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Free Audio of My Birthday Celebration!

Hi Kinksters, I’m off to a birthday  dinner party; today has been amazing! New shoes, a mani-pedi, wax play, bondage, and there’s more kinky fun planned for later tonight! Listen to the scoop here, or read about it on my blog 🙂

Mistress Lilly’s Kinky Birthday

A Femdom Birthday Celebration

I love birthday parties, and my own is no exception.  Listen to the scoop here, or just keep reading. Today started off fantastic—Aubrey gave me a mani pedi and a new pair of Pleaser heels, Charles begged to be given birthday spankings (three times!), and Tamsyn baked a . . . → Read More: Mistress Lilly’s Kinky Birthday

Ms. Lilly’s Roundup of Masturbation May Celebrations!

Something Wicked this way Cums…..Feel free to listen to this audio and find out what’s happening around the Empire in Honor of Masturbation May! We’ve got kinky social hours and tours, a Mistress Sampler, and more!

Ms. Lilly’s Masturbation May

Ms. Lilly’s Kinky Anniversary

Not only is is National Masturbation Month, but it’s also my anniversary at LDW! Another year, another tide of sweet subbies to play with and share with my Mistress friends. Time definitely does seem to fly when you’re having fun—and what can I say? The time I’ve spent . . . → Read More: Ms. Lilly’s Masturbation May

Spanking for Play AND Punishment

Bend over, sweetie….

How do you like your ass warmed up?

Over easy? Over the knee? Paddling that bottom until you scream? Ms. Delia has an excellent blog exploring the unique qualities and characteristics of different types of spankings, and there’s a really cool conversation going in the comment section. If . . . → Read More: Spanking for Play AND Punishment

Ms. Lilly’s Naughty Holidays Decor

Nothing says a certain holiday quite like an evergreen decked out in full Liberace bling.

Personally, I adore any opportunity to accessorize. Even TREES get to be decked out to the nines this time of year, and boring neighborhood bylaws unwind to allow  people to transform bland streets into themed suburban answers . . . → Read More: Ms. Lilly’s Naughty Holidays Decor

BDSM Total Power Exchange 101

Give It All To Me

Total Power Exchange – or TPE – is the ultimate expression of the BDSM lifestyle.  It means that you are giving up everything to your dominant.  I’m not talking about just cock control.  In TPE, you are not only giving up control . . . → Read More: BDSM Total Power Exchange 101

Facesitting Versus Queening: A Femdom’s Perspective

They Aren’t The Same

Facesitting and Queening are two activities I like to engage in with special submissives.  I like to think of them as two different things.  Facesitting is something I may do to humiliate you or even as a special kind of punishment.  Queening is a reward you earn, because . . . → Read More: Facesitting Versus Queening: A Femdom’s Perspective

Two Sides To CFNM

CFNM Turns Me On

The CFNM fetish is such a powerful turn-on for me.  Knowing that all I have to do is utter one command – “STRIP!” and you can’t get out of your clothes fast enough.  You expose yourself and make yourself vulnerable to my inspection, and you can’t hide anything.  . . . → Read More: Two Sides To CFNM

There’s Nothing Like a Sex Slave Harem, Part II

Make sure you read Part I – you want to know just why you’re never going to get to fuck me, don’t you?

Meet Tamsyn – My Female Pet

Yes, slaves and subbies, Ms. Lilly likes to play with pussy, too – and not just her own!  And Tamsyn, my beautiful, sexy . . . → Read More: There’s Nothing Like a Sex Slave Harem, Part II