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Barbados Travel Tips: Moderate Swimmers; Prime Minister’s Office is your Sea Turtle Gateway

Ms. Lilly: LDW's Cruise Mistress

Ms Lilly: LDW’s Cruise Mistress

Barbados is a gorgeous Island paradise in the Caribbean sea. It’s home to stunning beaches, beautiful reefs, shy sea turtles, amazing food,  jaw-dropping vistas and interesting caves. Today’s travel tips focus on swimmers who are skilled & comfortable in the water for an unforgettable sea-turtle encounter.

Pro-tip for Moderate Swimmers

Just like with my tips for Beginning swimmers, you’ll be taking a taxi from the stand INSIDE the port all the way to the Prime Ministers Office ($5 USD/person one way), crossing the street to the beach, and walking towards the surf. Unlike the Beginner Swimmers though—your day includes an ocean adventure away from the shore, where giant green sea turtles await. Bring a snorkel and mask, fins are optional (they scare the turtles–so if you’re a strong enough swimmer, avoid using them).

It’s Turtle Time!

Barbados green sea turtle

A green sea turtle on the rise. Photo taken about 100yds offshore from a beach in Barbados

Diagonally on your right about 100 yards off shore, there are perodic green sea turtle feedings—you’ll be able to tell if they’re currently feeding the turtles by whether or not ships are there & the number of snorkelers in the water. Feeding times typically only last about 30-50min, and they’re usually held between 9am and noon, so it’s a matter of timing as much as anything else. The turtles are shy & non-aggressive, and they spook easily. It’s a crime to chase, touch, or otherwise harass them—but if you just relax, & swim or float slowly over them, you’ll be amazed at how close they’ll come to you. They need to surface & breathe every 10-15min, but spend most of their time chilling out near the bottom.

Watch out for the Undertow

Unlike some beaches, the water at this one will NOT push you into shore. In fact, the undertow will pull you out to sea. It makes it easier to swim out to the turtles, but harder to get back to shore. Keep that in mind, and don’t spend so much time swimming with the gentle giants that you forget the real challenge is battling the undertow back to the beach.

Round-out the day with some local flavor

Flag down a taxi to make your way back to the ship. At only $10 out of pocket per person round trip at the time of this writing, your day with the sea turtles and a gorgeous beach also leaves you with room leftover in your vacation budget to support the local craftsmen, restaurateurs, and businesses. Feel free to grab a couple of souvenirs, chow down on some island cuisine, or support the local businesses before setting sail.

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Leg Worship And A Demanding Mistress

Today’s guest post is by a sexy southern Lady: Ms. Christine, and focuses on her amazing legs. I love imagining a sweet little subbie adoring every inch of those gloriously toned stems!

I Have Damn Sexy Legs, Don’t I?

Leg Worship with Ms Christine

Come and worship my pet!

My legs are long, lean and toned – and totally worthy of great leg worship, don’t you think? They start at my pretty painted toenails, and rise all the way to the place you really want to be – my pink, wet pussy! I know that’s what you really want to worship, but I really think you have to earn that honor, don’t you? And following the path my sexy legs have laid out for you seems to be the way to get there!

Start At The Bottom With Your Leg Worship

No, not my bottom! At the bottom of my legs, down at my feet. I want you to get naked, and lie there at my feet. I like having my leg worshipping sluts naked so I can see just how turned on their getting, how much they are enjoying the honor. Look at my pretty painted toes. That’s where you’re going to start, but you’re going to do the same thing I’m about to teach you all the way up my legs. When I’m satisfied with what you’ve done, I’ll tell you to move along.

For This Leg Worship Session: Use Your Lips, Tongue And Hands

You’ll start with my feet, then my ankles, my calves, my lower thighs, then my upper thighs – working your way to that special, pink, treasure! You’ll start with your hands, rubbing and massaging each part. Feel where all the tight muscles and knots are and work them out. You like me in those stiletto heels, but they are murder on my feet and legs! You need to make them feel better. Once you’ve massaged them, then you can plant soft kisses all over them, cover every inch. Doesn’t that soft skin feel silky to your lips? Last, I’ll want you to lick the area you’re working on – cover every inch with your slave tongue. That feels so good, and puts me in such a mood to tease and torment you!

Are you ready to worship the gams of your Mistress? Leave us a comment below letting us know… and thank you Miss Lilly for hosting me today!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


Barbados Travel Tips: Beginning Swimmers; Prime Minister’s Office is your Beach Break Drop-Zone

The Inside Scoop on Barbados: The Prime Minister’s Office is your Jump-off point to Paradise

Mistress Lilly

Ms. Lilly: LDW’s Cruise Mistress

I’ve taken a break from my vacation for just a few moments to share some travel secrets with my subbies. Barbados is a stunningly beautiful island nation with fantastic food, awesome beaches, amazing shipwrecks, and pretty much everything a water loving Goddess like me could ask for. In fact–it is the PERFECT place for people who simply can’t get enough of the sea. If you really love the ocean, if you want to spend more time exploring the sea than just the 60-90min most excursions allow, if sea turtles, shipwreck reefs, and beautiful beaches are right up your alley…there’s a jump off point to Paradise just 10min away from the cruise port: The Prime Minister’s Office. I’ll be sharing tips for moderate swimmers and advanced swimmers later, but this post is for the beach break newbies 🙂

Pro-Tip for Beginning swimmers:

1st time to Barbados, or simply looking for a DIY option on your vacation? Bring along a mask & snorkel (fins optional), and ask at the taxi stand INSIDE the port to be taken to the Prime Minister’s Office–don’t use the taxis outside the port. The fare is only $5 USD each way per person at the time of this writing. Once you get to the Prime Minister’s Office, turn around, face the beach, cross the street, and walk straight towards the surf.

Watch Your Step

Barbados shallows

Limestone outcroppings & schools of little fish abound in Barbados’ shallows

The ocean in Barbados is a beautiful topaz blue, the sand is a fine, pale champagne, and even if you don’t want to go in water deeper than your knees, you can still see fish if you’re willing to put your face in the water. There are several types of fish that school along the shore—most are beautifully camouflaged to match the sand, some are transparent teal & blue–you’ll probably need your mask to see them. Watch your step, and try not to put your feet down until you’ve looked first once you’ve started swimming. There are occasional spiny black sea urchins (they look like spike balls–think of them as the porcupines of the sea–DON’T touch). Also, Barbados’ sand is a fairly thin veneer over a limestone shelf; outcroppings or unexpected pits & holes to the shelf below can trip the unwary—and those limestone outcroppings are typically shelter to tiny fish, it would be best if you didn’t hulk smash their home.

From Beach Break to Bon Voyage

Flag down a taxi to head back to the ship. At only $10 out of pocket per person round trip at the time of this writing, it’s a beautiful DIY Barbados beach break where you can spend as time in the water as you want. It also leaves room in your vacation budget to support the local craftsmen, restaurateurs, and businesses if you’d like to grab some souvenirs, eats, or shopping during your visit.

In future trips when you feel more comfortable in the water, check out my Barbados travel tips for Moderate swimmers, & then eventually Strong Swimmers once you’ve achieved the level of fitness and expertise necessary to safely take on more challenging physical adventures–trust me, it’s worth the effort!

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Chastity Bet With Ms. Lilly

Today’s incredible guest post is from the amazing Ms. Delia. We’ve shared subbies in the past, but I have to admit—this scorching hot fantasy involving an unsuspecting future playmate made my wicked Femdom heart start racing double time. Listen to Ms. Delia’s sexy post here

Chastity Bet With Ms. Lilly

I enjoy playing with Ms. Lilly so much! In fact, I have a bit of a confession to make. I have a recurring chastity bet fantasy about her. Since she invited me to guest post on her blog, I figured this would be the time to share my naughty fantasy with all her sexy readers!

Beware Femdoms On The Prowl

Cruise2 - CopyMy fantasy begins with me visiting Ms. Lilly. Jack was off travelling for work, and she invited me for some girl time. We had a ton of fun with her subs, but after a while we wanted someone else to have fun with. So, we found ourselves at a local bar.

It was a bar that catered to businessmen, so we were dressed tastefully – but still hot! Short skirts, blouses with plunging necklines, killer heels. So, anyway, in my fantasy, I saw this one guy dressed in a business suit, sitting off all alone in a corner – and he was a prime specimen. That’s when Ms. Lilly turned to me and said “I have a femdom to femdom chastity bet for you!”

Snaring Our Prey

“I have some errands to run. See the hunky guy all alone in the corner? I bet you $50 you can’t have him locked in a chastity cage before I get back home.” Lonely guy, attractive and sitting alone in a corner? He had submissive written all over him! “Make it $100, and I’ll not only have him in a chastity cage, he’ll be naked and I’ll have him tied to your bed before you get back!” The bet was on!

Did You Have Any Doubt?

Of course, when she got back to her home, that guy was naked, gagged, blindfolded and tied to the bed – with a CB-6000 wrapped firmly around his cock! We spent the rest of the night, and most of the rest day teasing and denying him. Poor guy didn’t know if he was coming or going – well, I lie, he certainly knew he wasn’t cumming! We even let Ms. Lilly’s female sub have some fun with him! And you wouldn’t believe the things we had him do to earn that key…but that’s another fantasy of mine!

Would you like to be a part of a naughty fantasy with me and Ms. Lilly? For more about me, come visit My Sexy Blog.


Why I LOVE BBW Sissies, by Ms. Lilly

BBW Sissies are deliciously curvy

Femdom Mistress Lilly

True—they might not even see it themselves at first glance, but BBW sissies are rocking some sexy curves that only need the right wardrobe to enhance their inner Gurl.

From Doughboy to Va-Va-VOOOM!

Men can have body image issues just like ladies, and it seems to hit BBW sissies particularly hard. Love Handles, spare tires, moobs….anywhere a man can pack on a few spare pounds, a plump sissy somewhere has probably cursed it. What they don’t realize is the very things that make them uncomfortable in men’s wear will frequently lend themselves quite well to letting them rock women’s styles.

A few extra pounds strategically leveraged for the appearance of curves gives BBW sissies a natural edge on the appearance of a feminine form that slender sissies will never know

–And certain undergarments can push the illusion even further. The absolute best and most dramatic effect without surgery can frequently be found by wearing a steel-boned under-bust corset—it gives love handles the appearance of simply being a more feminine flare to the hips, nips in the waist, compresses the tummy, lifts & enhances the breasts (which are now in prime position to be decked out with a cup-size enhancing push up bra for a sissy’s very own cleavage), and helps contribute to better posture and a more feminine walk.

Some other BBW sissy curve generators are:

  • Steel boned over-bust corsets: a bit more restrictive, but also fantastic for shaping even more of your body line.
  • Spanx type girdles: great for general compression and light shaping.
  • High Heels: lift the derriere, lengthen legs, and give your hips a little extra sway.

Once you’re taken care of the foundation garments, if you want to continue going en femme, there are several clothing lines that will help you look your best from the skin out. For example: Lane Bryant is a brand of women’s clothing that caters to larger Ladies, and some of their ensembles are absolutely gorgeous on Sissies! Fit and flare styles will help enhance your new hourglass physique.

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A Little Pantied Sissy’s Tale

Sissies come in all shapes and sizes…

Not all sissies are built like barbies; but they still love getting Gurly!

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Caring BDSM, By Ms. Violet

Today, I’m pleased to showcase a guest post from the gorgeous Ms. Violet–a wonderful Mistress who I’ve shared pets with in the past. I’m thrilled she’s stopped by today to lend her thoughts on why your submission is a treasured gift, and the role trust, safety & care plays in BDSM.

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Ms. Lilly is Hosting Mistress Guest Posts!

Exciting things are happening on my blog—

As some of you have already noticed, I’ve been having some delightful guest posts from a few of LDW’s incredible Ladies:

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Ms. Lilly’s Birthday Countdown

There are 12 days to go until my Birthday on the 19th

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Mistress Fiona’s Dark Side

Today, I’m pleased to present a guest post from Fiona la Femme Fatale. I already knew we share a simliar love of fantasy (I’ve reblogged things from her tumblr, and she’s reblogged from mine)–but I have to admit I was thrilled and intrigued to find out that she’s also got taste for . . . → Read More: Mistress Fiona’s Dark Side