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Mistress Lilly’s Mystery Cruise!

When a FemDom Goddess goes on vacation, She does it in Style 😉

And I’m certainly no exception. Tomorrow morning August 26th, around 11:40am Eastern time, I will be signing out to spend the next few days sailing through paradise, diving in Cozumel, exploring Mayan ruins, and using that sun, surf, sand and sea to have some fun being one heck of a tease. I’m going to have a wicked time seeing how many guys I can have popping pup tents in their swim trunks, shorts, and pants all over the place without touching them or even saying a word.

There’s nothing quite like Cockteasing on a Cruise

All those yummy opportunities for a Pricktease Princess like me to shamelessly exploit–running my fingers teasingly over the rim of my martini glass at one of the bars as I slowly lick my lips, moaning softly in pleasure as the water in the ship’s jacuzzi froths and foams around my breasts, with my little bandeau bikini top just beneath the surface…so that it looks like I’m topless as those silky bubbles slide and lick against my cleavage, splashing against my curves…slowly stripping down by the the poolside, sliding out of my soft wrap dress,  until just an itty bitty string bikini is left—then I’ll start applying some nice creamy sunscreen,  sliding my hands over every inch of those tight, toned, glorious curves until they glisten and gleam…

This particular Seductive Siren loves collecting subbies at sea

I adore finding sweet, horny little strokers to amuse myself with—letting them worship my feet, caressing my arches, kissing my toes, licking my sensitive instep, and massaging my legs; listening to them beg to slather my body with sunscreen, to slide their hands over curves that will never be theirs as they rub that lotion in–knowing they’ll be rubbing something quite different the instant they’re dismissed to go back to their staterooms. Having them fetch my beach sandals, swimsuit cover up, or towel me dry after a dip in the pool gets me soaking wet….ahh yes—vacation subbies are fantastic! I’m going to have an amazing time being pampered, pleased, and showing those sweet subs how much fun it is to serve a Tease, before sailing homeward to the States.

Don’t worry darlings, I’ll be back late Saturday evening on the 31st.

5 comments to Mistress Lilly’s Mystery Cruise!

  • mike

    hi miss lily,
    welcome back, I hope cruise was great? I am sort of in the process of educating myself on some issue of dominance/submission. for me some of it is a little extreme. however, what i can relate to is some of the material related to “size” and “size insecurity”. i have come to believe that many (i think most) women prefer well endowed men and that smaller fellows have to genuinely work a lot harder for affection and consideration. I think some of this is genuinely related to size – women seem to know this either consciously or subconsciously. Some may us work (very) hard. I kind of “get it” and actually prefer it when a woman is up front about it.

    • Lilly

      Hi Mike,

      My cruise was fantastic! I’ll be posting some pics of it later today on my blog 🙂 You’re completely right that many women prefer well-endowed men; I’m one of them. Smaller guys often DO have to work harder for affection and consideration–particularly after they drop their pants. Think of it this way: given the choice, would you rather ride in a clown car, or a stretch limo? By choosing to be with a modestly equipped individual–a lady is effectively declaring that she is voluntarily commandeering the rowboat Dinky Dick rather than the S.S. Super Shaft. True–they both may get you to the same destination (eventually), but it’s hardly the same ride. A sacrifice like that means that her puny-packaged partner must be compensating somehow for his shortcomings.

      Not every woman knows to be upfront about it because not every woman has come across a little dick until she sees it in all it’s micro-mini glory for the very first time (they really aren’t that common). –Every lady I’ve spoken to who has dated someone who turned out to have a tiny tool has been willing to give the old saying ‘size doesn’t matter’ a try once–and usually once is enough. The truth is: size doesn’t matter if you’re average or above–but if you got the short end of the shaft, it sure as hell DOES.

      ~Mistress Lilly

      • mike


        I have to admit that whenever I have overhead girls talking about this (size) or if a girl says nearly anything in reference to size (no a girlfriend of mine just girls in general). I have a feeling that I “give myself away” – as I try to “react smoothly” but don’t think I ever do. I truly don’t know but it “feels” like it shows. And, as much as the whole size thing may be talked about – I don’t think I have ever heard a girl say oh boy I love small guys.

  • sissy slave ted

    Dear mistress Lily.,i hope you have a great vacation.sincerly yours sissy slave ted

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