have fallen off their stands so far this summer.

Have you ever run across a cocktease at the beach?

I want to know all the details! After all: summer is when things start heating up, and some ladies (myself included) love seeing just how hard we can make things on poor little pervy voyeurs ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Ms. Daphne’s T-Girl Tryst (with a Twist)

The incredibly sexy Ms. Daphne

It is my pleasure to showcase a guest post by the amazing Ms. Daphne–a deliciously and scandalously sensual Domme with appetites, kinks, and real life experiences that would make a Penthouse editor blush. Tonight, she’s sharing her wicked recollections of a particularly naughty sex party….

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Ask a Mistress… Q&A with Ms. Lilly #2

“A sadist is defined as, a person who has the condition of sadism, in which one receives sexual gratification from causing pain and degradation to another. 2. a person who enjoys being cruel. Is this correct? I love being controlled but don’t want to be degraded or humiliated [or] hurt in any wayโ€ฆ”

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Ask a Mistress… Q&A with Ms. Lilly #1

“If you’re asexual unless you are in love, how can you work in such a sexual environment and enjoy your work?”

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A Non-Binary Narrative of My Own Experiences

I’ve been debating how & when to post something like this…

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