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Let’s Not Forget the Fallen

Memorial Day Weekend has always been a complicated holiday for my family. We’re represented in every branch of the United States Military, and not all of us have made it back. So, amid the BBQ’s and pool parties, the time with friends and family, I implore you to spare a moment and think about the REAL cost of this weekend. Remember our brave service men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our nation and our freedom. Remember the loved ones who didn’t return, and the Gold Star families they left behind.

Honor Their Memory in the Days Ahead

We are the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. We are BETTER than the current partisan divide. Our fallen heroes didn’t die so that the US could usher in a “Reich” fascist government with contempt for the rule of law, corruption, and personal vendettas and threats against political opponents as core beliefs. They didn’t brave the horrors of war so that books could be burned or banned, travel restricted, or life-saving medical procedures denied. They didn’t give their lives defending “liberty and justice for all” only to have the women in their lives stripped of their right to bodily autonomy & be left with less rights than a corpse. They fought and died for our country, our constitution, and our people. They deserve better than the road we are currently on.

Enjoy This Time With Your Loved Ones, but NEVER Forget The True Cost

Embrace those dear to your heart. Be thankful for the time you have, knowing not every family is as fortunate. Not every family can look on this weekend with joy–some of us view it with sorrow & betrayal. We are a nation that prides itself on our freedoms and liberties, only to see them stripped away from half the country’s population. We believe in the rule of law–yet have seen it blatantly disregarded, corrupted, and abused. We believe in Justice–only to find out that at LEAST 3 members of the Supreme Court have been bought off by political and wealthy donors for YEARS. We believe in national security, but the person responsible for stealing and leaking classified documents that led to the deaths of over 120 of our intelligence operatives is still at large, and Republicans in Congress have repeatedly refused to sign border security bills. We believe in separation of church and State, and our Constitution; but have seen the lines between law & religion being blurred and disregarded, even as the Constitution is ignored.

Our fallen heroes DID NOT DIE for these outrageous offenses.

It is time to prove ourselves worthy of their sacrifice. It is time to send a clear message at the ballot box that the United States deserves BETTER than our current trajectory. We The People have the power to let our government know that they serve us, and they have failed in their responsibilities. It’s time to clean house, and usher in a new era of elected officials that take their oaths of office and their responsibilities to serve their constituents and the people of this great nation seriously. The fallen deserve nothing less.