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Maybe Queening You is the Answer

As I’ve said before, there’s so many choices with what to do with you…and today, this Femdom wants to be treated like a Queen.  I want to turn you into a piece of fuck slut furniture.  You’re going to become my throne, and I am going to perch upon your face and take my pleasure.  Let me tell you how you will worship your Queen, your Femdom, Ms. Lilly.

I’ll Make You Beg to be My Throne

Do you think it will take me long to make you beg to worship your Femdom?  I don’t.  As soon as I get you naked, I’ll know by that rock hard dick, drops of pre-cum glistening on the tip to show how badly you want me.  To breathe in my intoxicating scent, to taste my juices.  I will make you beg.  Beg to be my throne, to have me perch upon your face, to bring me pleasure.  Why?  Because it only makes me wetter and hotter, knowing how badly you want this.  To worship your Queen in the most intimate way possible.

Worship Me

I’ll have you kneel on the floor, and tip your head back.  Straddling your face, I’ll pull my skirt up around my waist, so you can gaze up at the most perfect pussy you’ve ever seen, glistening with moisture, clit just beginning to poke out, perfectly framed by my crotchless panties. The center of your Queen.  Stick that tongue out!  Oh, just out of reach.  I’ll tease you, let you breathe me in, as I ever so slowly lower myself down, perched upon your upturned face.  “Lick”, I will command, lowering my skirt around you, covering up your body – and that pathetic cock – from my sight.  Then I’ll ride your face, until I’m shuddering through orgasm after orgasm, until I’ve cum so many times I lost count ages ago.  And when I’m done with you, I’ll climb off and just admire your face, covered in all my juices  – a satisfied slut in service to your Queen.

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