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Spanking and Impact Play with my New Gloves

Spanking and Impact Play with my New Gloves

If you're a spanking fan like me, you may be pleased to know that one of my darling little subs (that'd be Charles, the painslut) purchased me a new pair of vampire gloves. If you're not enough of a spanko to be familiar with vampire gloves, let me enlighten you....

Happy Inflatabrations & ELOPEMENT!!!

Happy Birthday and Inflatabrations to my Wonderful Pumperboy! I hope today finds you and your helium honeys having a wonderful time 🙂 Wishing you tons of inflatable fun, and many more years of air-filled fabulous fantasies! I simply had a give you a quick birthday...

Secrets & Someday: Ms. Lilly’s thoughts

Secrets May be Hard to Keep. ...But apparently not for James. He's being annoyingly secretive--he surprised me with the cruise earlier this month and he wants to surprise me with when we're eloping as well. It feels deliciously scandalous and exciting to think that...