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There are some things I dread hearing as a Mistress.

One of the biggest ones is a submissive eagerly telling me “I have no limits.” This is literally one of the most dangerous things anyone who’s into BDSM can say, and why I strongly discourage anyone from saying it. I’m not sure where the perception of saying “I have no limits” as though it’s a good thing, a badge of honor, or a mark in your favor for consideration in serving a Dominant comes from, but please, please, for the love of all that’s safe, sane, and consensual: STOP.

EVERYONE has limits.

Some aren’t into pain, some aren’t into humiliation, orientation play, bondage, CBT, or extreme activities–but the point is: EVERYONE has something they’re not into, and everyone has something they will never enjoy. You wouldn’t jump off a cliff, starve yourself for a week, or commit a violent crime just because someone told you to–or if you would, you seriously need to re-examine your self-worth, respect, and esteem.

A sissy who goes into raptures at the thought of being my cosseted little fuck doll with all the pinafores, stuffies, and cum out parties her holes can handle might bolt fast enough for her Mary Janes to kick her little pantied ass on the way out if I suggested zapping her with a cattle prod, scouring her clitty with steel wool, dousing it in salt and rubbing alcohol, then stomping on it with my stainless steel spike heeled stilettos. An extreme CBT addict might nearly cum at the thought of that much agony, but if I told him there wouldn’t be any pain today–just ribbons and petticoats & tea parties while I sang him a lullaby and called him a good girl, he’d pack up his cattle prod and steel toed boots  and march off to find a sadist that knew what to do with masochistic man who wasn’t into feminization.

The point is: everyone has their kinks, and the things that leave them cold.

Everyone has things that make them excited and send a tidal wave of desire, anticipation, and adrenaline racing through their  veins–just like everyone has things they’d just as soon never experience due to distaste, fear, absolute disinterest, or any number of other reasons. NO ONE has the right to tell you your limits aren’t valid, or that having limits somehow makes you “less” of a submissive than one who either doesn’t know any better, or doesn’t value themselves highly enough to have them.  It’s your body, your choice, and only YOU get to decide what is done to it, who gets to use it, and how.

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