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Summertime Means Stripping Down

Sissification Mistress LillySummer is the perfect season for voyeurs.

As temperatures start rising, so do hem lines. Summer is the glorious time of year when going nearly nude in public is perfectly acceptable. People are bringing out short shorts, mini skirts and crop tops, and a whole host of other deliciously revealing garments.

–But perhaps the BEST opportunity for voyeurs who want to perv out on a wide variety of scantily clad beautiful young women on the sly can be found by going to a pool party or the beach.

Beautifully toned and almost bare bodies as far as the eye can see.

Whenever I head to the beach or to the local pool with my girlfriends, we have a ton of fun teasing the poor little pervs whose bulging eyes are probably bigger than their dicks. It’s so much fun to watch them crash into lounge chairs, fall into the pool, or trip over towels–simply because they can’t stop staring as we lotion each other up, or adjust the ties on our string bikinis.

I love seeing the way their tongues practically loll out of their heads while trying to figure out of I’m wearing anything under my sheer lace cover up. For the record, that lace cover up paired with my nude bandeau bikini is the reason why three life guards have fallen off their stands so far this summer.

Have you ever run across a cocktease at the beach?

I want to know all the details! After all: summer is when things start heating up, and some ladies (myself included) love seeing just how hard we can make things on poor little pervy voyeurs 😉

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1 comment to Summertime Means Stripping Down

  • Ms Lilly- I love being out in public and appearing to be sweet and innocent in teasing the pervs. Watching their reactions can make a group of us giggle like a bunch of goofballs. What’s also a lot of fun is making eye contact, raising your eyebrows, and just looking at the horny fella. Have you ever actually spoken to one? Asked them point blank if they were enjoying the show? Or better yet! Say something like “Gee, you sure don’t seem to be very hard, as much as you’re staring!” and they will know that you know they are teeny…lol

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