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Are you wondering what kind of dilemma a Femdom like me could have?  Make sure you read Part 1

Playing with a Chastity Pet

It’s so much fun when one of my chastity pets calls.  As an inveterate cocktease, playing with a cock that’s locked up and not allowed to cum just keys in to all my cock control needs.  It’s especially fun when we do it on cam.  I have him get naked, so I can see that tiny dick (it seems almost all of my chasity pets have tiny pin dicks!) inside of that cock cage, already straining to get out.  Are you wondering if I let him out?

Keeping Them Locked Up

That depends on my mood.  There certainly is something to be said for keeping it locked up.   Just describing to him what I’d like to do to him… How I would stroke his cock, running my soft fingers up and down his shaft, squeezing his balls, letting him imagine what it would feel like.  Watching his cock swell against its confines, seeing the look on my chastity pet’s face while his dick is squeezed by that cage just leaves me laughing.

I am a Cocktease

So, I tell him to take that cage off.  You see, I’ve found that with chastity pets, if you leave them locked up all the time they forget what they’re missing.  The soft touch of a hand on their cock, the warmth of a warm, wet mouth enveloping their shaft.  It’s the “use it or lose it” philosophy.  Remember this though, my pet.  You are in chastity, so while I may tease you, while I may edge you, there’s absolutely no chance you’re going to cum.  You may think you are, but I’m an expert cocktease, and I know just when to stop to leave you in delicious agony – balls churning, aching and blue.  And when I’m done with you, we’ll just lock that cock back up in its cage.  Until next time, chastity pet.