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Did the cocktease let you cum, or did he ruin your orgasm?

Last time, I told you that the Cocktease’s Conundrum was should she let you cum?  Stroking, teasing and edging that pindick for hours, it’s just ready to explode, isn’t it?  It’s red, maybe that head is even purple, and the shaft has gotten so thick.  And those balls – they blue and aching, filled with all that pent up spunk.  You’re so desperate to cum, and the begging – oh the begging!  It’s music to this cocktease’s ears!

Maybe We Should Ruin It

Wouldn’t that be so frustrating and humiliating, to ruin that orgasm?  All that work and no payoff!  Well, at least the swelling in your balls will go down.  Oh, the ache won’t go away, only a full orgasmic release will help with that, but there will be more room in there – to make more cum!  Don’t you love this feeling?  That’s the thing about ruined orgasms, the jizz comes out, but you still need to make more for your Femdom, hoping that maybe she won’t ruin the next one.

So, Ruined It Is

But how should we ruin that orgasm?  See, I make one decision, and it just leaves me with more questions.  Should we abandon it?  Should I have you stroke until you’re on the edge, then stroke 5 more times.  Oh it’s so much fun to watch you try to hold it back, but you’re at the point of no return aren’t you?  You couldn’t stop that orgasm if you tried – and you are trying.  But all this teasing, all this edging, there’s no way.  There won’t be any explosion, just a slow, pathetic dribbling of cum out of your swollen cockhead.  And I will just sit there and laugh at your ruined orgasm!

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