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Femdom Stroking Assignment: Hardcore Hand Humpers ONLY!

Hi Strokers,

Today I’m giving you a sneak peak at a wicked, absolutely diabolical new stroking game of mine. If you’re in the mood to have a truly tormenting session of tease and denial, look no further than my free stroking assignment!


Goddess Lilly

A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 6

The Cocktease’s Arsenal

Another weapon in the Cockteasing Femdom’s arsenal.  Cockteasing isn’t just about stroking your cock, teasing, edging and denying you.  Sometimes, it’s about not even teasing your dick at all.  A cocktease can tease with her body.  You all know teasers who dress provocatively – short skirts, low cut . . . → Read More: A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 6

A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 5

Did the cocktease let you cum, or did he ruin your orgasm?

Last time, I told you that the Cocktease’s Conundrum was should she let you cum?  Stroking, teasing and edging that pindick for hours, it’s just ready to explode, isn’t it?  It’s red, maybe that head is even purple, and . . . → Read More: A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 5

A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 4

I Know!  It’s Cockteasing

I am an inveterate cocktease after all!  So maybe teasing your dick, taking total control of that cock is the answer.  You should know, however, I like to engage in extreme cockteasing – not some slow hand job.  We’re talking about hours of teasing and denial, until . . . → Read More: A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 4

A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 2

Are you wondering what kind of dilemma a Femdom like me could have?  Make sure you read Part 1

Playing with a Chastity Pet

It’s so much fun when one of my chastity pets calls.  As an inveterate cocktease, playing with a cock that’s locked up and not allowed . . . → Read More: A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 2

A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 1

What To Do?

As a Phonesex and lifestyle Femdom, one of my biggest challenges is trying to figure out just what to do for an evening’s entertainment.  It’s not because I lack options, mind you.  I do have my 3 live-in slaves, and of course, I have all of you subs, . . . → Read More: A Femdom’s Dilemma, Part 1

Tag Team Tease with Mistresses Lilly and Nadia

Tune in Thursday 9-10pm, Feb. 20th, for two new Cock Jocks on the block

Join me and one of my FemDom friends as we pop her Cock Jock Cherry 😉 Mistress Nadia will be making her radio debut this Thursday night during a special, sexy Two Mistress Tease right after Ms. Hannah‘s . . . → Read More: Tag Team Tease with Mistresses Lilly and Nadia

A Cock Tease Primer

A Femdom Cock Tease

As a Femdom cock tease, I have no doubt in my mind I can tease your cock, and keep that dick under control. Being a cock tease allows my imagination to run wild, coming up with all sorts of ways to humiliate you, while I have complete control . . . → Read More: A Cock Tease Primer

How Did You Lose Control Of Your Cock?

Whose Cock Is It?

How come you can’t do whatever you want with that cock anymore?  It is your cock, isn’t it?  No?  Oh, I see, it’s HER cock now.  Your Mistress’ cock.  It belongs to the cocktease who has taken over your life, the one who controls your cock now.  That . . . → Read More: How Did You Lose Control Of Your Cock?

Wanker’s Wank

I Love That Word

Wanker.  I first heard the word when I was at Oxford.  Lots of people use it, but it’s really common in the UK.  A wanker is someone who wanks.  We Americans call it jerking off, jacking off, stroking your cock, pounding the pud.  And outside of stroker, I . . . → Read More: Wanker’s Wank