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I Know!  It’s Cockteasing

I am an inveterate cocktease after all!  So maybe teasing your dick, taking total control of that cock is the answer.  You should know, however, I like to engage in extreme cockteasing – not some slow hand job.  We’re talking about hours of teasing and denial, until I leave you a quivering lump of jelly, begging incoherently, with your poor, denied cock the only thing you can think of!

A Cocktease’s Credo

I don’t care how big your cock is.  I’m a size queen cocktease, so unless it’s at least ten inches, like my stud James’, it’s a small, pathetic penis.  And the only thing small, pathetic pindicks are good for is teasing.  And I believe in prolonged cockteasing.  If you IM or email me, I may start off our session by directing you to May I Cum and giving you several assignments, posts where the answer is definitively “No!  You may not cum”.  Imagine just stroking for hours, edging over and over again, until I deign to take your call for more personal cockteasing.

Edge for Me Slut

You’ve already been edging for so long!  Those balls churning away, your cock aching for release.  Even when you call – when I finally let you, there will be more edging.  I’d like to get you to the point where the edge never ends, you just ride it, dick straining for release, a release only I can grant.  And when the begging just turns in to unintelligible grunts and groans, when you’re whining and mewling for what only I can give you?  Do you think I’ll let you cum?  Will I let you’re cock explode and shoot that warm cream all over you?  Well, that’s always the cocktease’s conundrum, isn’t it?

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