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Cuckolds Should Prepare Their Cuckoldress

Many of you cuckolds think that being of service to your Cuckoldress means you have to suck cock.  Not necessarily.  Maybe you don’t suck cock (I don’t know why that would be.  Giving a great blowjob and sucking on a hard, throbbing cock makes me wet.  Doesn’t it make you hard?), and you’d like to do more than just watch.  Maybe you’re a preparation cuckold.

Massage Her

Your hotwife or cheating girlfriend needs to get ready for her meeting with her stud.  She’ll cum harder, longer and more often if she’s calm and relaxed.  You can help to relax her with a nice bath and some body worship.  Run her a warm bath, filled with bubbles and essential oils.  Kneel obediently by the tub in case she wants you to wash her.  Dry her off with that warmed terry cloth towel when she’s done.

Whose Hands Will Be On That Body Later

Now, as you run your hands over her warm, soft skin, think about how her Bull’s hands will be roaming over it later.  How he’ll be tweaking, pinching and rubbing those nipples, how his hand will run over her belly before it slides over her aching clit, his tongue snaking into her pussy, seeing how dripping wet she is before he slams his big, hard, throbbing cock – so much bigger than yours and exactly what she needs – deep inside of her.  Think of everything he’s going to get.  And everything you can’t have…

Moisturizing Her

Maybe – if you’re lucky – your hotwife will notice just how hot you’ve become.  Although, it’s more likely she won’t even feel that 3-inch pencil prick poking into her.  You may have to point it out!  Maybe she’ll take pity on you, and let you kneel and stroke before her, trying to relive that ever present ache in your blue balls.  I wonder if she’ll let you shoot your load onto her body?  They say jizz is a wonderful moisturizer!