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…And now for Something Completely Different

I apologize to my blog fans for not posting recently.

The truth is, recent events in the US have left me… speechless. The very foundations of what America stands for have been rocked to their foundations, and it’s looking increasingly like we are entering a phase in American politics where it’s We The People vs. our President, and sixty percent of the population of the country is basically telling the other forty: “I don’t know how to make you understand that you should care about other people.” –regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, socio-economic status, ect…

I’ve tried to write Femdom content, but it kept coming out as political pieces.

So, here’s me clearing the air: I don’t ascribe to either of the two main political parties, I’m firmly in the Independent camp. My political ideology is a mix of conservative & liberal beliefs, I judge political candidates on their platforms and voting records/accomplishments in office instead of party affiliations. I grew up mainly in staunch Republican states, with many Republican friends and family members–and what’s happening in the US right now sickens me. Resurgent Klansmen & neo-Nazis, skinheads, racists, and white supremacists of all sorts are newly emboldened by a President who has unashamedly advocated violence against those with opposing views, and now dozens are injured, one woman murdered. We’re in the middle of a culture war the likes of which apparently hasn’t been seen since the 60’s & 70’s long before I was born. The Old Guard racists of generations past are radicalizing new ones, including mine.

We cannot repeat the mistakes of the past.

We cannot use fear & distrust of The Other to enable the destruction of the progress we’ve made. Hatred isn’t bred, it’s learned. So is tolerance.  So is the understanding that humans are equal.  So is the belief in equal rights. So is the belief that striving to achieve equality & providing means for individuals to achieve success & happiness through their own efforts are core American values.

To my fellow Americans: we cannot go back, we cannot surrender, and we cannot abdicate our responsibility to ensure the sacrifices and suffering of those who went before us don’t go in vain. America isn’t perfect, but we cannot allow a hateful fringe to go mainstream and infect & tear down our attempts to create a better nation & better world. We cannot let tribal politics divide us to the point that we forget that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are inalienable rights FOR ALL– no matter their skintone or political affiliation. Don’t stand idly by when the rights and liberties of your fellow Americans are being eroded by politicians, fear-mongering, & violence-inciting radicals. Vote, participate, and educate. The world IS changing, but it’s up to all of us to make sure it changes for the better.

Thank you to everyone who’s talked with me over the past couple of weeks.

Sharing your fantasies & helping to build them into a few moments of paradise (or heavenly torment), was a welcome distraction from the fact that I am in mourning for my country, for it’s citizens, and am committed to doing what I can to make sure that the America I know and love is redeemed.

12 comments to …And now for Something Completely Different

  • Ms. Lilly,
    We have never really talked about world events, but we are so similar in our beliefs. I feel your struggle with writing sexxxy, when the world around you feels ANYTHING but! Thank you so much for the real, and honest post. I like to always see the good in life…to find one thing a day that is happy. It helps a bit. Hugs to you!

  • We’ve always been pretty aligned, Ms. Lilly.

    Here, we are demonstrating that once again.

    Beautiful post. Just beautiful.

  • Goddess Mandy

    OMG Ms. Lilly I am SO glad that you wrote this!!! Often my posts are not so typical of what is normally found around these parts. And I feel that your post is most assuredly in this same vain. Your words so moved me!! And you’re right, we CAN NOT repeat the mistakes of the past. We need to learn from them and do it differently. And we each need to do what we feel we can to help us move forward. And as you said…change for the better!!

  • Wilson

    What a breath of fresh air, Lilly. So, so glad you spoke your mind. We need more like you to do that. Well done.

  • Ms Lilly, very heart-felt feelings indeed. I think we can all take comfort that this nation has a long history of resilience at difficult times and the good and the righteous shall prevail at the end…I am confident in this.

  • Petey cream puff

    It’s crazy what’s going on now especially with what happened in Charlottesville that’s nuts!!! We are one country and have to get along politics aside. Never mix politics and mistresses together.

  • Oh Lilly this is a lovely and poignant post. Thanks for voicing your support for the values we need to stand for not just as citizens but as human beings. America’s strength lies in its eclectic energy and diversity. Patriotism transcends partisanship like you said & our humanity unites us all. We hold tight to our morals when we can hold one another’s hand. The fabric of our foundation cannot be unraveled when we remember we are each the threads that mend.

    • Lilly

      Thank you Ms. Fiona. ‘Patriotism transcends partisanship…and our humanity unities us all.’ I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Michael

    yes! yes! yes! thank you for so saying

  • Mistress Amber

    I really couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for taking the time to write a thoughtful, intelligent and educated blog on this. It is sometimes painful to stay informed because it seems like one blow after another to those of us that care deeply and feel more than a little bit helpless as we watch our beloved country in turmoil. Thanks again, Mistress Lilly.

    • Lilly

      Thank you Ms. Amber for stopping by–and yes, it is painful, and heartbreaking to stay informed and see just how twisted people get when they let fear and hatred rule their thinking. Despite that, I truly believe it’s the responsibility of everyone who believes in the ideals America stands for to defend & stand up for them…and events like what’s currently happening have certainly opened my eyes to the fact that they DO need to be defended.

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