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LDW’s Haunted Halloween: The Most Dangerous Game

You stumble into my room with a mixture of dread and anticipation…

Wondering what could possibly be next in LDW’s Haunted Halloween Tour after Ms. Delia’s dungeon of depravity. You hear me laugh softly as I walk towards you wearing a medieval gown. A pair of cat o’nine tail whips are looped around my waist, fashioned into a low-slung belt. The ballbearing tipped ends make a faintly musical sound as I move. Instead of keys chiming and dangling from a large chatelaine, you see it’s filled with several pairs of handcuffs, and I smile. “Welcome to the party.”

For the first time, you notice we’re not alone.

The only reason you didn’t realize it sooner is everyone but the two of us is crowded at the far end of the room around a big screen TV and what appears to be a glowing gaming console…but it’s not a model you’ve ever seen before. You’d almost be inclined to think you were viewing Second Life or SIMS…but the level of detail, the realism, is just too high.

I follow the line of your gaze, and grin wickedly.

“We’re beta-testing something very special tonight–come and see.” I take you by the hand and pull you forward, into the thick of the crowd.

“Is this it?” You ask, trying not to sound too disappointed.

I start giggling, perching on the back of the couch, my cat o’ nine tails and handcuffs jingling merrily. “Feeling let down that instead of a dungeon, you stumbled into a party? You might change your mind when you realize we’re not customizing avatars, dear. It’s the other way around.” You hear me call out, “Tabitha—come over here darling. Bring your before and after pics.”

You see a gorgeous blonde bombshell sashay over in a tight, hot pink minidress, and grin delightedly as she passes over a pair of Polaroids. The first shows a middle aged, slightly baldling, rather stocky man in a rumpled business suit. The second shows Tabitha as she is right now.

“They’re both me.” She confesses with a breathy little laugh.

You stare at the pictures in disbelief, then hear Tabitha squeal in delight—“Oooo, it’s Adam’s turn!” as she races off to find a spot closer to the TV.

A skinny, lanky man stands up, holding a controller in one hand, blushing furiously as he drops his pants with the other. He has the tiniest cock you’ve ever seen. As he starts flipping through avatar options, you hear me whisper—“Don’t just watch the screen, watch Adam, too.”

You do….and you can’t believe your eyes. Adam is growing taller, getting longer–every option he flips through on screen is echoed on him. His body is changing from that of a 95lb weakling to an athletically ripped and toned stud. He grins, strikes a pose, and Tabitha snaps a pic, licking her lips as she stares at his massive cock.

“They’re two of the lucky ones. Some of the others might regret their choice later.”

You glance at me in curiosity, and I gesture with a hand towards the rest of the gathering, “Look around honey—I’m the only one in costume.” As you gaze about the room with newly opened eyes, you see the party goers come in all shapes and sizes–giants and hobbits, green-skinned crones, tiny fairies with shimmering wings, ashen-faced vampires with glowing red eyes. Only a few of the guests look human.

You decide to play the game yourself, and step towards the TV.

A werewolf turns to face you, fangs gleaming in the dim light–you’re not certain whether it’s smiling at you or deciding whether or not you’d make a nice snack. As you hesitate, its lips curl back, its hackles rise, and a low growl rumbles out as it stalks towards you. You begin cautiously edging back towards the door, watching warily as I pet the werewolf, a cat-like grin crossing my face.

You hear me whisper softly in the monster’s ear “Get him.”

You scramble for the door as the werewolf lunges, slamming it shut–feeling the monster ram into the wooden panel just a split second behind you—seeing its huge claws gouging through the door as you stumble out into the hall.

I open it a moment later, grinning slyly as I stare down at your pale and shaken form. “It’s just as well you decided to leave early for Ms. Violet’s room, dear.” I look back at the room filled with monsters and creatures, then shrug.

“I told them they could change into anything they wanted…I never said they could change back.”



Listen to my Spooky Halloween Game Here—Then stop by Ms Violet’s blog on or after Oct 12th to continue on your tour.Β  Don’t forget to join your Mischievous Mistresses at theΒ 

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17 comments to LDW’s Haunted Halloween: The Most Dangerous Game

  • Oooh, this sent chills down my spine- I love your combination of serious sexiness and classic, bone chilling horror . . . although altogether I’d find it more boneriffic than bone chilling ;)Hey, I finally got to use the word boneriffic! Lol- Happy Halloween πŸ˜€

  • What a witchy taie, Miss Lilly! I’ve been watching American Horror: Coven this Fall and your story was evocative of everything scary and sexy about witches and transformation both! Also, I have a weakness for medieval *anything*! lol

    • Lilly

      lol—thanks for for coming by Ms. Rachel, and for the compliment πŸ™‚ I share the same weakness for medieval *anything*; I’m actually a bit of a Renaissance Faire geek and history buff

  • Your scary room rocks Ms Lilly. All sorts of fiendish supernatural creatures on hand. Something to scare the stoutest of hearts. A few of the sissies came running and screaming out of your room, into mine. Excellent work! *smile*

    • Lilly

      Thanks Miss Violet—I loved your room too πŸ˜‰ I’m glad you enjoyed the tide of screaming sissies (they’re looking quite beautifully buxom after having a sip or two of your brew, by the way). I hope you have some of those potions to spare, there are quite a few wicked subbies I’d like to experiment with….

  • bfla

    Wow! Hard to get scarier than being chased by a werewolf. Perfect for Halloween. Be careful what you wish for, right? Very entertaining and thanks for a fun story.

    • Lilly

      I love scrolling back through my blog and finding new comments!

      Thanks for the compliment…I have to admit, I’ve had a soft spot for werewolves ever since I saw The Howling, The Wolfman, and An American Werewolf in London among others.

  • vanessa

    Mistress may I cum to your party? I know just what I want to become! I want a beautiful feminine figure, long blond hair, nice hips, nice breasts, maybe a cup, but not huge, maybe another inch or two on my cock, and definitely no balls! And, i’d be happy with the no going back also!

  • OMG this was hot creative erotic and amazing thank you for this and I am scared and turned on all at the same time!!

    • Lilly

      Thank you very much for the compliment Ms. Constance—& for stopping by! I’m glad you made it out safely; you’re simply too amazing to wind up as kibble for my brand new pet πŸ™‚

  • tommieboy

    uh-oh…your link to MsViolet’s blog opened MsAshton’s blog instead! Hope this doesn’t throw too many followers off the trail.

  • W

    Awesome tale, Ms.Lilly. Very erotic and creative. πŸ™‚ Thank you.

  • Little Pet

    Very imaginative. Lucky I escaped, ma’am πŸ™‚

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