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What are we going to do with that cum?

Well, you’ll need to lick all that cum up, won’t you?  That’s one of the many reasons why I am so reluctant to let you have an orgasm.  If I let you have a full release after all that teasing and edging, you’ll explode with a powerful spunking, and it just gets everywhere!  Sooo much easier to deny you, or even ruin that orgasm, so that it’s just a dribble (of course I can always squelch it, scrunch it, or thumb it.  Then all that cum stays trapped inside you).  So, if I am going to allow you a full release, you’ll have no choice but to eat that cum for me.

How will I have you swallow that jizz?

Again, answer one question, Ms. Lilly, and now you’ve got another one staring you in the face.  Namely, how do I have you swallow down that cock cream?  The easiest way is just to make sure you shoot that load right into your hand, a cup or a plate (oh, silver or black plates are the best, so I can watch you on cam, and see those rivers of spooge you just ejected from your body!)  However, I’ve found that when you explode, it goes everywhere!  And trying to keep it contained to your hand or a plate is well-nigh impossible.

Eating Cum is Humiliating Enough

Men don’t eat cum…but then again, you’re not really a man, are you?  And it’s humiliating enough having to swallow your own seed.  When you’ve shot all over though, and it’s on my beautiful hardwood floors, there’s only one way to take care of it, isn’t it?  That’s right, cum slut, get down on your belly, crawl around on the floor, and lick up all that cum – while I laugh!

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