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Spoil Your Goddess

Femdom Mistress Lilly

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words.

If you want to say ‘thank you’ in a way that will have me smiling long after our session is over, if you want to do something nice for me to show the depth of your appreciation and devotion, there are lots of different ways to do so. Those choosing to send an e-giftcard may address it to lilly (at) enchantrixempire (dot) com

My Wish List

Take a look at the fabulous things your princess wants, and take your pick from my Amazon Wishlist. Shoe fetishists? Check out the fantastic heels I’d like to have. Movie Hounds & Gamers? I’ve got some fantastic shows & RPG’s that I’d love to enjoy. Pain sluts? There’s a variety of whips, floggers, and naughty toys I’d adore using—give the gift that keeps on giving 😉 Foodies & Travelers? There’s something for you, too! Special kitchen gadgets or cruise gift cards, and the classic standby of amazon giftcards or giftrocket gift cards so that in the end, it’s Lady Choice on how your devotion will be used.

Amazon Allowances

Pamper your Princess with a one time or recurring gift that will allow you to take me shopping online through Amazon Allowance. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like give a Mistress some retail therapy? Here’s your chance to make your dreams come true, while giving me one of my favorite gifts of all (You’ll need to be signed in to your Amazon account for it to work).

Virtual Bouquets

Talk to dispatch and arrange to have some flowers sent to your Goddess in one of my favorite colors: Green. Choose the amount of flowers you’d like to send, and know that you’re helping to make my day better.

GiftRocket Online Gift Cards

No Amazon account? No problem. Simply visit and choose the depth of your devotion for an online & instant declaration of your appreciation that can be used anywhere for anything I’d like. This nifty avenue will let you describe how you’d like your gift to be used, while still letting it be Mistress’ Choice in the end.

Gifting from a Generous Heart

All gifts to your Goddess are simply that: gifts. They are not and will never be accepted as a form of payment for any service or session I could provide. They are freely given tokens of your appreciation, devotion, affection or adoration, and will be cherished as such. Those wishing to talk to me may do so any time that I’m available for calls, and to schedule your session, feel free to email me 🙂