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CBT Arts and Crafts

Summer is the perfect time to experience a form of seasonal CBT that is absolutely diabolical. If you chose to attempt it, you will need a moderate to high level of pain tolerance, and a willingness to suffer for a week or more. You will also need lemon juice, a small container, paintbrush, a sunny day, and up to two hours of complete privacy or a clothing optional facility.

Dick Designs for the Kinky Guy

Pour the lemon juice into the small container, dip the paintbrush in and then draw designs up and down your dick. You can even paint words. Depending on your complexion, skin sensitivity, and the strength of the sunlight and lemon juice, you may start to see welts appearing in as little as thirty minutes. I would not recommend more than two hours of exposure. The actual process is fairly painless–it’s the aftermath that burns.

Highlighting Your Hard-on

Lemon juice reacts with sunlight; it’s been used to lighten hair for ages–always with the caveat to never get it on your skin, unless you want a reddened face to go along with your brightened hairline. We’re taking advantage of that reaction when it comes to painting designs on your dick. Make sure that you have applied sunscreen to the remainder of your body and if at any time the sunlight or the welts are too intense, go inside, rinse off with lukewarm water and avoid further sun exposure to your delicate bits for at least a week.

The welts from your CBT arts and crafts will decorate your dick for as long as a typical sunburn. They will sting, ache, and cause increased sensitivity that will ramp up with exposure to hot water, touch, or friction from something as simple as sitting down or walking (or wanking). Partnered sex is going to feel somewhat like…dipping your dick into a lake of fire, or deep fryer. If you have a partner, it would be best to discuss this before attempting the assignment to avoid awkward explanations when they see your sunshine souvenir, or wonder why sex suddenly seems to make you cry (or just avoid this particular CBT activity altogether).

For some additional Summertime CBT fun…

Take a clean grill brush and scour your cock and balls, then beat them with a pair of barbecue tongs 😉 Have fun!

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