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A Goddess’ Travels: Siren of the Aegean, Part 1

Where does a Goddess go on holiday? Why…to Greece, of course.

Land of sirens, muses, and goddesses of lore; it’s the perfect place for any self-respecting FemDom goddess to while away a few sun soaked days, soaking up history & the adoration of a Mediterranean Adonis in equal measure.

I’d been having a blast backpacking through Europe

…And demonstrating to a few poor deluded dolts the diabolical effectiveness of steel-heeled boots when it comes to crunching insteps and groins. Honestly, some men need to learn that ‘no’ means NO WAY IN FUCKING HELL–& I think by the time I was done with them they  got the message.

Greece was supposed to be a brief stop on my larger journey…but it was irresistibly beautiful.

Athens was astonishing; from the open air market where fish went sailing through the air and cherries were 1 euro per kilo, to the Parthenon and the Bath of the Four Winds, and delicious gyros just a block from the hostel…but what lingers in my memory the most vividly are the islands. In particular, Ios.

I’d heard all about the neighboring island Santorini

–A mecca for everyone who wanted a good time they wouldn’t be able to remember in the morning; the party capital of the Mediterranean…but just a short ferry ride away; there was Ios. It’s mountainous terrain and rather shallow harbor made it a poor choice for the type of grand scale resort investments Santorini benefited from, which left the island as a semi-private Eden, with challenging hiking trails, gorgeous vistas, and stunning ivory sand beaches with luminous turquoise blue and green water.

As it turns out…Greeks know how to recognize a Goddess when they see one

–Or rather, hear one, as the case may be. What follows is the tale of how I spent  an all expenses paid vacation in an ocean-front suite on Ios, thanks to a little impromptu serenade.

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PS: AliceWonder–I haven’t forgotten about your post; it’s simply waiting for approval 🙂

2 comments to A Goddess’ Travels: Siren of the Aegean, Part 1

  • sissy slave ted

    Dear Mistress Lilly ,yes you are a goddess…I hope you have a great and wonderful vacation.
    thankyou.sincerly yours sissy slave ted

    • Lilly

      Lol, ted! I’m not on vacation right now—I’m having too much fun to head off into the wild blue yonder at the moment 🙂 I’m simply sharing stories about some of the places I’ve already been; it’ll be a while before I go on vacation.

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