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Happy Birthday and Inflatabrations to my Wonderful Pumperboy!

I hope today finds you and your helium honeys having a wonderful time 🙂 Wishing you tons of inflatable fun, and many more years of air-filled fabulous fantasies! I simply had a give you a quick birthday send off before I hit the road–

Today’s the day: We’re eloping! It’s finally here

James & I are headed out, I’ve got our passports and my dress, he’s got the paperwork & luggage, and by the time we get back, we’ll be married. James let me know a little bit about where we’re going, and it’s going to be AMAZING! We’re getting married, then spending a few days at a private island, followed by some time in the Caribbean before jetting off to the Mediterranean. We’ll have a couple of days there as well before we take the looooooong way home: my very FIRST transatlantic cruise!

Your cruising Mistress will return in time to celebrate Halloween on Oct 31st

Don’t forget to keep the ladies company while I’m away, and feel free to catch up on some naughty tunes with Ms. Lilly’s lyrics, or enjoy some of my audios so you can still hear my voice even while I’m on my honeymoon. I hope everyone has a fabulous Cocktober, and I’ll be back in time for some naughty Tricks and Treats on October 31st. I’m sooooo excited!!!!!! This has been a long time coming, and I can’t believe it’s really here–but it’s time to head to the airport.

Happy Birthday once again, my sweet Pumperboy!