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Secrets May be Hard to Keep.

…But apparently not for James. He’s being annoyingly secretive–he surprised me with the cruise earlier this month and he wants to surprise me with when we’re eloping as well. It feels deliciously scandalous and exciting to think that someday in the not too distant future, James is going to whisk me away…and by the time I get back, I’ll be married. Honestly though? I thought the whisking would happen a little faster.

I’ve never been known for my patience.

I’m usually the one calling the shots, but I have to admit, James has certainly shown a bone-melting, heart-throbbing talent for giving me exactly what I want– and his latest endeavors have proved he has a romantic streak that runs a lot deeper than I ever expected. We’re playing this very close to the vest, and NO ONE in RL knows yet. We’re going to catch hell from both sides for running away to get married, but I’ve never been happier. The wedding celebration is still on–but the wedding? That is going to be just for James and me, the way I always wanted.

If I had to guess, I’d say he has something planned for this month, since October is  when we first met. It might even be in the next few days. I’ll definitely try to keep you posted, and on that note:

I have picked THE DRESS: Cosmobella, style 8019.

It’s perfect for me. The skirt looks like waves lapping up against a seashore, and the bodice looks like a mermaid’s treasure trove of jeweled shells and coral. Considering my love of cruising, scuba, and the ocean in general, this gown is MADE for me. I feel like an absolute goddess when I’m in it. I already had my first fitting, and the second (final) fitting is scheduled for tomorrow.