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If you’re a spanking fan like me, you may be pleased to know that one of my darling little subs (that’d be Charles, the painslut) purchased me a new pair of vampire gloves. If you’re not enough of a spanko to be familiar with vampire gloves, let me enlighten you. They’re a pair of (usually leather) gloves with spikes embedded in the fingers and palms. They’re not usually sharp enough to do a lot of damage to the skin, but they can certainly get your attention, much like studs on paddles do.

An Over The Knee Spanking With Vampire Gloves

These vampire gloves are made of the softest, butteriest leather I have ever touched. I know he had them made especially for me because they fit perfectly. (This is one of the great perks of being a lifestyle Mistress. Your subs often take the initiative to buy you nice things.)

Now, it’s not that I’ve never had vampire gloves before, but I’ve never had any as nice as these. I’m looking forward to a nice over-the-knee spanking with someone using these gloves. It’ll make me feel like an old-school governess with her charge who is much too old to be turned over the knee because he’s home on break from college!

Of course, spanking is not the only type of impact play that I enjoy. I also love and take a deep, sadistic enjoyment in things like whipping, caning, flogging, paddling, and more. My sadistic side is rather unusual for a Mistress. Many ladies enjoy more sensual play, but I tend to lean much farther toward the hardcore side of things. And that’s what my subs love about me!

My Sadistic Streak Is A Mile Wide

Many women are what I like to call service Tops. They dish out pain and pleasure based on how much of each their bottom enjoys. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach to the Femdom lifestyle, but it’s definitely not my style at all.

I am a sadist in every sense of the word, and my sadistic streak is a mile wide. I always honor safewords, of course, but in the absence of someone saying their safeword, all bets are off. I enjoy spanking and impact play that leaves nice marks for several days afterward, especially if I’m going to see you in the following days. The marks are a good reminder of the fun I had, both for you and for me!

Of course, my sadistic side is not limited to just spanking and impact play, either. I like many painful sensations that I can use on my submissives. But spanking is definitely one of the many things that I love doing with you guys.

Your Lifestyle Mistress Wants To Use Her New Toy

Now, Charles will likely be pouty if I use my new gloves on someone other than him first. If he’s lucky, he will get to go first. If not, though, he’ll get over it. I’m just ready to use them on the first willing butt that crosses my path. You wouldn’t happen to know where I could find one of those, would you?

Oh, I’m pretty sure you do know somewhere that I could find one. In fact, I bet the willing butt is attached to you. Wouldn’t you love a spanking phone sex session with a lifestyle Domme and her new toy? I feel certain you would. Choose your safeword, prepare yourself, and give me, Ms. Lilly, a call today. Your behind will thank you.