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Every Sissy Deserves a Cinderella Moment

And there’s still time to snag that crown, Gurls! LDW’s Sissy Pageant is still accepting entries, but the clock is ticking. The final day to sashay your way into the pool of potential pageant winners is just TWO days away, June 15th. So, slip into something beautiful sexy, feminine, or all of the above, and take care to hide your face–after all, we wouldn’t want to ruin the mystique 😉

You’ll need 3 pics darling, and will be judged on sex appeal, legs & derriere, and style. Make sure to hold a sign with your Enchantrix Empire name visible in every pic for verification purposes–fake sissy entries are a serious faux pas, and will not be eligible to win. Not currently signed up on EE? No problem! It’s free to join, and once you have your username, not only can you participate in the pageant, you’ll also get to take advantage of perks, & our online community forums.  Don’t forget to take your pics & your best Pageant Gurl persona to Enchantrix Empire and join the Sissy Pageant by submitting your photos along with your answers to a few questions in your entry form.

Not quite ready for your close up?

Don’t worry. Even if you don’t compete in the pageant, you can still participate by swinging by during our live announcement of the results on June 28th in the CommunityKink chatroom. It’s sure to be tons of fun, so come on down and & find out which sissy takes the crown.

Pageants aren’t the only thing LDW’s celebrating in June

There’s also a pair of Mistress birthdays!

Ms. Skylar’s birthday is coming up fast on June 16th, but she’s also got an awesome birthday challenge to reward her most devoted subbie during the month of June: a free 30 minute call and 5 minute CUSTOM audio to the caller who lights up her line the most during her birthday month! For full details, check out her blog post about her wonderful birthday special!

And last but not least, your glorious globe-trotting goddess is at it again. My birthday is June 19th, but this year my hubby is whisking me off to Hawaii to celebrate! I’ll be away June 18th-24th, and I’ve arranged for a fabulous surprise to keep you company while I’m away: 15% off ALL of my audios!

This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who’s a fan of my velvet voice to keep it with you now & forever at an incredible deal, but the special is ONLY running for the days I’m out of State, June 18th-24. As soon as the clock strikes midnight switching over from June 24th to 25th, that magical sale will end, so don’t miss out! I do have some audios with other Ladies, and they are NOT included in my birthday surprise. Just the audios featuring solely me, Mistress Lilly, will have the discount applied.

June is shaping up to be a deliciously sexy month at LDW, and the second half looks like it’s going to be scorching hot between the Sissy Pageant, Ms. Skylar’s caller challenge, and my audio deals! Why not have some fun with ALL of it?