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Get ready for some sexy trivia!

For all sissies, painsluts, stroker boys, and slaves who believe you’ve got the inside scoop on what makes your Mistress tick– whether that’s me or any of the other incredibly sexy Ladies at LDW–tonight is the night to flex your knowledge. Come join us in the community kink chat room at 8pm Eastern and enjoy a fun free for all with subbies & Dommes competing to show off whose knowledge reigns supreme! Brush up on what you’ve learned about your favorite Ladies by scouring their blogs or X (formerly known as Twitter) feeds. Any & EVERY Lady at LDW is fair game to be featured in tonight’s trivia questions, so put on your sleuthing cap & hunt down those juicy tidbits on as many Mistresses as possible to give you the edge. The winner will get a prize in addition to bragging rights!

Are you Ready to Show Off your Encyclopedic Knowledge of the Enchantrix Empire?

The Ladies will be waiting– bring your A game and prepare for some scandalously kinky fun. Even if you’re brand new and haven’t had time to talk to us or learn much about us, you can still show up for the entertainment factor of watching subs & Mistresses get their game on. It’s every man, Lady, sissy & slave for themselves– teams are not permitted. You will win or lose on your own merit. BUT: if you win–you will become the undisputed VICTOR of March’s trivia night, and get your well deserved bragging rights along with your prize! See you there, and may the best trivia expert win 😉 So–once again for the subbies in the back: tonight (3/21) is trivia night, and you can join the madness & festivities at:, 8pm Eastern