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Mistress LillyThe Day a Mistress collars a new sub is always a special occasion

This time…it’s extra special. For those who follow my blog, you know I already have 3 TPE live in slaves: Tamsyn, Aubrey, and Charles. Today, I’m getting preparations together for a new sub to join me. Please give a warm welcome to my very first LDW collared submissive: sissy Jizzelle!

Jizzelle is an eager, insatiable Cumslut

Which is just one of the things I like about her. Her devotion, dedication, and continued striving to be the best sissy bitch she can be, her total obedience and love for her Mistress, and her ability to make me laugh are a few more reasons that come to mind. I do adore playing with sissies, and Jizzelle has been a very entertaining playmate. She also deeply, throughly, wished to be owned.

She’s been begging me for months to officially claim her

To Publicly decree that this sweet little cum-obsessed sissy bimbo bitch is mine, and mine to play with, share, or fuck however I see fit… And after much consideration (and quite a lot of teasing, sissy pussy pounding, and fairy fluffing) I’ve decided to give her that honor. Her new sissy name has been bestowed, and my darling dick-licking sissy pet is awaiting delivery of her custom collar. And so, without further ado, I declare for all LDW, the world wide web, and kinksters everywhere:

Jizzelle, from this day on, you’re mine. I own you, claim you, and collar you as my little sissy fairy fuck doll bitch.

I will use you, train you, share you, and fill both your hungry little holes however I see fit, and look forward to putting you through your paces.