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OTK Spankings For Stocking Sluts

Two of Ms. Lilly’s top fetishes are impact play and fine, fashionable clothes – like very sheer, very silky, thigh high stockings.  And for a true leg fetishist, there’s nothing like combining these two fetishes with some over-the-knee spanking!  With an OTK spanking, my leg sluts can get the pain of a spanking mixed with the pleasure of being able to feel my smooth silky legs on their bare skin.  So, one side – their naughty ass – is getting warmed and reddened while I spank them, while their opposite side gets to slide along that cool, silky hosiery.  Talk about pain and pleasure!

Getting Them Ready

How I get my subbies ready for the OTK spanking all depends on why.  Is this a punishment spanking, or is it just because I want to?  I don’t need a reason to blister their ass – I am the Femdom after all.  I can do it just because it pleases me.  If it’s for punishment, it’s not going to be fun, and instead of expensive, silky stockings, I might just use a pair of cheap, scratchy ones.  If it’s a punishment spanking, my pets really shouldn’t be getting any pleasure at all, don’t you agree?

Spanking For Fun

If I’m putting them over my knee, just because I want to, then first I may actually allow them to slide those silky stockings up my long, sexy legs.  That way, they can worship my legs, kissing and massaging them, before I have them put their naked body over my knee.  If you’re going to play subbie, you’re going to have to pay!  And you will pay with an OTK spanking.  You feel my hand sliding over your bare ass – right before I pull it away and SMACK! right down on your bottom.  I alternate cheeks, back and forth, each blow harder than the last, making your ass redder and hotter. And what do I feel down there?  Oh, you aren’t struggling…you’re rubbing your hard cock against my leg!  Are you trying to get off slut?