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Hello Darlings; today we’re exploring hardcore domination; specifically: whether or not I offer it. 

This is the 2nd post in A Goddess’ Promise, a brief blog series that answers some of the most common questions I’ve received and helps give you a better idea of what to expect when calling me. For those of you who crave living slappily ever after with your favorite FemDom, read on…

Will I break out the whips and Chains?

Perhaps…if you beg Me very, very prettily. Access to My toy box is granted only to those sweet sissy slaves who’ve impressed Me the most.  If you want to be tied up, locked up, or otherwise bound into My service for whatever devious delights I have in mind…prove yourself worthy, state your safe word,  and that can be arranged. Don’t misunderstand, My little subbies. Submission without consent has absolutely no appeal for Me. I am your Goddess, and I will not be satisfied with anything less than your complete, voluntary surrender.

I will whip you, bind you, and take you—but you will beg Me for the privilege.

True pain sluts are required to show their willingness for everything they’re about to endure. I will respect your limits, but that doesn’t mean I wont have quite a lot of fun exploiting every delicious, diabolical loophole they present me with. I’m an attentive Goddess, and I will routinely check on you during our dungeon time to make sure you haven’t crossed over the line between aching to agony; & I demand total honesty from you when I do so. Pain can be pleasure, but I prefer my subbies unmarred. If our time together is getting a little too intense; tell me immediately.

If you love walking that fine line between pleasure and pain;

I am quite skilled at blurring the boundaries; ramping up both until your poor battered body is quivering, shaking, and shuddering to the edge…and if you’re very, very lucky–ver the other side into a burning paradise. You’ll feel it later, subbie; and be able to bask in the knowledge that your beloved Goddess saw fit use her lovely pain slut quite thoroughly.

Listen to Mistress Lilly’s perspective on hardcore domination.