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I love bouncing up and down, going for a ride on a soaking wet tramp…

A Water trampoline, of course (well, the other kind too, before I met my fiance…). On my Carribean cruise I had a wonderful time doing some activities at different ports of Call; and in Cozumel, I decided to try out a massive, floating, blown-up water trampoline for some bouncy beach fun. For the record: Water trampolines are AWESOME!!! It turns out the subbie who won the game for guessing my mystery cruise ship was a great regular caller who simply wanted to hear more about my trip, and whether or not I’d had a blast. I had a blast alright–

I bounced so high I nearly blasted into orbit.

You had to wear these goofy, massive inflatable life vests to be allowed to get on that thing–and you had to blow them up until it looked like your torso was encased in a giant air-filled day-glow yellow marshmallow that was about to explode. Considering that I swim like a fish, I thought the huge puffed-up harness was a bit of overkill–until I went bouncing.

I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t been on a trampoline in a while, so I forgot how high I could bounce–or whether this time the fact that I was deliberately bouncing higher so I could do several flips before I hit the water was a factor….but my first jump off the water trampoline had me spinning about 5 meters in the air before I splashed into the ocean. I only bounced higher from there. Hitting the water after spinning up into the sky about 20 feet or so–then belly flopping the landing–is enough to take anyone’s breath away.

I loved that inflatable, titanic trampoline.

It had a surface area of over 1000 ft, and was floating about 50yards off the coast, achored to the sand about 30 feet beneath it with several tethers, swaying gently in that beautiful blue water. The mat was in the center of a giant inflatable inner tube. You know those massive inflatable donuts people sit in that you see in water parks, beaches, and really big pools? Well, this air-filled wonder was so huge you had to use a ladder to climb aboard. The inner tube kept the water trampoline hovering about 4 feet off the water–all the better to bounce you with and lend some extra aerial impact to your jumps.

Talk about your blow jobs…

Originally I planned to do some cavern diving in Cozumel but it turns out that the ship wasn’t going to be in port long enough–so I went with Plan B: the shore excursion that let me jump off the massive inflatable water trampoline that I mentioned here–as well as go snorkeling with rays. I haven’t had a chance to develop my underwater pictures yet–but I will post the other half of my excursion when I can. For more stories of your favorite FemDomme on vacation, feel free to check out my Goddess’ Travels page.