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Today’s post is dedicated to the cockteases of the world, and the legions of frustrated, horny men they have wrapped around their fingers.

Mark was head over heels in lust with Lydia; the new efficiency manager at his company. He’d nearly walked into one of the marble columns in the lobby the first time he saw her. Waist-length curly blonde hair spilling down her back in shades of gold and platinum, an A-line ruby skirt that got caught by the wind as she crossed the threshold to expose the tops of her silky nude thigh highs and the straps of her garter belt, that tailored black blazer that highlighted her full breasts and tiny waist…and the dark red 5″ faux-croc pumps that made her long legs look like they went on for miles. What was worse…she’d caught him staring.

She’d flashed a tiny, feline grin, then walked right by him as though he didn’t exist.

In the three months she’d been here, she’d never said a word to him. Not when she’d caught him staring as they’d caught the same elevator after rushing into the building to escape a sudden downpour; the rain had turned her ivory silk blouse nearly sheer. Not when he’d nearly run into her in the hall while she bent over to adjust the straps on her stiletto heels. Not even during the company party, when she’d danced with nearly every guy there…except him; stroking herself against her dance partner, caressing him, moving with him flawlessly in rhythm to the dance. She’d watched him though–

She’d seen him staring, and smiled that same taunting, prickteasing little grin.

Which was why he was nervous–actually, terrified–to be approaching her office today after work. Lydia was the efficiency manager after all…and since she’d arrived, heads had been rolling, jobs had been cut–no one summoned to one of these after work meetings had ever returned the next day. He knocked on the door, heard her call out, “Enter.” and swallowed, wrapping his clammy hands around the knob and stepped inside.

“Close the door behind you.” She commanded.

He did; keeping his eyes firmly on the ground. He didn’t dare look up, he was afraid he’d start begging for his job, and he wanted to get through this meeting with a shred of dignity intact.

“Look at me, Mark.”

He swallowed again, and dragged his eyes up. Lydia was leaning back against her desk, legs crossed, one silver pvc Mary Jane pump idly swinging back and forth as she rocked her slender foot back and forth. Her black thighs and matching garters were peeping out from beneath her gray pencil skirt,  and her champagne blouse was undone just enough to give a hint of cleavage…”Y-Yes, Ms. Lydia?”

“You do realize what my job here is, don’t you?”

“Yes, Ms. Lydia.”

“Then you know we’ve got a problem. You’ve been…distracted recently.  Inefficient. That state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue. It’s a poor reflection on the company and a bad reflection on me if I allow you to stay given your recent performance.”

“Ms. Lydia, please I–“

“I don’t want to hear it Mark.

I think I know exactly what your problem is, why you’ve been distracted…and lucky for you; I’m willing to help you.”


Lydia straightened, “You’re distracted because of me. You can’t focus because of me. I have no intention of leaving, and you certainly don’t want to lose your job…so where does that leave us?”


Lydia uncrossed her legs and stood, “I think we need to find a way to focus your attention, Mark. Perhaps all you need is the right incentive.”

She locked the door, and closed the blinds…then leaned back against her desk. “You like me, don’t you, Mark?”

He could feel his tie getting tighter, and he had the horrible feeling he was blushing. “Yes, Ms. Lydia.”

“Good. Then this little incentive program might work after all. You are going to meet me here, in my office, at 5:45 everyday for the next week, and spend 30 minutes proving to me just how focused you can truly be. If you’ve shown improvement during your normal day to day duties, and impressed me during our meetings, I’ll move you on to the next phase of your program.”

“Yes, Ms. Lydia!”

“I love your enthusiasm Mark–now come closer.” She leaned back a little further,  spread her legs a little wider,

“Show me that tongue is good for more than begging and lolling out in elevators.

Lick me, Mark. Suck me, plunge your tongue inside my pussy….and keep going for 30 minutes.”

The next half hour passed in something of a blur for Mark as he knelt between Lydia’s thighs, licking, sucking, plunging his tongue in and out…he was so fucking hard he could hardly think–but Lydia wouldn’t let him come. Not that day….or any day for the rest of the week. No matter how focused he was during the day, or how well he tongued her pussy in her office after everyone else had gone home, or how much he begged, she refused to let him come.

Finally, the week of tease and denial was up; the meeting with Lydia was over.

His mouth was filled with the taste of her, he was nearly drunk off the scent of her…and when she straightened and declared he was ready for the next phase of his incentive program, and told him to strip—Mark had never gotten naked so quickly in his life.

He couldn’t wait to get inside her, to feel his cock plunging in and out of her tight, wet pussy…and then he noticed she was holding an oddly shaped, small silicone mass. It looked a bit like a misshapen cage. Lydia’s eyes were sparkling wickedly as she held it up–let him see it, feel it. Her lips turned up in a taunting, feline grin.

“Welcome to your first day in Chastity, Mark.”

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