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Fall Travel Plans

Oct 28th-Nov 16th. Gone to Australia! I will be unavailable for calls, session requests, emails, and essentially completely unplugged until I return to the phones on Nov. 17th 🙂 For details On what My fiance James & I will be doing, check out this post.


Want to know when you can reach your Goddess? Here’s a general guide:

Available for calls off and on from 6:30am-9:30am & 8:30pm-2:30am EST (US)

I am a lifestyle and ProDomme Mistress, so while I’ll frequently be logged in for calls during that time frame, I also have business and real time sessions to attend to.

If you want to talk to me outside of my normal hours–or simply want the best possible chance that I’ll be available for your call, please send me an email at with a day and time for when you’d like to schedule your appointment; & I’ll send you a reply within 24hrs. If it’s at all possible, I’ll make it work.

The icon on the right side of the page just beneath the banner will let you know whether I’m:

available …. on_call ….away

When you refresh the page it’ll update. If I’m available–congratulations! Now’s your opportunity to snag some one on one time with your Goddess; so don’t waste it.  If it says I’m  on the phone, clicking the icon just beneath it that says ‘Click to Call Now’ will allow you to schedule an automatic call-back when I am available for no additional charge.

If the icon says Sorry, I’m away, you might still be able to talk to me—just let dispatch know; and they’ll try to get in touch with me.

I’ll update this page once I decide what my day(s) off during the week will be—in the meantime, if there’s a certain day of the week that you know you’ll want me to be available; make sure that you send me an email to schedule your appointment. I hate being bored, and basking in the attention of adoring subbies is a great way to convince me to let your day remain on my schedule.

~Goddess Lilly