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The Cocktease’s Arsenal

Another weapon in the Cockteasing Femdom’s arsenal.  Cockteasing isn’t just about stroking your cock, teasing, edging and denying you.  Sometimes, it’s about not even teasing your dick at all.  A cocktease can tease with her body.  You all know teasers who dress provocatively – short skirts, low cut blouses, thigh highs where you just see the lacy tops poking out and fuck me pumps.  It’s their first shot across your bow, so to speak, gets you all hot and bothered, and willing to do anything to see what else is underneath.

Listen to Me Cum

I like to take it a bit further.  Get naked for me, then kneel at the end of the bed.  I’m going to let you listen in on what it’s like when I’m pleasured.  Oh, I’ve heard you cum more times than I can count, but now you’re going to know what it’s like for me.  I think I’ll hogtie you, and then put a blindfold over your eyes.  I just want you to hear it, to focus on that, and how hard my pleasure makes you.  Once you’re secured and blind, you can hear me settling myself on the bed, then you hear a whirring sound.  Are you ready for your Cocktease Princess to get off?

My Trusty Hitachi – Better than Any Cock

They don’t call it the Magic Wand for nothing!  I like to start off running it over my hard nipples, and you can hear my sighs as it shoots the feeling down to my clit, already aching with need.  You know as well as I do, a good orgasm comes from some teasing, so when I’m nice and wet, I start running that vibrator over my swollen pussy lips and those signs turn to moans.  I look over for just a minute, and see your cock is hard and swollen too, swollen with need.  Oh, you wish I’d touch it, but today isn’t for you, it’s for me.  As soon as that Hitachi moves up and buzzes against my clit, my orgasm overwhelms me.  Now, sit back and listen to my screams as I cum over and over again…..

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