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Masturbation May: Wet & Wild with Ms. Lilly

Have you ever wanted to know what MY favorite sex-toy is?

In honor of National Masturbation Month, I’m going to be sharing some steamy secrets about some of my favorite ways to give myself a little hands-on attention—Those of you who’ve already heard my Mistress Interveiw with Ms. Constance already know a little bit of what I like to do during my ‘me’ time…but you don’t know the full story.

My First (and Still Fave) Sex toys aren’t ‘sex toys’ at all.

They’re an adjustable showerhead on a hose & a portable whirlpool jet. I truly can’t get enough of the sweet, amazing sensation play they provide. It really is like having the BEST oral sex ever with someone who’s tongue never gets tired. In fact, when I wear out my fiance James, I’ll frequently head to the Master Bath, grab the hose & start the taps, or run a bath & position the jet–and make sure to keep the water pulsing over me until I’ve had so much fun the taps start to run cold. James loves the fact that I have my own second string arsenal to keep me revved up while he has the occasional half-time break—it takes a bit of my edge off, and gives him time to start the second half with his A game.

Warm Water paired with adjustable shower head hoses & jets is actually a very powerful form of erotic sensation play for many women.

Including women who may experience difficulty attaining arousal from manual stimulation of the clit or vagina by toys, their partners, or their own fingers due to anatomical differences, menopause, or other conditions that alter the ability or capacity of achieving arousal and/or self-lubrication. Warm water helps to dilate vessels beneath the skin which increases sensitivity, supplies a practically infinite amount of lube, and adjustable pulses means that your lady can tailor the experience to her needs and preferences.

3 comments to Masturbation May: Wet & Wild with Ms. Lilly

  • Empress Rayne

    Ms Lilly I agree it seems we Mistresses, like many other women, have an absolute love affair with our shower massagers. It is such a great release you get from that…unlike with any other toy, in my opinion. I just wonder who was the first woman to discover just how orgasmic such a simple household appliance could be?

  • Ms Lilly- the further we get into Masturbation May, the more I see the fondness we Mistresses have for shower heads with hoses and water stimulation in general. I can’t help but think of all the slippery wet shenanigans and naughty fun we may have at the next Mistress gathering! I also can’t wait to try a gentle pulsing spray on a favorite pet of mine. I want to see how capable water is of teasing and tormenting a male in chastity! Seems like it would be divinely intense!

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