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February has been Fabulous

  • We had an absolutely AMAZING Superbowl (once you got past the snooze fest of the 1st Quarter).
  • My husband is back from the Oil Rigs and up to some mischief (which he’s about to be thoroughly punished for, he just doesn’t know it yet)
  • Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day gave everyone a reminder to honor, adore, and celebrate the Ladies in their lives (not that a reminder should be needed, but it can help if spontaneity isn’t your strong suit)
  • LDW welcomed some new Ladies!!! Ms. Hayden, Ms. Skylar, Ms. Michaela are incredibly talented, sexy Dommes that I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know during two-Mistress calls, & I can’t wait for you to get to know them, too!

I had my first ever Superbowl Watch Party

It was a spur of the moment adjustment from my original plan –James was slated to return on Superbowl Sunday, so I was looking forward to MONTHS of missing my hubby finally coming to an end & putting a new spin on Sunday Funday during the pre-game, commercial breaks, penalty calls, half time—basically being an opportunistic cocktease and seizing the moment (and James’ impressive equipment) over and over and over again, until if he even made it to half time I’d be impressed.

Unfortunately, he got rear-ended on his way home from the airport.

He’s okay, but James has been on bedrest and not the fun kind, doctor’s orders. Meaning I had to be on my best behavior.  My live-in slaves leapt into action to distract both of us from the fact that we couldn’t get it on after being apart for so long, and thus: My first ever Superbowl Watch Party was born. My husband got coddled. We had ice packs, heating pads, ibuprofen, massage gun, blankets, and even my dog got onboard with home care, acting like a heated weighted blanket, making sure he stayed put. Tamsyn monitored his meds (he was on the good stuff) and brought him munchies.

Sooooooo instead of sexy time with James, I watched the game. Everyone watched the game. I smoked some wings, Tamsyn made some jalapeno poppers, mexican street corn, & buffalo chicken dip. Charles went on a beer run, and Aubrey made party sized nachos. Charles was actually really, really happy about the change of plans, though he did try to hide it. He thought he was going to be watching the game by himself–and instead, the whole house did.  I think we might need to make this a tradition, because it wound up being a ton of fun! Aubrey didn’t know it, but Tamsyn & Charles actually had a drinking game set up on the sly: they took a sip/swallow of beer every time she bit her lip while watching the guys bend over on the field. They were both drunk as skunks by half time 😉 Between their antics, and the game, they did a fabulous job of distracting me from the fact that I wouldn’t be able to have an entirely different sort of touchdown later.

Leap Day Preparations for a Lifestyle Mistress

Sadly, James decided to tease me. Repeatedly. I love my hubby–but I think knowing I had to be on my best behavior, doctor’s orders, went to his head. He actually thought he could tease me and get away with it. For whatever reason, he forgot that he’s on bedrest–for now. I have to be on my best behavior–for now. Tomorrow? Tomorrow is a new day.
I’ve already checked with the Doc–and tomorrow, I’m clear to resume intimate activities with my husband. It’s been a looooong time coming, and I can’t wait to show my hubby the consequences of teasing a cocktease. James is finally going to get what’s coming to him. I’m going to teach that sexy stud of mine a lesson he won’t soon forget. Aubrey picked up some supplies and now? Now his fate is sealed. No one is going to save him from me–or from his punishment. Thou shalt not piss off thy Dominant Wife–Particularly if she’s a playful sadist 😉