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Hello Everyone! Drumroll Please…

Sorry for the delay—I totally lost track of the fact that today was June 1st! Without further ado– here are the winners from my May Anniversary Celebration!

The Mega Jackpot Winner is my sweet sexy femme material girl with a taste for nude stockings & stilettos who never fails to pack her lingerie even (and perhaps especially) when she goes out of town on business. Please let me know what you’d like your custom audio to be about, and don’t forget to get in touch with dispatch so they can mail you my panties!

The most frequent caller award goes to Alex from the UK, you’ve always been a fabulous subbie for me honey; and I’m thrilled to announce you’ll also be getting a prize just for you! Exclusive travel pics from my upcoming cruise to Alaska AND a picture of something you’ve been begging for 😉

The most total talk time goes to my darling sissy slave Jizzelle–you’ll get a free 5min custom audio and some exclusive Virtual World pics 🙂

I’ll be checking this post & my inbox until 8:30am EST June 2nd (tomorrow) to hear from the winners— after that I have to go to the airport. I’ll be gone until June 18th on a rwo week Alaskan cruise.