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Mistress Lilly in Lavender & Blue Lace & Ribbon Lingerie

Mistress Lilly in the Virtual World

LDW’s newest offering is a fantastic experience for Mistresses & subs alike

I was drawn to the Virtual World as way to bridge the gap between phone sessions and real life, and also because I’m an avid gamer and fantasy roleplayer. The Virtual world gives me the opportunity to have sessions where my sweet subbie can see exactly what I’m doing to them–it adds an extra dimension for those who may not be able to serve a Mistress in person. They can watch as my sexy virtual self does any number of diabolical things to their willing bodies—staring as they rock forward & writhe while I spank & flog them during impact play, see themselves squirming against their chains & ropes during bondage, view their bodies being mercilessly, thoroughly  used during strap-on play, maybe even enjoy sissy slut training, shopping trips, or fashion shoots– all displayed in glorious, interactive color.

Experience the freedom of being EXACTLY who you want to be.

My sexy avatar looks amazingly like the real me–but I can also embody some of my favorite mythological and legendary characters, from demons, angels, elves, mermaids, fairies, medieval queens, goddesses and so much more. As for the submissive? So many that I talk with feel imprisoned and shackled by the bodies they were born into–or the lives they lead. The Virtual world gives them the freedom to finally be able to match the person they are on the outside with who they are on the inside. They can be seen by others exactly how they wish. Sissies & trans individuals in particular will find the Virtual World liberating.

What are you waiting for? Explore the Virtual World today!

The Virtual World allows Mistresses & subs the experience of playing & indulging their fantasies with discretion, freedom from limitations of health, genetics, or logistical constraints, all with a level of realism that’s truly astonishing. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s been craving an indefinable ‘more’ from phone Domination, all my phone subbies who’ve ever expressed a desire to serve me in real life, and anyone open to trying something new. The ability to session with me or any of the other participating Mistresses in our Virtual World is included at no additional cost to our regular phone service rates, so why not take advantage of it? You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to enjoy 😉