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All Right, Subbies: Keep this Engagement Update on the Down Low

I don’t want to see it mentioned on Enchantrix Empire, Twitter, Tumblr, or ANYWHERE else. Some of my sweet sissy sluts, & cock curious bottoms know EXACTLY how to keep a juicy secret under wraps, and the rest of you had better learn fast. This fabulous heads up is just for those darling little deviants who stumble across my blog–and NO ONE else. You are getting exclusive access to a secret not even my subbies in RL know yet…

James and I are eloping!

Some of you are aware that handsome stud of mine and I have been engaged for a while–since before the pandemic. Even more of you are aware that I like my privacy, and enjoy flying under the radar when at all possible. It’s part personal preference, and part pragmatic discretion when you happen to be a deliciously sadistic Domme living in the tail end of the Bible Belt.

What you may not have known, was that behind the scenes there was something of an epic war waged between two separate clans, both bitterly determined to never yield, never surrender, take no prisoners, and in fact, bring a legion of plus ones until a veritable horde descended upon my wedding day. I’m speaking of the WEDDING GUEST LIST.

I’ll give you the details soon on that battle and how the elopement-to-be came to pass– but right now I have to go dress shopping 😉 Remember: Shhhh!