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A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 3

Maybe Queening You is the Answer

As I’ve said before, there’s so many choices with what to do with you…and today, this Femdom wants to be treated like a Queen.  I want to turn you into a piece of fuck slut furniture.  You’re going to become my throne, and I am . . . → Read More: A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 3

A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 2

Are you wondering what kind of dilemma a Femdom like me could have?  Make sure you read Part 1

Playing with a Chastity Pet

It’s so much fun when one of my chastity pets calls.  As an inveterate cocktease, playing with a cock that’s locked up and not allowed . . . → Read More: A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 2

A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 1

What To Do?

As a Phonesex and lifestyle Femdom, one of my biggest challenges is trying to figure out just what to do for an evening’s entertainment.  It’s not because I lack options, mind you.  I do have my 3 live-in slaves, and of course, I have all of you subs, . . . → Read More: A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 1

Treat Every Orgasm Like It’s Your Last

Today may be the Day I put You in Chastity

As a Femdom, I control your cock.  So I get to decide how you’re allowed to stroke it, when it gets stroked, and probably of most importance to you, when you get to cum.  And you never know when I might decide . . . → Read More: Treat Every Orgasm Like It’s Your Last

Introducing Pindick

You Have A Pindick

…And now there’s a site just for you!  Whether you call it a pindick, a nub, a pencil dick, a micropenis, a cocklet, a dicklet, or any other thing that just means “I have a REALLY small penis”, know that the ladies here at LDW have got you . . . → Read More: Introducing Pindick

Tag Team Tease with Mistresses Lilly and Nadia

Tune in Thursday 9-10pm, Feb. 20th, for two new Cock Jocks on the block

Join me and one of my FemDom friends as we pop her Cock Jock Cherry 😉 Mistress Nadia will be making her radio debut this Thursday night during a special, sexy Two Mistress Tease right after Ms. Hannah‘s . . . → Read More: Tag Team Tease with Mistresses Lilly and Nadia

The Sissy Cock

That Sissy Clit Is So Small

That’s it sissy, drop those sissy panties. I want to see exactly what you have in there.  What kind of sissy clitty do we have to work with?  Oh, my God!  Is that it?  It’s no wonder you’re a panty wearing sissy.  That really is about . . . → Read More: The Sissy Cock

Who’s The Shoe Whore?

Ummm…could be me!

I love shoes and boots!  I think if I wasn’t a Femdom, if I had a submissive bone in my body, I might have actually been a foot/shoe/heel/boot fetishist.  Yes, I certainly would have been into shoes and boots.  Leather PVC, suede, even  rubber.  Flats, stiletto heels, hidden platform . . . → Read More: Who’s The Shoe Whore?

Taking You Over Ms. Lilly’s Knee

OTK Spankings For Stocking Sluts

Two of Ms. Lilly’s top fetishes are impact play and fine, fashionable clothes – like very sheer, very silky, thigh high stockings.  And for a true leg fetishist, there’s nothing like combining these two fetishes with some over-the-knee spanking!  With an OTK spanking, my leg sluts can . . . → Read More: Taking You Over Ms. Lilly’s Knee

A Cock Tease Primer

A Femdom Cock Tease

As a Femdom cock tease, I have no doubt in my mind I can tease your cock, and keep that dick under control. Being a cock tease allows my imagination to run wild, coming up with all sorts of ways to humiliate you, while I have complete control . . . → Read More: A Cock Tease Primer