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Empress MarlenaHere’s A Pair To Beat A Full House

A full house of subbies and slaves that is! You know what the best part of doing 2 Mistress Calls with every lady here in the Enchantrix Empire is? That there are so many different ways we each play. Ms. Marlena and I are like peas in a pod, and since we’re both willing to play mild to wild, we can play good cop, bad cop. Or maybe that’s bad cop, worse cop! It’s sooo much fun to get a slave slut’s head spinning 😉

Sweetness And Spice

You never know which of the two of us is going to be sweet, and which one will put you through your paces. Oh, we’ll both tease and torment your cock, like I did in my birthday edging game  – but which one of us will be the tease this time, and which one’s the tormentor? There’s only one way to find out…

Mistress Lilly

Humiliation whores? You’ve come to the right place. Listen to Ms. Marlena as she sensually humiliates you, telling you how hot it is to watch you suck cock, while I tell you what a perfect bitch you make as my strap-on slides deep into your ass. And you know we’ll both be commenting on that pathetic piece of flesh dangling between your legs….

Teasing Your Cock

Ms. Marlena is an excellent, imaginative, creative cocktease. She delights in guiding your masturbation and keeping you on the brink of cumming. There is nothing more humiliating than listen to a pathetic edge pet begging to cum and denying him permission, making him ride that edge for a good long while, until his cock explodes. Don’t make a mess! We’ll both expect you to lick it all up…

Do a 2 Mistress Call with Ms. Marlena and Me during her Featured Days April 16th-30th, & get FREE access to exclusive audio content!