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Winners of My Anniversary Celebration!!!

Hello Everyone! Drumroll Please…

Sorry for the delay—I totally lost track of the fact that today was June 1st! Without further ado– here are the winners from my May Anniversary Celebration!

The Mega Jackpot Winner is my sweet sexy femme material girl with a taste for nude stockings & stilettos who never fails to pack her lingerie even (and perhaps especially) when she goes out of town on business. Please let me know what you’d like your custom audio to be about, and don’t forget to get in touch with dispatch so they can mail you my panties!

The most frequent caller award goes to Alex from the UK, you’ve always been a fabulous subbie for me honey; and I’m thrilled to announce you’ll also be getting a prize just for you! Exclusive travel pics from my upcoming cruise to Alaska AND a picture of something you’ve been begging for 😉

The most total talk time goes to my darling sissy slave Jizzelle–you’ll get a free 5min custom audio and some exclusive Virtual World pics 🙂

I’ll be checking this post & my inbox until 8:30am EST June 2nd (tomorrow) to hear from the winners— after that I have to go to the airport. I’ll be gone until June 18th on a rwo week Alaskan cruise.

Ball Busting to the Beat, Part 1

Twisting Tunes for Kinky Fun

Music can be a wonderful way to get your pulse racing, your heart pumping…it can reach inside your soul and make you feel like dancing, crying and going out to tackle Mt. Everest–or simply hitting today’s goal at the gym. Today we will be using the power of music to give your balls and (for some of the most coordinated among you other parts of your anatomy) a work out.

You will need:

  • A slotted spatula or kitchen serving spoon
  • At least ten clothes pins
  • A leather belt
  • A pair of chopsticks

Tormenting yourself in tune:

Turn on your favorite music. Grab the spatula or the kitchen serving spoon and for your trial run. You are going to beat your balls in rhythm to the beat of the music for the length of one song. If you had trouble keeping the beat either through lack of coordination or your balls became too tender to proceed, try keeping the beat again with a different song, but this time use the belt to whack yourself against your ass to the rhythm of the music. Alternated between ball busting and spanking until keeping the beat on your body becomes something you can do almost on reflex. If it takes you more than five attempts, you may take a break before trying again. If you’re an exhibitionist, feel free to give me a call so I can watch as you turn your body into a squirming, throbbing percussion instrument. Do NOT proceed to the next assignment in the series until you have mastered the easy mode.

Why I LOVE LDW’s Virtual World

Mistress Lilly in Lavender & Blue Lace & Ribbon Lingerie

Mistress Lilly in the Virtual World

LDW’s newest offering is a fantastic experience for Mistresses & subs alike

I was drawn to the Virtual World as way to bridge the gap between phone sessions and real life, and also because I’m an avid gamer and fantasy roleplayer. The Virtual world gives me the opportunity to have sessions where my sweet subbie can see exactly what I’m doing to them–it adds an extra dimension for those who may not be able to serve a Mistress in person. They can watch as my sexy virtual self does any number of diabolical things to their willing bodies—staring as they rock forward & writhe while I spank & flog them during impact play, see themselves squirming against their chains & ropes during bondage, view their bodies being mercilessly, thoroughly  used during strap-on play, maybe even enjoy sissy slut training, shopping trips, or fashion shoots– all displayed in glorious, interactive color.

Experience the freedom of being EXACTLY who you want to be.

My sexy avatar looks amazingly like the real me–but I can also embody some of my favorite mythological and legendary characters, from demons, angels, elves, mermaids, fairies, medieval queens, goddesses and so much more. As for the submissive? So many that I talk with feel imprisoned and shackled by the bodies they were born into–or the lives they lead. The Virtual world gives them the freedom to finally be able to match the person they are on the outside with who they are on the inside. They can be seen by others exactly how they wish. Sissies & trans individuals in particular will find the Virtual World liberating.

What are you waiting for? Explore the Virtual World today!

The Virtual World allows Mistresses & subs the experience of playing & indulging their fantasies with discretion, freedom from limitations of health, genetics, or logistical constraints, all with a level of realism that’s truly astonishing. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s been craving an indefinable ‘more’ from phone Domination, all my phone subbies who’ve ever expressed a desire to serve me in real life, and anyone open to trying something new. The ability to session with me or any of the other participating Mistresses in our Virtual World is included at no additional cost to our regular phone service rates, so why not take advantage of it? You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to enjoy 😉

Get Ready for My LDW Anniversary!

Casual Headshot of Mistress Lilly

Virtual World Ms. Lilly

A Month-Long Celebration is About to Begin!

Starting in May, I’m going to celebrate another fabulous year at LDW with prizes, treats, and a whole lot of fun. There’s free audios, exclusive pictures, free minutes– & even a custom audio & a pair of my panties up for grabs! Here’s a sneak peak at coming attractions:

  • Tier 1: Every 20min call puts you in the running for the Mega Prize Jackpot
  • Tier 2: Every 30min call lets you choose  1 of 6 different 5 min audios: Sissy, Sph, Cuckold, CBT, Spanking, or Guided Masturbation + Everything you’d get in Tier 1.
  • Tier 3: Every 60min call gives your choice of  1 of 7 different 7min audios: Sissy, Sph, Cuckold, CBT, Spanking, Tease & Denial, or Guided Masturbation + Everything you’d get in Tier 2 (a total of two free audios!).
  • Tier 4: Every 90min call gives you 1 of 3 naughty songs audios sung by Ms. Lilly + Everything you’d get in Tier 3 (a total of three free audios!).
  • Tier 5: Every 120min call gives you you a wicked trance audio by Ms. Lilly, 3 EXCLUSIVE high resolution artistic portraits of Virtual World Ms. Lilly (your choice of Fairy, Lingerie, Angel, Demon, or Fetish) + Everything you’d get in Tier 4 (a total of four free audios!) .

There’s 17 free audios audios up for grabs, repeat callers can collect them all. Two Mistress calls & Virtual World sessions give you double entries for the jackpot! All Jackpot entries will be added to a pool starting at 12:00am EST May 1st running throughout the Month of May. Calls must be started before 12:00am EST June 1st to be eligible for the Mega Prize Jackpot drawing. The winning name will be drawn, and the Mega Prize Jackpot winner will be announced on June 1st.

There will also be special prizes given for the Longest Call, and the caller with the most total minutes 🙂

Mega Prize Jackpot:

  • 30min free call time with Ms. Lilly
  • free 10min custom audio of your choice
  • 15 High Resolution Pictures of Virtual World Ms. Lilly in your choice of Fairy, Lingerie, Angel, Demon, Fetish, Casual, Formal, or Mixed
  • A Pair of Ms. Lilly’s Panties!
  • 1 of each of the following 5min audios: Sissy, Sph, Cuckold, CBT, Spanking, & Guided Masturbation
  • 3 naughty song audios
  • 1 trance audio
  • 1 of each of the following 7 min audios: Sissy, Sph, Cuckold, CBT, Spanking, Guided Masturbation, & Tease & Denial

–That’s a total of SEVENTEEN free audios, Plus a free custom audio of your choice

Please remember to let me know your email address & your audio(s) of choice during the call so that I can send them to you. The mega jackpot winner will also need to supply a mailing address to Dispatch so that they can receive my panties 😉

…And now for Something Completely Different

I apologize to my blog fans for not posting recently.

The truth is, recent events in the US have left me… speechless. The very foundations of what America stands for have been rocked to their foundations, and it’s looking increasingly like we are entering a phase in American politics where it’s We The People vs. our President, and sixty percent of the population of the country is basically telling the other forty: “I don’t know how to make you understand that you should care about other people.” –regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, socio-economic status, ect…

I’ve tried to write Femdom content, but it kept coming out as political pieces.

So, here’s me clearing the air: I don’t ascribe to either of the two main political parties, I’m firmly in the Independent camp. My political ideology is a mix of conservative & liberal beliefs, I judge political candidates on their platforms and voting records/accomplishments in office instead of party affiliations. I grew up mainly in staunch Republican states, with many Republican friends and family members–and what’s happening in the US right now sickens me. Resurgent Klansmen & neo-Nazis, skinheads, racists, and white supremacists of all sorts are newly emboldened by a President who has unashamedly advocated violence against those with opposing views, and now dozens are injured, one woman murdered. We’re in the middle of a culture war the likes of which apparently hasn’t been seen since the 60’s & 70’s long before I was born. The Old Guard racists of generations past are radicalizing new ones, including mine.

We cannot repeat the mistakes of the past.

We cannot use fear & distrust of The Other to enable the destruction of the progress we’ve made. Hatred isn’t bred, it’s learned. So is tolerance.  So is the understanding that humans are equal.  So is the belief in equal rights. So is the belief that striving to achieve equality & providing means for individuals to achieve success & happiness through their own efforts are core American values.

To my fellow Americans: we cannot go back, we cannot surrender, and we cannot abdicate our responsibility to ensure the sacrifices and suffering of those who went before us don’t go in vain. America isn’t perfect, but we cannot allow a hateful fringe to go mainstream and infect & tear down our attempts to create a better nation & better world. We cannot let tribal politics divide us to the point that we forget that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are inalienable rights FOR ALL– no matter their skintone or political affiliation. Don’t stand idly by when the rights and liberties of your fellow Americans are being eroded by politicians, fear-mongering, & violence-inciting radicals. Vote, participate, and educate. The world IS changing, but it’s up to all of us to make sure it changes for the better.

Thank you to everyone who’s talked with me over the past couple of weeks.

Sharing your fantasies & helping to build them into a few moments of paradise (or heavenly torment), was a welcome distraction from the fact that I am in mourning for my country, for it’s citizens, and am committed to doing what I can to make sure that the America I know and love is redeemed.

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