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Femdom Mistress LillyHere’s a sneak peek at what’s coming in 2016:

January 23-February 15th: Three  weeks of romance, ravishment, and running around the Old World. James and I will be cruising the Mediterranean, the Greek Isles, the Canary Islands, and have some additional stops in Northern Africa (think: Tangiers & Casablanca!)  With on time flights, I should be back for calls on February 16th.

March (perhaps 3-12th?):  James has been talking about having a last hurrah at Universal Studios before he ships out to the rigs for a few months. I’d love to go on the Dragon Challenge, RipRide Rockit, and quite a few more attractions again…and you should have seen the way that James’ eyes lit up when I mentioned that–I think he’s already dreaming of what pair of stockings I’m going to be teasing him with this time 😉 I will be available for calls off and on during the trip.

April (Date to be Determined): Ms. Nadia and one of my real time Mistress friends are planning on coming to see me for a bit. We’re still working on the details—but no matter what, we’re sure to have an absolutely scandalously fun time! (and yes, I will be available for calls during their visit.)

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What are some of the adventures you have planned?