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Today may be the Day I put You in Chastity

As a Femdom, I control your cock.  So I get to decide how you’re allowed to stroke it, when it gets stroked, and probably of most importance to you, when you get to cum.  And you never know when I might decide that you have cum enough…and never need to cum again.  You won’t know until I slip that chastity cage on and you hear the “click” of the padlock.

That Might be Your Last Orgasm

Do you understand now why I tease you, why I edge you, why I make you hold off that orgasm until I tell you to cum?  I’m only looking out for you pet.  The more you edge, the longer you can delay that explosion, the more intense, the stronger that climax will finally be.  And, if it’s your last one, if I’m about to lock your cock up for good, you don’t want it to be like those weak cums you used to have before I took control of your cock, do you?

Better Hope I Don’t Ruin it

Wouldn’t that be terrible?  Imagine it.  I’m stroking your cock, and I’ve been building you up for hours.  Those balls are churning away, and I finally tell you, “It’s time, pet.  Time for you to cum, to spew all that jizz from your swollen, blue, aching balls.”  And just as that orgasm is building, as I send you over the edge, telling you it’s your last orgasm ever – I let go!  I abandon and ruin your last ever orgasm.  Wouldn’t that be so cruel of me?  That’s why I say, treat every orgasm like it’s your last.  With me, it just may be.