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Ms. Lilly & Miss Nadia’s Masturbation May Special!

sph Mistress LillyMay is National Masturbation Month, and I’ve teamed up with Miss Nadia to give you tag team treat you’ll NEVER forget!

This year, Miss Nadia and I have something have some very special surprizes in store for strokers, sissies, SPH addicts and CBT sluts willing to put themselves into our sexy & diabolical clutches. Mercy isn’t our strong suit–so don’t bother appealing to our better natures. As a playful sadist, I don’t have one—and there is a reason why Miss Nadia & I play so well together on calls. We may not be inclined to grant you relief (or release), but we’ve got something¬† for you that will last a heck of a lot longer than any orgasm—and even longer than the worst set of blue balls we’ve ever inflicted.

Anyone who does a 30 minute or longer 2 Mistress call with me and my sexy friend Miss Nadia will get a FREE 3 minute audio from each of us!


That’s right all you lovely edge pets, denial toys, and SPH or CBT sluts, not only will you get the privilege of being sandwiched between two of the most diabolically and playfully sadistic Mistresses at LDW, you’ll also be rewarded by the gift of our voices in teasing audios to listen to again and again, helping you remember just how badly we made you ache! (Just make sure to tell us your email address so we can make sure you get your prize).

Extreme pain sluts and denial addicts only…

For those devoted strokers looking for a real challenge, anyone who survives an hour or longer of sweet torment in a two Mistress call with Miss Nadia and I will be rewarded with a free 5 minute CUSTOM audio from the Mistress of your choice, as well as the special 3 minute audio from each of us. You’ll have plenty of ways to ache and suffer sweetly for Miss Nadia and me–during your session, and loooooong after it’s over…

Wanna listen to the details instead?

Let’s make this Masturbation May one for the record books!

1 comment to Ms. Lilly & Miss Nadia’s Masturbation May Special!

  • Goddess Lilly:

    Thank you and Ms. Nadia for the playtime we shared this evening. It was a pleasure being your sissy fairy cock sucking play toy and look forward to another round of naughty escapades soon. Please spread the word that Sissy Jizzelle is addicted to having a beautiful piece of man meat between her Red Glossy Lips as often as possible.
    Thank you for owning me “Goddess Lilly”. I am as happy as I can be and pledge myself to you 100%.

    Your pet,

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