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New SPH Audio!

Hi my little teenie weenies! Sissies aren’t the only ones who will be getting free new femdom audios; so will you 🙂 I’m also going to be blogging about the different types of SPH callers; listen to Part 1, or check out my blog post for more . . . → Read More: New SPH Audio!

Free Audio: Pantyboy Humiliation by Mistress Lilly

Sissies are NOT Real Men It’s something that should go without saying….and yet; sometimes darling little silky satin sissies start getting ideas—generally when they’ve been permitted to play with their clitties too often. They start thinking they’re REAL men, that they have REAL cocks—and when that happens, I take great pleasure in reminding them . . . → Read More: Free Audio: Pantyboy Humiliation by Mistress Lilly

3 Reasons I Like Humiliation Whores

It’s A Power Trip

Erotic Humiliation is a huge power trip for me. I’m in control and I get to point out all your shortcomings – especially that small penis! You know it’s worthless, and only good for being made fun of. I might get to try out your fingers or even your . . . → Read More: 3 Reasons I Like Humiliation Whores

Introducing Pindick

You Have A Pindick

…And now there’s a site just for you!  Whether you call it a pindick, a nub, a pencil dick, a micropenis, a cocklet, a dicklet, or any other thing that just means “I have a REALLY small penis”, know that the ladies here at LDW have got you . . . → Read More: Introducing Pindick