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CBT for When Summer Sun is in Short Supply

Summer is that glorious time of the year that is made for beaches, barbecues, fun in the sun, sand and surf–but what happens on those days when the sun’s not shining and the rain is pouring down?

If you’re anything like me or a few kinksters I know, you’ll curl up with a good book, movies, or binge on your favorite streaming site. This assignment merely gives the classic rainy day stand-by a CBT twist.

Buckle Up and Brace for Impact

You will need a hardback book, a remote control, and for you over achievers out there, a belt or metal slotted spatula.

  • With every chapter of the book that you read, I want you to slide your cock between the pages, close the book with one hand and use the remote control (or the belt, or the spatula) to give yourself a spanking that corresponds to the chapter number just read.
  • If binge watching videos are more your thing, I want you to play whack-a-pole in space between one episode ending and the next playing. Lay your cock over a desk, sideboard, coffee table, night stand or any reasonable flat surface, grab the remote control (or metal slotted spatula), and give your cock a sharp smack every time it twitches. If it does not twitch, give it ten smacks for being lazy.
  • If watching a movie or TV is your preference, give your ass (or balls) a smack with the remote control, belt, or spatula for every channel you click through until you find something you want to watch; or for every second it takes you to pick out a movie.

The day may be gray and raining…

–But I guarantee your cock and balls will be toasty warm in no time! Keep it kinky 🙂

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