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Cuckolding Aubrey, My T-Girl Sissy Slave

Is It Really Cuckolding If They Enjoy It?

Cuckolding is typically filled with humiliation.  The thought that you’re just not enough for your hotwife.  That your cheating girlfriend has to find other men to satisfy her urges.  Many of my cuckolding calls are, at their core, about . . . → Read More: Cuckolding Aubrey, My T-Girl Sissy Slave

Outing A Sissy

Should We Tell Your Wife You’re a Sissy?

I’m sure she already knows you’re a sissy.  You’ve been filching her panties and bras from the hamper for years now.  Speaking as a woman, we know where they’re supposed to be, and when they show up on top . . . → Read More: Outing A Sissy

Cockteasing a Sissy…With Cock

How do you Cocktease a Sissy Clitty?

It is a challenge…after all, you don’t have a cock of your own, you have a clitty. I know how much you love it when I tease you. Slowly stroking your clitty, sliding my hand up the sides of your pretty pantied throbbing nubbie and . . . → Read More: Cockteasing a Sissy…With Cock

The Sissy Cock

That Sissy Clit Is So Small

That’s it sissy, drop those sissy panties. I want to see exactly what you have in there.  What kind of sissy clitty do we have to work with?  Oh, my God!  Is that it?  It’s no wonder you’re a panty wearing sissy.  That really is about . . . → Read More: The Sissy Cock

There’s Nothing Like A Sex Slave Harem, Part III

Make sure you read Part I and Part II

Aubrey – My Sissy Slave

Aubrey is my sissy slave.  Her claim to fame – she’ll bring out the bi in any guy.  Oh, and she’s proved it.  You know James is the only man who gets to stick his dick in me . . . → Read More: There’s Nothing Like A Sex Slave Harem, Part III

Let’s Bring In New Year’s With A (Gang)Bang!

It’s a FemDom Party

A FemDom party is one of my new year’s traditions. I love getting together a bunch of my Mistress friends for a party – where one lucky slave is the guest of (dis)honor. You know how Santa keeps a list of naughty and nice? Well, all year I . . . → Read More: Let’s Bring In New Year’s With A (Gang)Bang!

No Boobs for this Sissy!

Introducing – Sissy Tina!

Sissy Tina is one of my wonderful “en femme” sissies. I have sissies who couldn’t pass as women, and I have effeminate whores who look like waifish gurls. But Sissy Tina? Sissy Tina is curvy in all the right places. And when I say “No Boobs”? Well, I . . . → Read More: No Boobs for this Sissy!

There’s Nothing Like A Sex Slave Harem

Home Is Where The Harem Is

I’ve talked about my sex slave submissive harem from time to time. Those of you who are regular readers, callers and followers know that I have a sprawling home in Texas where I live with my 3 live-in TPE slaves, and my Bull fiancé – James . . . → Read More: There’s Nothing Like A Sex Slave Harem