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What To Do?

As a Phonesex and lifestyle Femdom, one of my biggest challenges is trying to figure out just what to do for an evening’s entertainment.  It’s not because I lack options, mind you.  I do have my 3 live-in slaves, and of course, I have all of you subs, slaves and humiliation whores to entertain me.  No, my pets, the problem isn’t trying to find something to do.  For this Femdom, the problem is what should I do tonight?

Which Slut Should I Choose?

As I said, I always have my 3 live-in pets to choose from.  I could grab her leash, and take Tamsyn for a little walk, that’s always fun.  Tormenting Aubrey’s nipples and full breasts, while stroking her 8 inch rock hard she-male cock gets me all hot and bothered.  Maybe I’ll just get Charles into his French maid outfit and supervise him as he does his chores – he’s so easy to motivate with a crop or a flogger!  Of course, if it’s a week when my sexy stud James is home?  Well, my pets don’t get a lot of Femdom attention when his 10-inch python is filling my pussy!

And Then There Are You, My Phone Whores

There are times though, when this Femdom needs some variety.  My pets are busy – making my life so easy to live – and I make myself available to you.  But what should we do?  Should I tease that horny cock for hours, edging you over and over again?  And if I do, do I actually allow you a full release, or should we ruin that orgasm?  Maybe I won’t give you any attention at all – would you like me to ignore you, while I play with one of my other pets?  It’s all up to me, I am your Femdom.