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Here’s a wicked little ditty for every cock crazed cutie

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Can you guess which of My Sissy Gurls is the inspiration for Trixie?

Fair warning though….if you cherish some innocent, nostalgic memories of the song “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer“–time to check out some of my other blogs, and leave this one in your rear view mirror. Stay, and you run the risk of those lily-white memories being forever destroyed (or at the very least, corrupted beyond all recognition). Some people hang tinsel and lights for their holiday tradition. As for me—my holiday tradition involves taking classic songs, and spoofing them into thoroughly debauched and wicked renditions.

LEAVE NOW if you’re not ok with warping all those happy G-rated memories with something X-rated. Click here to listen to the song, full lyrics below:

Presenting “Trixie, the Cock Slut Sissy”

*To the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.*

Trixie, the cock slut sissy
loved to go to glory holes;
and if you ever saw it
you could really see her blow.

All of the other sissies
used to laugh and call her names;
they never guessed that Trixie
never felt a bit ashamed.

Then one foggy winter’s eve,
a well-hung stud did say:
Trixie with your mouth so wide…
won’t you blow my team tonight?

Then all the other sissies
were eaten up with jealousy.
Trixie the cock slut sissy
got a belly full of BBC!

No matter what (or who) you like to do during this time of year…

I hope you have an amazing time! Stay safe, sane, and consensual—and have a blast 🙂 Let’s close out 2022 by keeping it kinky, having some fun, and for those who aren’t in chastity, hopefully ringing in the New Year with one heck of a bang!

Happy Holidays Everyone!