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Hello Darlings, Do you crave humiliation?

Today, we’ll explore that deliciously twisted compulsion that makes you desire being broken & mercilessly destroyed by nothing more than words. You don’t want sensual domination, or the bite of a crop, you want the mental torment of being verbally flayed, letting each word slice into your psyche & burn into your brain…and you’re in luck. When it comes to humiliation…Here it is,  A Goddess’ Promise, Part 3:

My sweet little sissy…I will humiliate you, tease you, and torment you into a quivering, trembling wreck of absolute mortification.

Whether you’re fixated on your useless, tiny little worm of a cock; your feelings of utter failure in your personal or professional life, your desire to become My perfect Femme Fashionista; or your wish to be cuckholded and made to watch as someone satisfies Me in ways you never could, I’ll be happy to oblige. I love every little kink, every dark desire and furtive fantasy that you have. The very things that you feel compelled to hide from everyone else are what make you beautiful in My eyes. I accept you as you are, My darling; and as your loving Goddess, I will give you what you need. Your whimpers and whines of total, abject humiliation are music to My ears.

It’s so much fun to exploit your lovely, twisted compulsion to be verbally destroyed

To laugh at your whimpering, sniveling whines as you’re given a caustic tongue lashing; listening to you beg and plead for more while my words bite into you. You’re such a sweet humilation slut, honey–the more I pile it on, the more you want; until you’re caught in the grips of a such equisite, unending mortification while you stroke yourself that you tumble headlong into oblivion.

Listen to Mistress Lilly’s promise of humiliation.