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Hello Darlings, I know some of you are curious about what to expect from me when you call.

So after introducing myself, I created a brief blog series–A Goddess’ Promise–that will answer some of the most common questions I’ve received;  starting with Part 1:

What can you expect from Me as Your Mistress?

Sweet, sensual, merciless seduction; and My absolute attention when you Call. When you ring Me, you have Your Goddess’ undivided attention; any other subbies or sissies will just have to wait. As long as we’re on the phone together, I will be your entire world. Nothing, and no one, will come between us. My voice will bring you to your knees, and My diabolical imagination will keep you there until I decide when, and if, to grant you release. I am an insatiable tease, and I will use every wicked wile at My command to lead you farther and deeper on the path to total surrender than you’ve ever gone before.

I am a mischievous & playful Mistress, and you are My favorite toy.

It’s soooo much fun to twist you, tease you, edge you over and over…listening as your breathing changes, your speech roughens, and your voice descends into gutteral grunts, groans, and pleas for more. I know exactly what you’re doing on the other end of the line, and I’ll use that consuming desire and your raging hard-on to my advantage, manipulating you towards an incredible climax…or an indescribably divine denial.

Listen as Mistress Lilly describes what you can expect during a session.