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Not even My husband is immune from discipline

Some of you might know that my hubby & I have a FLR (Female Led Relationship). He’s not exactly my submissive, but as a Lifestyle Mistress and Dominatrix, I do call the shots. I accept the fact that he’s not into pain–and he respects the sweet little masochistic subbies who take the brunt of my sadistic streak. Unfortunately, it seems as though my darling James got a little too comfortable, a little too confident, that he would never have to see that side of me, regardless of the provocation. He thought wrong.

Actions have Consequences, and a Creative Sadist like me will ALWAYS find a way to make them memorable.

It really was a failure of imagination on James’ part to think my hands were metaphorically tied by my refusal to hurt him. I respect hard limits, but I don’t have to cause pain to have him begging for mercy. His punishment isn’t going to leave a single mark on him. There isn’t going to be any evidence of the sweet torment I’m putting him through today. There’s just going to be the lasting memory that teasing your playful, sadistic, Dominant wife is a very, VERY BAD IDEA.

At the moment– James is tied up in our master bedroom, with the remains of some whipped cream, caramel sauce, and chocolate syrup sticking to him and the plastic sheeting that I laid down beforehand. While he was distracted by what I was doing with those lovely, sweet toppings and my even sweeter mouth–I slipped a pair of socks onto his feet. Then I dropped a pair of bullet vibrators with fresh batteries into them, until they were positioned right against his instep.

James is ticklish.

The begging started almost immediately, but it was no use. He’s tried to hide the fact that he was ticklish from me, but I’ve known for years–I simply hadn’t acted on my knowledge until today. While he was thrashing and convulsing and pleading in between shrieks of laughter and giggles, I prepped another toy with fresh batteries–an even BIGGER vibrator that is charmingly anatomically correct. His howls and moans when I put the 3rd toy to good use right where the sun doesn’t shine became a sweet symphony, rising and falling even as his desperation reached epic proportions…but there’s no mercy to be found from me. I am a ruthless cocktease, and he’s condemned to suffer until the batteries run out.

…It’s been about 90min so far.

I can still hear him whimpering through the handset monitor, now that it’s finally starting to sink in that all hope is lost.

No one is coming to save him. His darling, diabolical Mistress wife has arranged to fuck his brains out remotely while teasing him within an inch of his sanity–and my live-in slaves are staying out of it. Aubrey, Charles, and Tamsyn have conveniently acquired selective deafness. To his credit, James is taking his punishment like a champ. He hasn’t safe-worded, which is the ONE avenue of escape he has left. He KNOWS why he’s being punished, and has decided to accept & endure.

Have you been Naughty? Do you need punishment?

There are so many ways to provide discipline that don’t involve paddles, whips, floggers, or canes (though I DO love impact play & those deliciously painful toys). Whether you’re a masochist, tickle slut, humiliation whore, or degradation deviant, a sadist like me will find a way to make you squirm and burn. Whether you love being marked up & wearing your Mistress’ handiwork like a badge of honor, or prefer having your psyche flayed so that only your ego is bruised, I’d be delighted to ensure your punishment & discipline is one for the record books 😉